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The Bhagavad Gita in Sanskrit

This is a version of the Bhagavad Gita in Sanskrit. Currently we are presenting this in Romanization. Devanagari will be added in the near future. This has been cross-referenced with the Arnold translation.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This etext uses Unicode extensively. You will need to make sure that your browser is set up to view Unicode properly. For more information, read the Unicode page.

I. atha prathamo adhyāyaḥ (arjunaviṣādayogaḥ)
II. atha dvitīyodhyāyaḥ. (sāṅkhyayogaḥ)
III. atha tṛtīyodhyāyaḥ. (karmayogaḥ)
IV. atha caturthodhyāyaḥ (jñānakarmasaṃnyāsayogaḥ)
V. atha pañcamodhyāyaḥ. (saṃnyāsayogaḥ)
VI. atha ṣaṣṭhodhyāyaḥ. (ātmasaṃyamayogaḥ)
VII. atha saptamodhyāyaḥ. (jñānavijñānayogaḥ)
VIII. atha aṣṭamodhyāyaḥ. (akṣarabrahmayogaḥ)
IX. atha navamodhyāyaḥ. (rājavidyārājaguhyayogaḥ)
X. atha daśamodhyāyaḥ. (vibhūtiyogaḥ)
XI. athaikādaśodhyāyaḥ. (viśvarūpadarśanayogaḥ)
XII. atha dvādaśodhyāyaḥ. (bhaktiyogaḥ)
XIII. atha trayodaśodhyāyaḥ. (kṣetrakṣetrajñavibhāgayogaḥ)
XIV. atha caturdaśodhyāyaḥ. (guṇatrayavibhāgayogaḥ)
XV. atha pañcadaśodhyāyaḥ. (puruṣottamayogaḥ)
XVI. atha ṣoḍaśodhyāyaḥ. (daivāsurasaṃpadvibhāgayogaḥ)
XVII. atha saptadaśodhyāyaḥ. (śraddhātrayavibhāgayogaḥ)
XVIII. athāṣṭādaśodhyāyaḥ. (mokṣasaṃnyāsayogaḥ)