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1. 'To every able one, to every blissful one, to you I turn for the sake of safety, of peace. Free from danger may we be. May the village give me in charge to the forest. All! give me in charge to the great one,'—thus (he speaks) when leaving the village.

2. 'May the forest give me in charge to the village. Great one! give me in charge to the all'—thus (he speaks) when entering the village, not without (carrying) something (with himself, such as fuel, flowers, &c.)

3. I enter the blessed, joyful house, which does not bring death to men; manly (I enter) that which is rich in men. Bringing refreshment, dropping ghee (we enter the house) in which I shall joyfully rest'—this verse is constantly to be pronounced (when he enters the house).


96:3 5, 3. For anyeshv aham we should read perhaps yeshv aham. Âsvalâyana-Sraut. II, 5, 17 has teshv aham.

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