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1. 'May summer, winter and spring, autumn and rainy season be well-ordered to us. May we be under the safe protection of these seasons, and may they last (to us) through a hundred years. Svâhâ!

Beat away, O white one, with thy foot, with the forefoot and with the hind-foot, these seven daughters of Varuna and all that belong to the king's tribe. Svâhâ!

'To the white one, the son of Vidârva svâhâ! To Vidârva svâhâ! To Takshaka Vaisâleya svâhâ! To Visâla svâhâ!'—with (these words) he sacrifices (oblations) of Âgya.

2. 'May a good winter, a good spring, a good summer be bestowed (on us). May the rains be to us happy rains; may the autumns be blessed to us.'

3. With (the verse), 'Blessing on us, Mitra' (Rig-veda I, 90, 9), he sweeps (the floor) with a Palâsa branch,

p. 132

4. Sprinkles (it with water) with (the verse), 'From the sea the wave' (Rig-veda IV, 58, 1),

5. And spreads out a layer (of straw) with (the verse), 'Be soft, O earth' (Rig-veda I, 22, 15).

6. They then lie down on their sides, the eldest one to the right hand—

7. With (the words), 'In the Brahman I establish myself, in the Kshatra,' on (their) right (sides);

8. With (the words), 'Among the horses I establish myself, among the cows,' on (their) left (sides);

9. With (the words), 'Among the cattle I establish myself, in prosperity,' on (their) right (sides);

10. With (the words), 'Among offspring I establish myself, in food,' on (their) left (sides).

11. With (the verse), 'Arise, the living' (Rig-veda I, 113, 16), they arise.

12. During that night they lie on that layer.

13. Afterwards where they like.


131:1 18, 1. This chapter continues the description of the Pratyavarohana begun in the preceding chapter.

gabândhavaih, as our text has, should be corrected into râgabândhavîh; comp. Âsv. II, 3, 3.

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