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1. When one who has not set up the (sacred Srauta) fires, is going to partake of the first-fruits (of the harvest), let him sacrifice to the Âgrayana deities with (Agni) Svishtakrit as the fourth, and with the word SVÂHÂ, on his (sacred) domestic fire.

2. Having recited over (the food) which he is going to eat (the formula), 'To Pragâpati I draw thee, the proper portion, for luck to me, for glory to me, for food to me!'—

3. He thrice eats of it, sprinkling it with water, with (the verse), 'From the good you have led us to the better, ye gods! Through thee, the nourishment, may we obtain thee. Thus enter into us, O potion, bringing refreshment; be a saviour to us, to men and animals!'

4. With (the verse), 'This art thou, breath; the truth I speak This art thou; from all directions thou hast entered (into all beings). Thou driving away old age and sickness from my body be at home with me. Do not forsake us, Indra!'—he touches the place of the heart;

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5. With (the words), 'The navel art thou; do not fear; the knot of the breathing powers art thou; do not loosen thyself,' (he touches) the navel;

6. With the verse, 'Bliss with our ears' (Rig-veda I, 89, 8), (lie touches) the limbs as stated (in that verse);

7. Worshipping the sun with the verse, 'Yonder eye' (Rig-veda VII, 66, 16).


98:1 8, 1. The Âgrayaneshti is the corresponding rite of the Srauta ritual. Comp. Indische Studien, X, 343. The deities of that sacrifice are Indra and Agni; the Visve devâs; Heaven and Earth.

98:3 In the text read for tvayâ gvasena, tvayâvasena.

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