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1. If a dove or an owl sits down (on his house),

2. Let him sacrifice with (the hymn), 'O gods, the dove' (Rig-veda X, 165), verse by verse.

p. 137

3. If he has seen a bad dream or an occurrence boding misfortune,

4. Or when the cawing of a crow is heard in (the dead of) night,

5. And in the case of other prodigies,

6. Let him cook rice-grains with milk,

7. With the milk of a cow that has a calf of the same colour (with her own),

8. But in no case of a black (cow),

9. And let him sacrifice with the night-hymn (Rig-veda X, 127), verse by verse.

10. Having eaten the remnants of those oblations with the Mahâvyâhritis,

11. And having recited over his ears (the verse), 'Blessing with our ears' (Rig-veda I, 89, 8),

12. And over himself (the verse), 'May a hundred autumns be before us, ye gods' (ibid. 9),

13. He shall give something to the Brâhmanas.

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