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1. At the sacrifice to Vâstoshpati—

2. Having established the (sacred) domestic fire outside with (the words), 'I place (here) Agni with genial mind; may he be the assembler of goods. Do no harm to us, to the old nor to the young; be a saviour to us, to men and animals!'—

3. Having put a new water-pot on fresh eastward-pointed Kusa-grass,

4. And spoken over it (the words), 'Unhurt be our men, may our riches not be squandered!'—

5-7. He sacrifices three oblations in the forenoon with the Stotriya text of the Rathantara with repetition and Kakubh-forming;

6. (Three oblations with the Stotriya) of the Vâmadevya at midday;

7. Of the Brihat in the afternoon;

8. The four Mahâvyâhritis, the three verses, 'Vâstoshpati!' (Rig-veda VII, 54, 1-3), (the single verses,) 'Driving away calamity,' (and) 'Vâstoshpati,

p. 96

a firm post' (Rig-veda VII, 55, 1; VIII, 17, 14), and to (Agni) Svishtakrit a tenth oblation of cooked food at night.

9. Taking with himself his eldest son and his wife, carrying grain, let him enter (the house with the words),

'Indra's house is blessed, wealthy, protecting; that I enter with my wife, with offspring, with cattle, with increase of wealth, with everything that is mine.'


95:1 4, 1. The sacrifice to Vâstoshpati is celebrated when the sacrificer enters his new house.

95:2 Comp. above, I, 7, 9.

95:5-7 On the way of reciting a Pragâtha, so as to form three verses, see Indische Studien, VIII, 25; Zeitschrift der deutschen Morg. Gesellschaft, XXXVIII, 476. The Stotriya of the Rathantara is Rig-veda VII, 32, 22 seq.; that of the Vâmadevya, IV, 31, 1-3; that of the Brihat, VI, 46, 1 seq.

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