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p. 94


1. 'Stand here, O post, firm, rich in horses and cows, . . . .; stand safely, dropping ghee; stand here, fixed in the ground, prosperous, long-lasting(?), amid the prosperity of people who satiate themselves. May the malevolent ones not reach thee!

'Hither are called the cows; hither are called goats and sheep; and the sweet essence (?) of food is called hither to our house.

'Stand fast in the Rathantara; recline on the Vâmadevya; establish thyself on the Brihat'—with (these texts) he touches the chief post.

2. When the house has been built conformably (to its proper dimensions), he touches the posts.

3. The two (posts) to the east with (the words), 'Truth and faith!'

4. Those to the south with (the words), 'Sacrifice and gift!'

5. Those to the west with (the words), 'Strength and power!'

6. Those to the north with (the words), 'The Brahman and the Kshatra!

7. 'Fortune the pinnacle, law the chief post!

p. 95

8. 'Day and night the two door jambs!'

9. 'The year the roof!'

10. With (the verse), 'A bull, an ocean' (Rig-veda V, 47, 3)' let him bury an anointed stone under the pinnacle.


94:1 3, 1. According to Nârâyana the verse given in chap. 2, 9 forms one Mantra with those in 3, 1. The meaning of sîlamâvatî is uncertain. The word reoccurs in Rig-veda X, 75, 8. Pâraskara (III, 4, 4) has sûnritâvatî. On tilvila, comp. Rig-veda V, 62, 7. The following word is quite uncertain both as to its reading and its meaning. Comp. p. 143 seq. of the German edition. On kîlâla, comp. Zimmer, loc. cit. p. 281.

94:7 Comp. Pâraskara III, 4, 18.

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