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Mankind United, by Arthur Bell, [1936], at

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During the 30-day program of The Research Department of The International Institute of Universal Research and Administration, photostatic copies of plans will be presented to the two hundred million (200,000,000) men and women who will constitute our audience, which will prove to even the most skeptical of them the necessity of establishing a world-wide economic system based upon some medium of exchange and currency other than gold and silver. The Institute's program will prove to them, that unless the economic system it recommends is universally established at an early date,—(as it can be at any time within ninety (90) days upon the consent of the people to whom it will be presented),—that within less than six (6) months after the conclusion of the next world war there will be,—(with the exception of the Hidden Rulers and their followers),—no educated people, (and in no part of the world any religious ones); nor will there be any educational or religious institutions nor facilities for the development of independence of thought, in any nation on this earth, except among the people who will then constitute its ruling class. *

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The Institute will prove that at the conclusion of the coming war, those who have plotted it have planned to evolve an economic system which will consist of four (4) levels of human society. To bring this system to pass, the entire world is being armed to the teeth, and even little ten (10) year old children are being trained for its armies.

The lowest of these four (4) levels will be made up of men and women who will be trained to perform only such drudgery tasks as may require but little intelligence. The next group above them will consist of the men and women who have been taught to operate machines. The third class will include, (up to eighty (80%) per cent of its numbers), the police force, which will consist of eunuchs who will have the responsibility of compelling obedience to the edicts of the rulers. This third class will also include, (up to twenty (20%) per cent of its numbers), the so-called intelligentsia, consisting of men who will be educated and trained to conduct laboratories and research bureaus through which to develop the requirements and luxuries for their Ruler and themselves. The fourth class will be those for whom the first two groups exist as slaves, and for whom eighty (80%) per cent of the third group act as body-guards and twenty (20%) per cent as students and companions. Each ruling family comprising this fourth group, (of which there will be but forty thousand (40,000) will be allowed twenty thousand (20,000) slaves and a bodyguard and group of student companions of five thousand (5000) men to enforce their orders and provide both entertainment and companionship, when desired.

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In other words, a total of twenty-five thousand (25,000) people will be under the jurisdiction and control of each one of these forty thousand (40,000) families; in all, a total of one thousand million (1000,000,000) people. Each unit of twenty-five thousand (25,000) people will consist of five thousand (5000) men in the third group and ten thousand (10,000) men and women in the second group, which will include mechanics and various types of machinists, each trained to do some specific task but prohibited from learning any subject other than that in which specific training has been ordered. In other words, each of this second group will literally be a "human automaton." With ten thousand (10,000) men and women laborers in the first group who will perform all necessary drudgery tasks not taken care of by the machines, these four groups with a total of twenty-five thousand (25,000) people, and the family which rules them, will,—with whatever section of the globe is allocated to them,—constitute a self-contained principality over which the appointed ruler will have complete and absolute autocratic control, with the power of life or death over his subjects.

No marriages will be allowed among the members of the twenty-five thousand (25,000) men and women of any of these four groups. However, after the respective ruler has made his selection of the most attractive young girls of the first two groups for his own harem, then the one thousand (1000) students of the third group will have the privilege of drawing by lot, (but with no other rights of selection), whatever girls they may desire as their concubines. All male children will be emasculated, with the exception of the healthiest and best specimens. These will

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be selected and trained to replace the educated members of the third group, as said members are retired from active service, or die.

Nurses will be selected from the first two groups, who will be put in charge of all children who have passed the age of six months. During the first six months, the respective mothers will be held responsible, under the supervision of said trained nurses, for the health and care of their babies. The only education which will be granted to the children who are placed in the first two groups,—(or the police force branch of the third group),—to replace those who die, will be limited to the training required for the respective duties they will be expected to perform, in accordance with the degree of their intelligence and potential capabilities as determined by the sociologists and psychologists in the laboratories directed by such scientists of the third group in charge of these activities.

Neither reading nor writing will be taught to any of the persons comprising the first two groups of twenty thousand (20,000) men and women, nor to any of the men within the third group, other than one fifth (1/5th) of their number; in other words, one thousand (1000) of them will be educated and trained to carry on the work of the laboratories and experimental and testing departments together with the various bureaus established in accordance with the requirements, interests, or hobbies of the ruler.

In order that the twenty-five thousand (25,000) slaves and selected associates of each principality, may be readily kept under the immediate observation and control of the

p. 107

respective ruler, these people will all be housed within one gigantic structure of twenty-five stories in height, and with the palace and gardens of its owner constructed on the top thereof. Directly beneath the ruler's palace, occupying from the twenty-fifth (25th) down to and including the tenth (10th) story of each such structure, there will be constructed the numerous laboratories, testing, experimental and research bureaus; television and radio departments; power-control rooms, and educational center, as well as the amusement auditoriums for those comprising the third group. From the ninth (9th) story down to and including the first floor, will be located the machine shops and work rooms of the twenty thousand (20,000) slaves of the first two groups, who will be supervised by the five thousand (5000) members of the third group, in the preparation and production of food, clothes, machinery, amusement paraphernalia, and the general luxuries ordered by the ruler for his use and that of the various members of the third group whom he may, from time to time, favor with some expression of his appreciation for their loyalty and services.

The living quarters for the twenty thousand (20,000) slaves comprising the first two groups, will be located for a distance the equivalent of ten stories directly beneath this gigantic structure. They will be so placed, in order that the ruler might—by merely pressing a button,—release any one of a number of kinds of poisonous gases, and thereby not only succeed in quelling any general uprising, but also readily eliminate any of the group who might become particularly unruly. Such ones could be readily slaughtered by housing them in any one of a number of different sections

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of the subterranean area of his palace. In this section there will also be located the power plants, water reservoirs and storage rooms, hermetically sealed off from access by any other than the ruler's most trusted slaves.

The living quarters above referred to will contain only the barest requirements for sustaining human life. With the exception of the most attractive girls who may be chosen by the ruler and the one thousand educated members of the third group for their respective harems, the remainder of the men and women slaves in these first two groups will have their mentalities regularly dulled through the use of drugs and dope placed in their food and drinking water, in order that the quality of their thinking may remain on a similar level with that of the dullest and least intelligent creatures of the animal kingdom, and that they may therefore be readily satisfied with the coarsest kinds of food,—little or no amusement,—and a stall with some straw upon which to lie, as the only home they will ever know, or even have enough imagination to desire.

The twenty-five thousand (25,000) slaves and guards, belonging to each of those who will comprise the world's ruling class of forty thousand (40,000) men, will be constantly under the direct observation of their respective ruler, through the use of remotely-controlled television and radio equipment, microphones, television screens, etc., placed in every room and corner of the great structures which will constitute the palace as well as factories and slave quarters belonging to each ruler. At any time of the day or night, by either pressing a button or turning a dial, the ruler will be able to look at or listen to any one

p. 109

of his entire allotment of twenty-five thousand (25,000) slaves.

With the exception of his most trusted body-guards and himself, none of his slaves will be allowed to understand the use of guns or other armaments or facilities with which he will keep himself protected. In order that not even one of the forty thousand (40,000) rulers or their descendants may ever be tempted to increase the number of his slaves, or to gain control of any other principality or part of the earth or its resources, than that which has—by majority vote—been allotted to him, it has been mutually agreed upon by those who constitute the present "Money Changers" and "Hidden Rulers" of our day, that if any one of their number should ever yield to such a temptation, such a one and his entire unit of slaves will be blasted off the face of the earth by the immediate simultaneous attack of the thirty-nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine (39,999) other rulers, with a combined armed force consisting of whatever proportion of their one hundred and sixty million (160,000,000) body-guards they may require for the accomplishment of such a result.

It is therefore reasonable to state, that once the world's "Hidden Rulers" have succeeded in slaughtering the present educated and religious peoples of our earth, and have thereby gained not only indirect but absolute and complete "Direct Control" of the world's resources, machinery and remaining illiterate populations, they will have little difficulty in maintaining their rule over mankind as long as they may wish to do so, inasmuch as there would never thereafter be any opportunity for the human race to combine

p. 110

its forces against the rule of such depraved, insane monsters. Nor would there ever be any likelihood of even the overthrow of such a type of rule through the jealousy, envy or dissatisfaction of any of the various "little" kings, inasmuch as the strength of their respective kingdoms and their individual allotment of slaves, would never be sufficient to tempt them into even contemplating an attack upon the approximately one thousand million other human beings owned body and soul by the remaining rulers, and constantly under their direct orders.

Being aware of the fact that the smug complacency of some of the modern educated intellects of this age will feel constrained to reject the foregoing statements as being utterly fantastic and quite impossible of accomplishment, we beg to be permitted to call attention to the present "caste system" of India. With its numerous principalities, this system has—century after century—functioned quite satisfactorily for the fabulously wealthy Maharajahs of that country. Those who are inclined to doubt, might also bear in mind the fact that the economic and governing system of India is the only one that has produced "Multi-billionaires" and maintained them in power generation after generation; nor have any of the "modern trimmings" of recent scientific discoveries been required to perpetuate or to aid its operation.


The Research Department of The International Institute of Universal Research and Administration is fully prepared—"with irrefutable evidence"—to prove (during its 30-day program) that the plot—which has been but briefly described in the foregoing chapter—will unquestionably be consummated unless a new monetary and economic system is "universally" established.

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103:* The Institute, through its constantly growing influence, has succeeded in temporarily delaying the catastrophe herein depicted; but only by the widespread acceptance of its recommendations can permanent peace and economic security be assured.

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