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Mankind United, by Arthur Bell, [1936], at

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Just as long as a type of money is in use which can be accumulated in such vast quantities that those who control it are able to dictate to the governments and the peoples of the earth, and to make or break them at will; and as long as human nature is such that a taste of great power or great wealth frequently develops a ceaseless craving for more,—until the time comes when such people have grown so insanely ambitious that they have reached the stage which can only be described as "moral idiocy;"—it is wholly illogical, and—were it not such a tragedy—even rather ridiculous, to place beautifully couched petitions in their hands, which plead with these monstrosities of greed for reduced armaments,—round-table discussions, (instead of war),—old-age pensions, social security and other similarly worthy desires in the hearts of sane, right-thinking men and women.

Knowing that the political structures of every nation can always be controlled—either by methods of intimidation, bribery, flattery or assassination—by those with sufficient money to accomplish such results;—knowing that vast quantities of gold and silver now rest in the hands

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of a small group of men who desire more wars and more poverty, that they may, thereby,—through the manipulations of cheap labor or the sale of armaments or other merchandise for the slaughter of human life—not only add to the contents of their already over-flowing treasure chests, but also bring about mankind's complete enslavement;—knowing that such men have learned more tricks of propaganda, and so-called mass psychology, through which to control the activities of any groups of politicians, which have ever, or will,—(under our present private profit competitive system),—ever be elected to office;—knowing that such men have learned more ways and means of controlling the actions of politicians and those who hold public office, than the combined civilian population of the combined so-called civilized governments of the entire world could ever hope to learn during hundreds of years, (through their wholly inadequate and usually politically, capitalistically or subversively controlled mediums of news or sources of information);—knowing all of these facts, is it likewise not rather ridiculous that men and women who call themselves intelligent creatures, should waste the time to even try to correct conditions through sending long petitions to people who are so easily controlled by the insanely ambitious maniacs who govern them? (One might just as well send a request to a rattlesnake asking it not to bite him).

Those of us who believe ourselves to be intelligent creatures can never expect to permanently improve conditions by merely writing little crosses on long pieces of paper, which we call "Ballots," when—after tossing these bundles of ballots around among themselves for their

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amusement,—the world's "Money Changers" arrange the actions of the new political administration in any way they may desire, and with the power and influence of their money, completely control the new crop of publicly or politically appointed representatives, with not the slightest bit of difficulty, through the use of one or more of their four methods of control; namely,—intimidation, bribery, flattery or assassination, which their accumulations of money enable them to exercise.

Knowing these things, it is high time that those men and women throughout the world, who desire financial independence and security, bind themselves together into the only type of organization which will ever succeed in directing either the governments or the industries of the world in behalf of the happiness of its citizens; namely, a Co-operative, Equally Owned Universal Service Corporation, capable of producing and distributing the necessities and luxuries of life for its members, and with its combined buying power of more than One Thousand Million ($1000,000,000) Dollars per day,—(and the concerted action of Two Hundred Million (200,000,000) equal owners),—capable of bringing to pass the international adoption, through "Commercial" instead of "Political" methods, of a type of money which neither any one person nor any group of persons will ever be able to accumulate in sufficient quantities to destructively dictate either the thoughts or the actions of their fellow beings.

Without seeking financial remuneration, public recognition or reward of any nature,, the sponsors of The International Institute of Universal Research and Administration,

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after many years of thorough preparation, now invite the world's right-thinking and intelligent citizens to accept their proofs of the feasibility of such an accomplishment.

It has indeed been rightly stated, that "That which is every one's business" is usually "No one's business." Our Sponsors, many years ago, became aware of the fact that although all "sane people" desire to end both war and poverty,—and it is surely the business of every intelligent person to help do so,—nevertheless, no individual nor group of individuals with sufficient understanding of these problems to bring about their solution, had considered them of sufficient importance to warrant an expenditure of either the necessary time or money which would be required before any successful solution could be reached. Our Sponsors and Executive Board of two hundred men and women have, for many years, made it "their business" to discover a practical plan for ending war and poverty. They not only have been successful, but of equal importance is the fact that the solution they have evolved is one which can be applied with inevitable success,—and, within a period of less than ninety (90) days after its acceptance by at least two hundred million (200,000,000) intelligent men and women;—nor will such acceptance require any supreme sacrifices of either time or money.

Realizing that the power and influence of the world's subversive forces,—those who perpetuate both its wars and poverty,—consist solely of the enormous buying power which their century-old accumulations of gold and silver place in their hands, Our Sponsors soon recognized the fact that it would be necessary to "fight fire with fire;"

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in other words, to combat the buying power of the world's "Money Changers" "with a buying power of even greater potency."

They knew that one of the principal reasons for the adoption of plans by the Hidden Rulers, to bring about the extermination of the world's educated and religious peoples, was the fact that such classes of human beings,—through the avenues of study and the privileges of firsthand observation which present modes of travel have made available to them,—have begun to realize that the untouched resources of the earth and the unused lands which could be cultivated for the production of food are so vast, in variety and extent, that there is not the slightest reason for anyone being obliged to experience either privation, poverty, or a life of drudgery. Such educated people are fully aware of the fact that the earth's resources are so abundant that all of the world's citizens might readily be enabled to enjoy lives of comparative luxury, and have ample leisure time for recreation or the development of individual talents, if each new marvelous discovery and mechanical invention were used,—not for purposes of wasteful and destructive forms of competition,—but instead, for the purposes of production for all mankind, in accordance with each individual's respective needs.

Recognizing the growing discontent of the masses against needless conditions of poverty and drudgery, and realizing that unless such of the population, whose education had made them discontented, were soon exterminated, they would eventually unite and demand a greater share of the world's resources than they had been receiving,

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the Hidden Rulers determined to destroy such people, and to do so before a demand could be made for the establishment of an economic system which might alter the world's medium of exchange, from gold and silver to one of a more equitable nature.

If gold or silver could no longer buy human labor or merchandise, such a condition would, for all time to come, destroy the influence which these "Money Changers" and their satellites have for so many centuries enjoyed. To prevent such a result—which would spell their doom—it would be necessary not only to slaughter four hundred million (400,000,000) of the educated and religious classes, who constitute the group most persistent in their demand for social equality and justice, but it would also be necessary to destroy the world's educational and religious institutions, and thereafter prevent their re-establishment except on a basis which would destroy the initiative of individuals, and in its place create a standardized type of "mass-thought," which would force the mentalities of the human race into a mold capable of shaping their thinking in accordance with the plans and desires of those who would then be their rulers.

The slavery which the world's Hidden Rulers plan to bring about will be similar to that now experienced by the hundreds of millions of people in India, such as has existed there continuously throughout many thousands of years. However, there will be even less freedom or opportunity for mental development. The model towards which they strive, is the one adopted by the aristocracy of India some thousands of years ago; a principle of Government which

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has never failed to enable those who practice it, to not only continuously add to their own personal fortunes, but also to readily retain their control over the millions of human beings who thereby permanently become their slaves.

The enslaving principle of Government to which we refer, may be briefly described as one which keeps the masses of people always poverty-stricken and illiterate, in order that they may thereby be readily influenced through the avenues of superstition, and fear of the unknown. When millions of people are unable to either read or write, and when the nameless fears of superstition are systematically planted in their thoughts century after century, it is not difficult to sway them into action or obedience, through either the avenues of fear or intense hate. Likewise, when tens of millions of people are not only poverty-stricken or on the verge of starvation, but are actually dying by the thousands each day, from the tortures of starvation and exposure, it is not difficult to buy their labor for little or nothing; inasmuch as they will literally sell their souls for a piece of bread if they are constantly kept hungry enough.

The billions upon billions of dollars of wealth in the form of gold, silver and jewels, retained and added to century after century by the Rajahs and the wealthy families of India, have fully proven the security which such forms of Government bring to those who are wealthy enough to adopt and consistently perpetuate them. It is also readily understood why education and the Christian religion, (the teachings of the Golden Rule and brotherly love), constitute the only enemies which such rulers fear.

p. 88

Because of the disobedience some centuries ago, of the representatives and satellites of those who then ruled the peoples of the earth, both the influences of "education" and "the Christian religion" were allowed to start leavening human thought. Ceaseless efforts have since been made to eradicate these influences, but they have, during the past few centuries, and particularly during the era represented by recent generations,—spread with much rapidity. They have resulted in such an increase in mechanical inventions, and mediums through which to abridge distance and communicate with great numbers of people from one central point,—through the use of radio and other modern means of inter-communication,—that the only method left to the world's Hidden Rulers—if they are to succeed in retaining their control over the world and its people—is to exterminate all people who are either educated or religious, or whose thoughts have been touched and enlightened by either one or both of these broadening influences. They feel that there is no other solution to their problem, inasmuch as the ever-growing insistence of these right-thinking people is rapidly bringing to pass a world-wide demand, by hundreds of millions of such individuals, that the earth's resources be fully released for the equal benefit of all, and that the mechanical inventions of our present civilization be universally used for the production and distribution of a greater abundance of such resources, in order that all—instead of only a few of the citizens of our world—may enjoy beautiful homes and educational advantages, as well as an abundance of all of those things which add to the happiness of men during their sojourn here on our earth.

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That the world's Rulers have been at least partly successful in preventing the influences of education, religion and universal financial security, from developing sufficient strength to bring about their overthrow,—or the establishment of an economic system which would no longer enable them to retain their control over our world,—is evidenced by the fact that even today, during our so-called enlightened twentieth-century civilization, an average of one out of every two people who populate our earth,—in other words, a total of one thousand million (1000,000,000) human beings,—are not only still unable to read or write, but in addition to their illiteracy, the majority of them are filled with the usual numerous nameless fears which are so easily planted in the ignorant and superstitious thoughts of such illiterates.

That the world's Rulers have likewise been quite successful in keeping the masses of people who are located in the more densely populated parts of the earth, hungry enough to be willing to work for little or nothing, is evidenced by the fact that right at this time,—and continuously throughout countless centuries,—over five hundred million (500,000,000) human beings are hungry every day of their stunted, starved little lives, and over thirty millions (30,000,000) of such men, women and little children, die each year; or, in other words, over eighty thousand (80,000) every twenty-four (24) hours,—over two and one-half millions dying each month, after experiencing weeks, -months or years of the slow excruciating tortures of hunger.

p. 90

Inasmuch as ignorance and poverty go hand in hand,—as they are intended to by those who perpetuate them,—we find that the majority of deaths from under-nourishment, starvation and exposure, occur in those nations whose Rulers have been most successful in perpetuating illiteracy, ignorance and false superstitious teachings. However, even in the world's advanced civilized countries, the influence of the subversive forces to which we refer, has been sufficient to constantly obstruct and greatly handicap education, free speech, and the privileges of "uncontrolled" religious worship. In fact, the buying power and influence of their money has been so great, that even in this so-called enlightened age, (although they are obliged to spend hundreds of millions of dollars each year to accomplish their purpose), they succeed through the avenues of the newspapers, magazines, publishing houses, industrial and political mediums,—which they either own or control,—in seriously obstructing most of the educational or religious teachings which help human beings to become independent, clear, unbigoted thinkers. Through the avenues we have just described, they likewise succeed in perpetuating poverty, and preventing mankind's use of the many marvelous inventions which have been perfected in spite of ceaseless obstructions to the progress of education.

By drawing upon their inexhaustible reserves of gold and silver, these subversive forces have no more difficulty in buying the control of new inventions and basic patents, than they experience in maintaining their rule over the political structures, (be they ever so advanced),—of the world's most civilized nations.

p. 91

We therefore find that through these dual forms of control,—added to the weakening influences of the ceaseless revoluticns and wars to which they subject the world's so-called civilized peoples,—that even in our most advanced nations, hundreds of thousands of people die each year from starvation and exposure.

Even though enlightened thinking has produced countless marvelous mechanical inventions,—capable of relieving humanity almost entirely of the need for human labor or drudgery,—yet through the ceaseless undermining monetary power of the subversive forces, the limitless abundance of the necessary or desirable things of life, which could thereby be so readily made available to all mankind, is not only withheld from their use, but food and other necessities of human life are actually destroyed right before men's eyes, in order to assure their continued poverty and privation. We find, in line with this policy of action, that the political, agricultural and industrial leaders of the world, have been readily influenced into destroying millions of acres of wheat and cotton crops, tens of millions of cattle, and an incalculable quantity of miscellaneous types of food and other necessities of life during the last twenty-four months, in order that the effect of the world's recent inventions might be offset and poverty be made to retain its hold upon the human race.

The influence of "the Money Changers’" publicity and propaganda disseminating medium is so great, that not only do we find them able to gain the public's consent to a monopolistic control of the world's most valuable mechanical

p. 92

inventions, and to a wholesale destruction of the products of such inventions, but also able to accomplish these results without even one newspaper headline, or other announcement to the public, ever appearing in any part of the civilized world, which might inform the sane and right-thinking members of the human race that while they are voting their consent to the wholesale destructions of food and other necessities of human life,—eighty thousand (80,000) of the men, women, and children of their own and other countries, are lying in the gutters of the world with their stomachs bursting open from starvation. Eighty thousand (80,000) human beings dying of starvation every twenty-four (24) hours, and our leaders not only succeed in hiding this fact from us, but actually make us believe they are justified in destroying our foodstuffs and the products of our factories because of a supposed surplus.

Mankind's Hidden Rulers are fully aware of the fact that those who have been allowed to "correctly" learn the meaning of Christ Jesus’ teachings,—relative to "the Golden Rule" and "brotherly love,"—would never permit such world-wide destruction of food if they knew that an average of one out of every four of the world's entire population, (in other words over five hundred million people), suffered from hunger each day, and that over thirty million of them will die this year,—(as have a like number, year after year for centuries); yet hardly a word is allowed to be spoken from even the church pulpits of the world nor a headline to appear in any paper, for fear that right-thinking and generous men and women might thereby learn of such conditions.

p. 93

The reason for such enforced silence on the part of the sources of information to which the public looks for enlightenment and guidance, is readily understood when we realize that with tens of millions of highly-skilled workers, unemployed and living on government doles,—(which the employed people of such nations must pay through numerous avenues of taxation every time they spend even five cents for a loaf of bread),—and with millions of unused acres of land and thousands of idle factories, it is quite evident that the educated, religious and sane men and women of the world would make such a clamor, that its echo would be heard to the ends of the earth;—not only would they demand that such idle workers, idle factories and idle lands be made to produce the food, clothes, homes, and normal requirements of human life, for those who are unemployed, but also for the hundreds of millions of starving, homeless, unwanted, unloved and "truly forgotten" men, women and helpless little children of "every land."

Knowing these things, and knowing that through the avenues of such of the world's inventions as they have been unable to control, mankind might in time be informed of the manner in which they have been duped,—through their acceptance of the selfishly perpetuated false law of "the survival of the fittest," and its tireless servant, "the Private-Profit System,"—and might then demand a system of greater equality and justice; the world's "Money Changers" realized that they must quickly destroy the discontented classes, or they themselves might soon be overthrown. They knew that it would be as impossible to remove the effects of Christ Jesus’ teachings of brotherly

p. 94

love, and those of the world's various enlightened forms of education, from human thought and from the hearts of men, as it would be to extract yeast from a pan of dough once it had been impregnated with it. The only means by which these "moral idiots" could even hope to continue their control over the world and its citizens, would be to deal with education and religion, (the only two forces they have ever feared), in the same manner in which they would have to deal with the pan of dough if they were going to try and get rid of the yeast. In other words they would have to destroy the dough in order to destroy the yeast.

The influences of education and religion have now become so deeply embedded into the thoughts and hearts of men, that there is no possible means by which they can be destroyed other than to slaughter those who have felt their effect. Such people are growing increasingly desirous of ending the age-old curses of war and poverty, and of bringing to pass the universal establishment of an economic system which will be able to abundantly supply the requirements of human life for the people of every land, and without any more bloodshed or bitter rivalries.

Recognizing that a desire to bring about the brotherhood of man, had become almost universally accepted among the people of the world's most advanced nations, and that a widespread demand, not only for economic security but for protection against the ravages of war, had entered the hearts of men, the world's Hidden Rulers determined, many years ago, upon a plan which would not only bring about the extermination of the classes of

p. 95

would actually they desire to destroy, but would enlist the enthusiasm and unquestioning help and support of millions of the citizens of these various civilized nations; a plan which would draw this support from both the educated and religious, as well as the illiterate classes. They decided to start a number of great world movements which would appear to have as their objectives, "The Establishment of a World Brotherhood."

They would finance a number of revolutions and bring about the overthrow of the world's major governments, but they would do so in the name and under the guise of what would seem to be "A Great World Brotherhood." Depending upon the characteristics of thought of the people of these various nations, they would name their movements either "Communism," "Fascism" or "Socialism,"—or give them some other equally euphonious title. However in each instance they would cause the people,—through well-planned propaganda and carefully selected and trained lieutenants,—to believe that the leaders of these new types of government, (inasmuch as they had been selected from the working classes), were devoting their entire efforts to the establishment of a system of "equality" and "the brotherhood of man." Finally, with the acceptance of such beliefs, the public would willingly consent, not only to a regimentation of men and of the activities of agriculture and industry, but also grant their support and co-operation towards the enforcement of such rulings.

Under the mesmeric influence of thinking that they were finally helping to bring to pass economic equality and a great world brotherhood, they would unresistingly permit

p. 96

any forms of cruelty or brutality which their new Rulers might tell them were necessary for the success of their movement. When such people had either voluntarily or through compulsion, submerged their own thinking and individualities in programs which they would be told were for the good of the "State" and when they had been taught that the "State" must come first no matter how much suffering they were individually forced to experience, then—"but not until then"—the combined labor, talents and abilities of such people would be directed into channels for the production of great armaments and munitions of war, and for the development of huge standing armies, which the masses would be made to believe were for the protection and advancement of the "long prayed for brotherhood of man."

At the same time, as quickly as it could be safely brought to pass, the religious institutions of the land would be discredited and prohibited from further activities, excepting those which might be under the special authorization and direction of the State. When this was accomplished, people would be gradually taught to worship the "State" instead of God, and to scorn not only the ideals of the various religions but even the purifying impulses of decency and morality. While these effects were brought to pass, the women and little children, as well as the men, (through the mediums of intensive physical training, outdoor sports and athletics), would be hardened for military service.

Soon thereafter, the sanctity of marriage and the concepts of morality, for which the human race has struggled

p. 97

throughout so many long centuries, would have thereby been largely uprooted, and men taught even to ridicule the concept of marriage, home or church. Should the people occasionally wonder what had become of the ideals of brotherhood, and from time to time remember that the only sources from which they had ever received the teachings or been impregnated with the desires of brotherhood or brotherly love had invariably been in the protected atmosphere of the home, either at their mothers’ knees or in the Sunday Schools or Churches,—(which latter, would by that time have ceased to exist, and even be prevented by law from ever attempting any further influence upon the thoughts of those who were supposedly striving to bring to pass economic equality and brotherly love),—and should they start complaining because of the cruelty or injustice of their dictators and officials, they would then be reminded of the fact that their Rulers had been selected from their own working classes, and they should therefore not complain.

In the meantime, people would no longer suspect "Capitalists" or believe that they were responsible for the loss of their homes and churches, their freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, and most of the other liberties which had been granted to them under their previous forms of government for, (although the Dictators and Communist Rulers would previously have been carefully selected by the world's wealthy Hidden Rulers), the public would be made to think that such Rulers had attained to their position through their great love for their fellowman, and had only the welfare of humanity at heart.

p. 98

Even though their dictators might, with one breath utter inspiring statements about the brotherhood of man, and in the next breath give an order to slaughter some thousands of their own citizens for an infraction of some minor regulation; even though one minute they might sign an official publicity statement describing the great benefits which the new form of Government had brought into the lives of the "Proletariat," and in the next instant affix their signatures to a ruling which would abolish the churches of the various religions, annul the sanctity of marriage, and prohibit freedom of speech, the rights of assembly, or the privileges of a home; nevertheless, the people would be told that all of these actions were taken because of their dictator's great love for them, and his courageous undying desire to assure their economic security and happiness. Due to the gullibility of human thought, the world's Rulers believed that men and women would not awaken,—until it was too late, to the fact that the only sources from which they had ever gained the desire for brotherhood or the generous impulses of brotherly love, were those which by that time would be prohibited by law from having any further influence upon the lives of men; namely, the church, the sanctity of marriage and the home.

With the abolishment of all laws granting individual human rights, these Dictators,—(under orders, day by day, received through the secret agents of the world's Hidden Rulers),—carry forward their plans for the building of great armies and the manufacturing of vast armaments and munitions, in preparation for their share in the war which will, at its conclusion, have slaughtered those who

p. 99

fought for the overthrow of their previous forms of government, and the establishment of that which they had been told was to end the rule of the world's capitalists, end wars and poverty, and usher in an era of brotherhood and equality.

With the abolishment of the rights of free speech and the protection of just laws, those in control of the nations which exchange their respective forms of government for Communism, Fascism, Naziism or some other type of Dictatorship, have little difficulty in controlling the masses and compelling them to obey any and all orders issued by the "Money Changers."

With the power of "Life or Death" over their subjects, and with thousands of spies scattered throughout every corner of their countries, it is only necessary to order the execution of anyone who questions or complains about their authority. If one of their agents orders a man or a woman to dig a ditch, and such a one objects or refuses to do so, either torture or execution is the price that must be paid. Dictators do not take time to argue the enforcement of their orders,—"One either obeys them or dies." That is the price paid by those who think that through the avenues of a Dictatorship, Communism, Fascism, Naziism or the world's present concept of Socialism, they are ushering in the brotherhood of man. The only equality which will be experienced by those who believe that they can forfeit their homes, their churches, their freedom of speech and privileges of assembly, in exchange for these various "isms" and dictatorships, "will be the equality of worms," crushed under the heels of the few

p. 100

who win the right and who have the brutality of temperament to walk on them.

If gold and silver are still to constitute the basis of currency, or to be used as such by any new form of government or any economic system recommended by any person or group of persons appearing at this time before the public with a panacea for its ills, such recommendations either emanate from those who are "wholly ignorant" of the actual causes of war, poverty and similar types of human suffering, or they emanate "directly" from the world's "Money Changers;" its "Hidden Rulers." Inasmuch as any government which continues to use a type of money capable of being accumulated by any person or group of persons, will always be under complete subjection to these Hidden Rulers,—(since their accumulations of these metals now exceed, and through their ceaseless additions to their treasuries,—will always exceed any amount which will ever be accumulated by any Government "other than their own Hidden one, which includes the control of all others"),—the only difference between the so-called "Capitalistic Government," and the "Communistic One," is that under a "Dictatorship" the people "know" they are working for nothing, and that whatever they earn is going into the hands of their Rulers; whereas, under the "Private-Profit System" or so-called "Capitalistic" form of government, they are made to "think" that at least a part of the fruitage of their labors will be theirs to store away in their own little, individual, diminutive treasure chests. And in fact, under this latter form of system, that is exactly what they are encouraged to do, for the "Money Changers" know that they can empty out these little chests into their

p. 101

own big ones through the process of depressions, panics and unemployment, any time they may so desire.

However, with the vehicle of Communism and other forms of dictatorship at their disposal, the world's Hidden Rulers have been able, during the past few years, to travel much more rapidly than they would have otherwise towards their goal of the great war of extermination, which they plan to have reach the fulfillment of its purpose,—the slaughter of the educated, religious and right-thinking human beings of every major nation,—at an early date. Every effort is therefore being made at this time to stir up bitterness and hate among the people of the advanced nations in order that their governments may be overthrown, either through the processes of revolution by armed force, or by means of drastic constitutional changes in the basic foundation of their governmental structure.

With the destruction of the rights of free speech and privilege of assembly, any possible sources of objection or opposition can quickly be uprooted, and the "Money Changers" are then able to proceed without interference with their production of vast armaments, the formation of huge armies, and the use of a nation's entire resources for the development and manufacture of facilities with which to perform its share of the task of extermination during the next world war. *

All men, women and children, who are able to read and write, are scheduled to be murdered, excepting those who are either the relatives, immediate associates, or trusted agents of the Hidden Rulers and who will, at the conclusion of their war, occupy the same position and relationship

p. 102

to the remaining members of the human race, who may survive this war, as the relationship which now exists between the Rajahs of India and their starved illiterate masses. The only difference between the government of the Rajahs and that of the Hidden Rulers, is that the program of the latter,—(this twentieth century autocracy, which is planned for our world of to-morrow),will provide its Rulers with even greater luxuries and even more certain control over their subjects; although it will of course correspond fundamentally with the basic principles of the governments in India which keep the masses ignorant and on the point of starvation, in order that they may thereby be more readily controlled.


In view of what many people consider to be an advanced civilization, the revelations contained in the following chapter will seem wholly unbelievable to a great number of our readers. Knowing this, our Sponsors debated, at length, the advisability of publishing the statements—comprising Chapter VI.—at this time.

However, after weighing the matter carefully, it was decided to include it as written; for it was assumed that as soon as the message in "Mankind United" was released to the public, copies of said book would be delivered into the hands of the world's Hidden Rulers by some one of their thousands of secret service operatives. In this way the "Money Changers" would learn not only that their most secret plans had been discovered, but that every move they might henceforth make towards the consummation thereof would likewise be revealed to mankind long before destructive action against the public welfare could be successfully undertaken.

Nothing is more disconcerting to the general staff of an army of destroyers than to learn that what they had thought to be their most secret plots and plans of campaigning are known to their opponents.


101:* Unless a widespread acceptance of its program is accomplished, the Institute can succeed in only temporarily delaying the consummation of these insane dreams of conquest.

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