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1. The new moon that follows after the Phâlguna

p. 100

full moon, falls under (the Nakshatra) Revatî: on that (new moon day) he shall have the marks made (on his cattle),

2. With (the words), 'Thou art the world, thousandfold prospering. To Indra may exertion (?) give thee. Inviolate art thou, unhurt, sap, food, protection. For as many (cows) I shall do this now, for more (than these) may I do it in the latest year.'

3. Of that (cow) that calves first let him sacrifice the biestings with the two verses, 'Yearly the milk of the cow' (Rig-veda X, 87, 17. 18).

4. If she brings forth twin-calves, let him sacrifice with the Mahâvyâhritis, and give the mother of the twins (to the Brâhmanas).


100:2 10, 2. The reading of tvâ sramo dadat is doubtful. See the Various Readings in the German edition.

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