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p. 283


I conjure and invoke thee, O powerful King of the East, MAGOA, by my holy labour, by all the names of Divinity, by the same of the All-Powerful: I command thee to obey, and to come to me, or that failing, forthwith and immediately to send unto me MASSAYEL, ARIEL, SATIEL, ARDUEL, ACORIB, to respond concerning all that I would know and to fulfill all that I shall command. Else thou shalt come verily in thine own Person, to satisfy my will; which refusing, I shall compel thee by all the virtue and power of God.

The Grand Pentacle or Circle of Solomon will answer for the above and following Conjurations, which can be said on all days and at all hours. If it be desired to speak only with one spirit, one only need be named, at the choice of the reader.


O EGYM, great King of the South, I conjure and invoke thee by the most high and holy Names of God, do thou here manifest, clothed with all thy Power; come before this circle, or at least send me forthwith Fadal, Nastrache, to make answer unto me, and to execute all my wishes. If thou failest, I shall force thee by God Himself.


O BAYMON, most potent King, who reignest in the Western quarter, I call and I invoke thee in the name of the Deity! I command thee by virtue of the Most High, to send me immediately before this circle the Spirit Passiel Rosus, with all other Spirits who are subject unto thee, that the same may answer in everything, even as I shall require them. If thou failest, I

p. 284

will torment thee with the sword of fire divine; I will multiply thy sufferings and will burn thee.


O thou, AMAYMON, King and Emperor of the Northern Parts, I call, invoke, exorcise and conjure thee, by the virtue and power of the Creator, and by the virtue of virtues, to send me presently, and without delay, Madael, Laaval, Bamlahe, Belem and Ramath, with all other Spirits of thine obedience, in comely and human form I In whatsoever Place thou now art, come hither and render that honour which thou owest to the true living God, Who is thy Creator. In the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Ghost, come therefore, and be obedient, in front of this circle, without Peril to my body or soul. Appear in comely human form, with no terror encompassing thee, I conjure thee, make haste, come straightway, and at once. By all the Divine names--SECHIEL, BARACHIEL--if thou dost not obey promptly, BALANDIER, suspensus, iracundus, Origratiumgu, Partus, Olemdemis, and Bautratis, N. I exorcise thee, do invoke and do impose most high commandment upon thee, by the omnipotence of the living God, and of the true God; by the virtue of the holy God, and by the power of Him Who spake and all things were made, even by His holy commandment the heaven and earth were made, with all that is in them! I adjure thee by the Father, by the Son and by the Holy Ghost, even by the Holy Trinity, by that God Whom thou canst not resist, under Whose empire I will compel thee; I conjure thee by God the Father, by God the Son., by God the Holy Ghost., by the Mother of Jesus Christ, Holy Mother and Perpetual Virgin, by her sacred heart, by hey blessed milk, which the Son of the Father sucked, by her most holy body and soul, by all the parts and members of this Virgin, by all the sufferings,

p. 285

afflictions, labours, agonies which she endured during the whole course of her life, by all the sighs she uttered, by all the holy tears which she shed whilst her dear Son wept before the time of His dolorous passion and on the tree of the Cross, by all the sacred holy things which are offered and done, and also by all others, as in heaven so on earth, in honour of our Saviour Jesus Christ, and of the Blessed Mary, His Mother, by whatsoever is celestial, by the Church Militant, in honour of the Virgin and of all the Saints. In like manner, I conjure thee by the Holy Trinity, by all other mysteries, by the sign of the Cross, by the most precious blood and water which flowed from the side of Jesus Christ, by the sweat which issued from His whole body, when He said in the Garden of Olives; My Father, if it be possible, let this chalice Pass from me. I conjure thee by His death and Passion, by His burial and glorious resurrection, by His ascension, by the coming of the Holy Ghost. I adjure thee, furthermore, by the crown of thorns which was set upon His head, by the blood which flowed from His feet and hands, by the nails with which He was nailed to the tree of the Cross, by the holy tears which He shed, by all which He suffered willingly through great love of us: by the lungs, the heart, the hair, the inward Parts, and all the members of our Saviour Jesus Christ. I conjure thee by the judgment of the living and the dead, by the Gospel words of our Saviour Jesus Christ, by His preachings, by His sayings, by His miracles, by the child in swaddling-clothes, by the crying child, borne by the mother in her most pure and virginal womb; by the glorious intercession of the Virgin Mother of our Saviour Jesus Christ; by all which is of God and of His Most Holy Mother, as in heaven so on earth. I conjure thee by the holy Angels and Archangels, by all the blessed orders of Spirits, by the holy patriarchs and Prophets, by all the holy martyrs and confessors, by all the

p. 286

holy virgins and innocent widows, by all the saints of God, both men and women. I conjure thee by the head of St. John the Baptist, by the milk of St. Catherine, and by all the Saints.

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