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1. On the Âgrahâyanî full moon day he shall redescend,

2. (Or) under (the Nakshatra) Rohinî, or under the Proshthapadâs.

3. In the morning, having taken a handfull of Samî leaves, Madhûka flowers, reeds, Apâmârga plants, and of Sirîsha, Udumbara, Kusa shoots, and jujube fruits, and an earth-clod (taken) out of a furrow,

4. Having put (all that) into a water-pot,

p. 131

5. And, after he has quickly repeated the Mahâvyâhritis and the Sâvitrî, having repeatedly immersed (it) therein with this hymn, 'May he burn away from us pain' (Rig-veda I, 97), he shall drive away the evil from the persons standing under his protection, from left to right, and pour out (the water) to the north.

6. A Madhuparka is the fee for the sacrifice.


130:1 17, 1. The Pratyavarohana (i.e. redescent) here described is the ceremony performed at the end of the time during which sleeping on high bedsteads is prescribed (chap. 15, 22). Beginning from the Srâvanî full moon till the Pratyavarohana, the offerings to the Serpents mentioned above have to be repeated every day (chap. 15, 19); the Pratyavarohana is the concluding ceremony of these rites devoted to the Serpents.

131:5 Saranyebhyo grihebhyah (read, grihyebhyah) sarvebhyah sakâsât, &c. Nârâyana.

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