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1. Now if a half-monthly sacrifice has not been performed, one or the other of them, then a mess of rice (is to be offered as an expiation),

2. With (the words), 'To Agni Vaisvânara svâhâ! To Agni Tantumat svâhâ!'

3. In the case of an intermission of the (morning or evening) oblations—

4. (He shall make expiatory oblations), in the evening with (the formula), 'Enlightener of the darkness, adoration! Svâhâ!'

5. In the morning with (the formula), 'Enlightener of the morning, adoration! Svâhâ!'

6. After he has sacrificed as many oblations as there had been sacrifices (left out), the sacrifice (itself goes on) as (stated) above.


136:6 4, 6. Nârâyana: 'After he has thus taken and sacrificed as many Sruvas full of Âgya as there were sacrifices omitted through his guilt, the morning and evening sacrifices have to be performed as (stated) above (I, 3, 10) with oblations of rice or barley.'

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