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1. Now at (the consecration of) a garden: having established the (sacred) fire (in that garden),

2. (And) having prepared a mess of cooked food,

3. He shall sacrifice with (the formulas), 'To

p. 136

[paragraph continues] Vishnu svâhâ! To Indra and Agni svâhâ! To Visvakarman svâhâ!' (and with the verses), 'Whom the men' (Rig-veda III, 8, 6 seq.), verse by verse.

4. He recites over (the garden), 'O tree with thy hundred branches' (Rig-veda III, 8, 11).

5. The fee for the sacrifice is gold.


135:1 3, 1 seqq. Comp. Âsvalâyana-Parisishta IV, so. Nârâyana uses for the ceremony here described the expressions Ârâmapratishthâ, Ârâmotsarga.

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