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Labyrinth (Public Domain Image)
Labyrinth (Public Domain Image)

Mazes and Labyrinths

by W.H. Matthews


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Title Page
List of Illustrations
Chapter I. Introduction
Chapter II. The Egyptian Labyrinth
Chapter III. The Egyptian Labyrinth (continued)
Chapter IV. The Cretan Labyrinth
Chapter V. The Cretan Labyrinth (continued)
Chapter VI. The Cretan Labyrinth (continued)
Chapter VII. The Etruscan or Italian Labyrinth
Chapter VIII. The Labyrinth in Ancient Art
Chapter IX. Church Labyrinths
Chapter X. Turf Labyrinths
Chapter XI. Turf Labyrinths (continued)
Chapter XII. The Origin of Turf Mazes
Chapter XIII. The Floral Labyrinth and the Dwarf-Shrub Maze
Chapter XIV. The Topiary Labyrinth, or Hedge Maze
Chapter XV. The Topiary Labyrinth, or Hedge Maze (continued)
Chapter XVI. The Topiary Labyrinth, or Hedge Maze (continued)
Chapter XVII. Stone Labyrinths and Rock Engravings
Chapter XVIII. The Dance or Game of Troy
Chapter XIX. The Bower of ''Fair Rosamond''
Chapter XX. Maze Etymology
Chapter XXI. Labyrinth Design and Solution of Mazes
Chapter XXII. The Labyrinth in Literature
Chapter XXIII. Miscellanea and Conclusion
Appendix: Bibliography of Mazes and Labyrinths