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p. 130


1. On the full moon day of Âsvayuga a milk-rice oblation to Indra.

2. Having sacrificed Âgya with (the words), 'To the two Asvins svâhâ! To the two Asvayug svâhâ! To the full moon of Âsvayuga svâhâ! To the autumn svâhâ! To Pasupati svâhâ! To the tawny one svâhâ!'—

3. He shall sacrifice a mixture of curds and butter with this hymn, 'The cows came hither' (Rig-veda VI, 28), verse by verse.

4. That night they let the calves join their mothers.

5. Then feeding of the Brâhmanas.


130:3 16, 3. Ghritamisram dadhi prishâtakam. Nârâyana. Comp. the Grihya-samgraha II, 59.

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