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Miscellaneous and Minor Processes

§ 1. Concerning Works of Hatred and Destruction

THE following process appears in several manuscript copies of the Key of Solomon, but has been omitted by the English editor of that work, as others are also omitted, presumably as a Goëtic interpolation. But we have seen that a Goëtic process in a book like the Key of Solomon is not necessarily an interpolation, while as regards this particular instance it is very nearly evident that it is an integral portion of that dubious collection. In the second chapter of the first book we are told that the days and hours of Mars are suitable for overthrowing enemies, while the hours of Saturn and Mars, and also the days on which the Moon is in conjunction with those planets, are excellent for experiments of hatred, enmity, quarrel and discord. In the first chapter of the second book it is said:--As for operations of destruction and desolation, we should put them into execution on the day of Saturn at the first hour, or rather at the eighth or fifteenth of the day, and from the first until the eighth hour of the night. . . . From these statements it seems fair to infer that there must have been a section containing directions as to the performance of such works. In this case, the Key of Solomon is neither better nor worse than any other Grimoire of Black Magic--as indeed we have reason to know by its admitted

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sections. The apologists of the Clavicle--if there are any apart from its English editor--will probably cite in defence of it a passage which occurs in Book i. c. 8, in which the author proffers his secrets on the express condition that they shall not be used to ruin and destroy one's neighbour. But when every allowance has been made for this stipulation, we shall do well to remember that similar warnings are not wanting in purely Goëtic rituals. There is further another test by which the authenticity of the following process may be largely determined, and that is the manner of its wording, which corresponds closely with the prevailing manner of the Clavicle. It is a loose and general wording, covering several classes of experiment, and-if any one is sufficiently ridiculous or sufficiently ultra-serious to desire that the question be tested-it may be compared with Book I. c. xv., xvi., xvii., in which the same characteristics will be found.

The process itself is as follows:--Experiments upon enemies may be performed in several ways, but, whether with waxen images or some other instrument, the particulars of each must be diligently and faithfully observed. Should the day and hour fail thee, proceed as already laid down, and prepare the image or instrument proper to this effect in the order and manner thereof. Fumigate with the Proper perfumes, and if writing be required on the image, let it be done with the needle or stylet of the art, as aforesaid. Next recite the following words once over the said image:--VSOR, DILAPIDATORE, TENTATORE, SOIGNATORE, DEVORATORE, CONCITORE, ET SEDUCTORE. O all ye ministers and companions, I direct, conjure, constrain and command you to fulfil this behest willingly, namely, straightway to consecrate this image, which is to be done in the name of . . . . . . . . . that as the face of the one is contrary to the other, so the same may never more look one upon another.

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Deposit the image in some place perfumed with evil odours, especially those of Mars, such as sulphur and assafoetida. Let it remain there for one night, having duly asperged it, observing the proper hour and time. Do likewise when the experiment is performed with characters and names, by touching the lovers 1 with words, or by whatsoever other manner. But when the experiment is made by giving something to be eaten, the same must be performed on the day and hour proper to this work. All things being prepared, place them before you, and say: Where are ye, SOIGNATORE, USORE, DILAPIDATORE, and DENTORE; CONCISORE, DIVORATORE, SEDUCTORE, and SEMINATORE? Ye Who sow discord, where are you? Ye who infuse hatred and propagate enmities, I conjure you by Him who hath created you for this ministry, to fulfil this work, in order that whensoever N. [naming the person] shall eat of like things, or shall touch them, in whatsoever manner, never shall he go in peace.

Give then whatsoever you please to the person designated, but let it be in the hour of Saturn or that of Mars, observing all things needful for such experiments.


299:1 This means that the experiment is for the occult consolation of a rival. It will be seen, however, that there is a certain confusion, as the adjuration which follows will exhibit.

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