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For Monday, to Lucifer

This experience is commonly performed in the circle between eleven and twelve o'clock, or between three and four.

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[paragraph continues] Requisites: coal, and consecrated chalk to compose the circle, about which these words must be written: I forbid thee, Lucifer, in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, to enter within this circle. A mouse must be provided to give him; the master must have a stole and holy water, an alb also and a surplice. He must recite the Conjuration in a lively manner, commanding sharply and shortly, as a lord should address his servant, 1 with all kinds of menaces: SATAN, RANTAM, PALLANTRE, LUTAIS,

p. 287

[paragraph continues] CORICACOEM, SCIRCIGREUR, I require thee to give me very humbly, &c.


I conjure thee, Lucifer, by the living God, by the true God, by the holy God, Who spake and all was made, Who commanded and all things were created and made! I conjure thee by the Ineffable Names of God, ON, ALPHA and OMEGA, ELOY, ELOYM, YA, SADAY, LUX, MUGIENS, REX, SALUS, ADONAY, EMMANUEL, MESSIAS; and I adjure, conjure, and exorcise thee by the Names which are declared under the letters V, C, X, as also by the Names JEHOVAH, SOL, AGLA, RIFFASORIS, ORISTON, ORPHITNE, PHATON IPRETU, OGIA, SPERATON, IMAGON, AMUL, PENATON, SOTER, TETRAGRAMMATON, ELOY, PREMOTON, SITMON, PERIGARON, IRATATON, PLEGATON, ON, PERCHIRAM, TIROS, RUBIPHATON, SIMULATON, PERPI, KLARIMUM, TREMENDUM, MERAY, and by the most high Ineffable names of God, GALI, ENGA, EL, HABDANUM, INGODUM, OBU ENGLABIS, do thou make haste to come, or send me N., having a comely and human form, in no wise repulsive, that he may answer in real truth whatsoever I shall ask him, being also powerless to hurt me, or any person whomsoever, either in body or soul.

For Tuesday, to Frimost 1

This experience is performed in its proper circle at night from nine to ten o'clock, and the first stone found is given to him. He is to be received with dignity and honour. Proceed as on Monday; compose the circle, and write about it: Obey me, FRIMOST! Obey me, FRIMOST! Obey me, FRIMOST!


I conjure and command thee, FRIMOST, by all the names wherewith thou canst be constrained and bound! I exorcise

p. 288

thee, NAMBROTH, by thy name, by the virtue of all spirits, by all characters, by the Jewish, Greek and Chaldean conjurations, by thy confusion and malediction, and I will redouble thy Pains and torments from day to day for ever, if thou come not now to accomplish my will and submit to all that I shall command, being Powerless to harm me, or those who accompany me, either in body or soul.

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For Wednesday, to Astaroth

This experience is performed in its circle at night, from ten to eleven o'clock; it is designed to obtain the good graces of the King and others. Write in the circle as follows: Come, ASTAROTH! Come, ASTAROTH! Come, ASTAROTH!


I conjure thee, ASTAROTH, wicked spirit, by the words and virtues of God, by the Powerful God, Jesus Christ of Nazareth,

p. 289

unto Whom all demons are submitted, Who was conceived of the Virgin Mary; by the mystery of the Angel Gabriel, I conjure thee; and again in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost; in the name of the glorious Virgin Mary and of the Most Holy Trinity, in Whose honour do all the Archangels, Thrones, Dominations, Powers, Patriarchs,

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Prophets, Apostles and Evangelists sing without end; Hosannah, Hosannah. Hosannah, Lord God of Hosts, Who art, Who wast, Who art to come, as a river of burning fire! Neglect not my commands, refuse not to come. I command thee by Him Who shall appear with flames to judge the living and the dead, unto Whom is all honour, praise and glory. Come, therefore, promptly, obey my will; appear and give Praise to the true God, unto the living God, yea, unto all His works; fail not to obey me, and give honour to the Holy Ghost, in Whose name I command thee.

p. 290

For Thursday, to Silcharde

This experience is made at night, from three to four o'clock, at which hour he is called, and appears in the form of a King. A little bread must be given him when he is required to depart; he renders man happy and also discovers treasures.

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Write about the circle as follows: Holy God! Holy God! Holy God!


I conjure thee, SILCHARDE, by the image and likeness of Jesus Christ our Saviour, Whose death and passion redeemed the entire human race, Who also wills that, by His Providence, thou appear forthwith in this place. I command thee by all the Kingdoms of God. I adjure and constrain thee by His Holy Name, by Him Who walked upon the asp, Who crushed the lion and the dragon. Do thou obey me and fulfill my commands,

p. 291

being Powerless to do harm unto me or any person whomsoever, either in body or soul.

For Friday, to Bechard

This experience is performed at night from eleven to twelve

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o'clock, and a nut must be given to him. Write within the circle: Come, BECHARD! Come, BECHARD! Come, BECHARD!


I conjure thee, BECHARD, and constrain thee, in like manner, by the Most Holy Names of God, ELOY, ADONAY, ELOY, AGLA, SAMALABACTAY, which are written in Hebrew, Greek and Latin; by all the sacraments, by all the names written in this book; and by him who drove thee from the height of Heaven. I conjure and command thee by the virtue of the Most Holy Eucharist, Which hath redeemed men from their sins; I conjure thee to come without any delay, to do and perform all my biddings,

p. 292

without any prejudice to my body or soul, without harming my book or doing injury to those that accompany me.

For Saturday, to Guland 1

This experience is performed at night from eleven to twelve o'clock, and so soon as he appears burnt bread must be given him. Ask him anything that you will, and he will obey you

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on the spot. Write in his circle: Enter not, GULAND! Enter not, GULAND! Enter not, GULAND!


I conjure thee, O GULAND, in the name of Satan, in the name of Beelzebub, in the name of Astaroth, and in the name of all other spirits, to make haste and appear before me. Come, then, in the name of Satan and in the names of all other demons. Come to me, I. command thee, in the Name of the Most Holy

p. 293

[paragraph continues] Trinity. Come without inflicting any harm upon me, without injury to my body or soul, without maltreating my books or anything which I use. I command thee to appear without delay, or, that failing, to send me forthwith another Spirit having the same Power as thou hast, who shall accomplish my commands and be submitted to my will, wanting which, he whom thou shalt send me, if indeed thou comest not thyself, shall in no wise depart, nor until he hath in all things fulfilled my desire.

For Sunday, to Surgat 1

This experience is performed at night from eleven to one

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o'clock. He will demand a hair of your head, but give him one of a fox, and see that he takes it. His office is to discover and transport all treasures and perform anything that you may will. Write in his circle: TETRAGRAMMATON, TETRAGRAMMATON,

p. 294



I conjure thee, O SURGAT, by all the names which are written in this book, to present thyself here before me, promptly and without delay, being ready to obey me in all things, or, failing this, to despatch me a Spirit with a stone which shall make me invisible to every one whensoever I carry it! And I conjure thee to be submitted in thine own person, or in the person of him or of those whom thou shall send me, to do and accomplish my will and all that I shall command, without harm to me or to any one, so soon as I make known my intent.

Very Powerful Conjuration for all days and hours of the Day or Night, being for Treasures hidden by men or Spirits, that the same may be possessed and transported

I command you, O all ye demons dwelling in these Parts, or in what Part of the world soever ye may be, by whatsoever Power may have been given you by God and our holy Angels over this place, by the Powerful Principality of the infernal abysses, as also by all your brethren, both general and special demons, whether dwelling in the East, West, South or North, or in any side of the earth, and, in like manner, by the power of God the Father, by the wisdom of God the Son, by the virtue of the Holy Ghost, by the authority I derive from our Saviour Jesus Christ, the only Son of the Almighty and the Creator, Who made us and all creatures from nothing, Who also ordains that you do hereby abdicate all Power to guard, habit and abide in this Place; by Whom further I constrain and command you, nolens volens, without guile or deception, to declare me your names and to leave me in peaceable possession and rule

p. 295

over this Place, of whatsoever legion you be and of whatsoever part of the world; by order of the Most Holy Trinity and by the merits of the Most Holy and Blessed Virgin, as also of all the saints, I unbind you all, spirits who abide in this place, and I drive you to the deepest infernal abysses. Thus: Go, all Spirits accursed, who are condemned to the flame eternal which is Prepared for you and your companions, if ye be rebellious and disobedient. I conjure you by the same authority, I exhort and call you, I constrain and command you, by all the Powers of your superior demons, to come, obey and reply positively to what I direct you, in the Name of Jesus Christ. Whence, if you or they do not obey promptly and without tarrying, I will shortly increase your torments for a thousand years in hell. I constrain you therefore to appear here in comely human shape, by the Most High Names of God, HAIN, LON, HILAY, SABAOTH, HELIM, RADISHA, LEDIEHA, ADONAY, JEHOVA, YAH, TETRAGRAMMATON, SADAI, MESSIAS, AGIOS, ISCHYROS, EMMANUEL, AGLA, Jesus Who is ALPHA and OMEGA, the beginning and the end, that you be justly established in the fire, having no Power to reside, habit or abide in this Place henceforth; and I require your doom by the virtue of the said Names, to wit, that St. Michael drive you to the uttermost of the infernal abyss, in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. So be it.


I conjure thee, Cassiel, or whomsoever thou mayest be, by all the said names, with power and with exorcism! I warn thee

p. 296

by the other Sacred Names of the most great Creator, which are or shall hereafter be communicated to thee; hearken forthwith and immediately to my words, observe them inviolably, as sentences of the last dreadful day of judgment, which thou must obey inviolately, nor think to repulse me because I am a sinner, for therein shall thou repulse the commands of the Most High God. Knowest thou not that thou art bereft of thy powers before thy Creator and ours? Think therefore what thou refusest, and pledge therefore thine obedience, swearing by the said last dreadful day of judgment and by Him Who hath created all things by His word, Whom all creatures obey. P. per sedem Baldarey et per gratiam et diligentiam tuam habuisti ab eo hanc nalatimanamilam, as I command thee1

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286:1 This is in opposition to the higher counsels of the averse art, which enjoins a certain reverence in addressing the lost angels, presumably on account of what they were.

287:1 Otherwise, Nambroth.

292:1 Otherwise, Nabam.

293:1 Otherwise, Aquiel.

296:1 It is impossible to restore the Latin so that it shall possess an intelligible and constructive sense.

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