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1. 'May the noisy (goddesses) keep you away from slaughtering hosts. May the entire share, O cows, that belongs to this lord of cows, suffer no harm among you—(and)

'May Pûshan go after our cows' (Rig-veda VI, 54, 5)—this he shall speak over the cows when they go away (to their pasture-grounds).

2. 'May Pûshan hold' (Rig-veda VI, 54, 10), when they run about.

3. 'May they whose udder with its four holes is full of sweet and ghee, be milk-givers to us; (may they be) many in our stable, rich in ghee'—and, 'The cows have come' (Rig-veda VI, 28), when they have come back.

4. The last (verse) when he puts them in (into the stable).

5. The hymn, 'Refreshing wind' (Rig-veda X, 169), (he recites over the cows), when they are gone into the stable.


99:1 9, 1. The noisy ones are the winds; comp. the passage of Sâṅkhâyana-Srauta-sûtra, quoted p. 144 of the German edition.

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