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Mankind United, by Arthur Bell, [1936], at

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For the benefit of those who although having eyes with which to see and ears with which to hear yet are unwilling to either read or to try to understand "The Signs of the Times," and for the benefit of "Those who refuse to recognize the true meaning" in back of the mad scramble by even the most advanced of the world's civilized nations to build up armaments of warfare and vast quantities of munitions,—capable of slaughtering the entire human race, if it were so desired,—we beg to be allowed to remind such people that the eight million (8,000,000) healthy, intelligent young men who died on the battlefields during the world war of the years 1914 to 1918, also scoffed at the idea that there could ever again be a war which would involve "even one" of the great civilized nations, to say nothing of "all of the major ones," as was actually the case. Yet, that war "was planned and executed" with the consent of the actual Rulers, (although not those whom mankind "thought" to be their leaders), of each of those warring nations, working together as one harmoniously united executive board, merely completing "One" of the numerous tests, which have been going on throughout a number of generations, in preparation for the

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time when the mechanical inventions and chemical discoveries of the world would provide sufficient power with which to bring to pass,—through the purchasing power and influence of their centuries of accumulated "Gold and Silver,"—the complete and final destruction of those influences which have for so many centuries interfered with the "Hidden Rulers’" complete enslavement of the human race; namely, our civilizations' educational and religious institutions.

To those who may believe that prayers (without the actions which "Christ Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount," and most particularly "His Golden Rule," enjoins upon the human race) can save the world from another war,—which will destroy not only the most enlightened members of our present civilization but also all of the educational and religious institutions which have required so many centuries to develop,—we bring to their attention the fact that the combined prayers of the most spiritual and enlightened thinkers of all of the religious movements in all of the civilized nations, throughout the entire world, did not prevent the last world war, nor did not prevent the past six years of depression, nor can they possibly prevent the war which will complete the "Hidden Rulers’" program of extermination, unless every man, woman and child who claims to even believe in God—not only "gets down on his knees and prays," but "also stands up on his feet and acts" some of the "Golden Rule" talked and preached about for so many of the past centuries.

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Those of us who utter words of brotherly love, which our actions have not justified, are like the "whited sepulchers" of which Christ Jesus spoke, and which He described as "being filled with all uncleanliness." There is no man or woman on this earth today but who is still obliged,—(if he has any but the qualities of a hypocrite in his consciousness)—to bow his head as did the "Penitent Publican," and pray that he might some day have the courage and goodness of spirit with which to be worthy to partake, in some small part, of that Cup which Christ Jesus "drained to the bitter dregs " that men might thereby be taught the lesson "of doing unto others as they would have others do unto them."

That men might understand and become worthy to receive the blessings described by Christ Jesus’ "Sermon On The Mount," and the prayer to which the world now refers as "The Lord's Prayer," the Sponsors and officially selected co-workers of The International Institute of Universal Research and Administration have dedicated their lives to the uncovering of "Spiritual Wickedness In High Places," and the development of a program which might open the eyes of men to the necessity of establishing an economic system which would never again provide the opportunity for any human being to successfully plot the destruction of his brothers nor to contemplate the slaughtering of other human beings for the purpose of financial gain, or to attempt to become some "Puny Little Swinish god" in order that he might satisfy his ego by having brass bands play when he appears before men, or if his brother man displeases him, that he might have the power of deciding upon the life or death of such an individual.

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That intelligent men and women can—after nearly two thousand (2000) years—still fail to recognize the necessity of "Absolute Obedience" to the universal law, which commands that "We do unto others as we would have others do unto us," now—in the light of our discoveries—seems almost incomprehensible. For it should be self-evident, that if even "one person" has more of this world's goods—and broader opportunities or privileges than are available to another—then either "Jealousy," "Envy," or "Seeds of Hate," are thereby propagated, and as all things have a tendency to multiply,—(but most particularly, qualities of thought),—it is not long before those who believe they have been treated unfairly, attempt to take away the goods of the one who appears to have more than they themselves have received. Consequently, the wealthy man is forced to build up walls of protection around his possessions, and construct armaments and implements of warfare with which to fight off those who have received less than he.

However, the greatest danger that results from mankind's unwillingness to erect an economic system based upon an equal distribution of this world's goods to all (and from their disobedience to "The Golden Rule" and the principles of universal law expounded by Christ Jesus’ teachings) does not consist of the destructive qualities of "jealousy," "envy" or "hate," but rather is it made up of those known as "Greed," "Selfishness" and "Self-glorification." When a man has once tasted of the dangerous fruit of "power and dominion over his fellows," or of the feeling of "Superiority," which comes from having more clothes, more food, finer homes or a greater variety and

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a superior quality of possessions than one's fellow beings, the desire to prove that "He is Superior to Others," takes hold of his thought, and soon becomes such an obsession, that he can neither be satisfied nor happy, unless everything he owns is better than the possessions which belong to anyone else. As one egotist vies with another, soon such people no longer hesitate to lie, steal or even murder, in order that they might surpass the ones whom they feel may possibly be in doubt as to their individual superiority to others, until, (under our so greatly glorified "Competitive Private Profit System"), we have almost become a world of egotists, thieves and murderers.

It is to awaken those "who are still sane" and who are not either too selfish, too greedy, too bigoted or too egotistical to heed our warnings and accept our recommendations, that Our Sponsors have ceaselessly striven to uncover the "actual causes of human suffering," and obtain the proofs which now point to the utter futility and needlessness,—as well as the danger,—of attempting to prove our "superiority" over other human beings through the accumulation of possessions, when instead, we should be endeavoring to improve our God-given talents and "our birth-right of intelligence," through study, travel, observation and an industriously-trained faculty of appreciation and gratitude for the vast illimitable and gloriously beautiful universe, which our Creator has given to the human race as its home; an indescribably beautiful estate which God has given to "All Men" in much the same way,—and under quite the same restrictions as a wealthy parent might give his dearly beloved sons a great estate for their

p. 116

mutual enjoyment, subject only to "their equal sharing" of all of its resources, facilities, pleasures and beauties.

After all, there is not the slightest justification for any of us to ever feel any "very great" sense of superiority over our fellow beings, for when we go back through mankind's records of human history, and trace the lives of "thousands upon thousands of billions of human beings who have trod this globe," it is not possible for us to point to even one who had anything to do with creating the sun, moon, stars, our earth or its mountains, seas, flowers, trees, birds or bees, nor in fact, even a single hair upon his own head. In the face of such over-powering evidence, even the most profound egotist would be unable to convince a sane jury composed of any of the moderately intelligent men or women on our globe, that he "actually deserves" any larger share of the world's goods, or any greater honors than those bestowed upon even the most lowly of God's children.

However, there is "over-powering evidence" in justification of the fact that man should bow in humble reverence and recognition before the all-wise Creator "who did fashion" our indescribably beautiful and illimitable universal home. His "wisdom," "power" and "might" should be self-evident, even to the most self-centered atheist who ever received his unappreciated benefits of life on this globe.

The recognition of the fact that the wisdom and versatility of the infinite Creator of all things is so great that throughout the millions of years since the first snowflake

p. 117

fell upon our earth He has never even had to pattern two of them alike,—(nor to design any two of His ideas from the infinitesimal to the infinite after the same pattern),—should cause us to seek an understanding of "Him," rather than praise for ourselves. No, not even the hairs on our head, nor the finger-print designs on the fingers of any two of the men or women of all the billions upon billions of human beings whom He has created, has He ever been forced through lack of versatility or intelligence to form alike.

Is it not a more worthy form of ambition for those calling themselves "The Sons of God," to study and seek, that they may thereby learn to appreciate, love, and protect God's creatures, and the artistry of His handiwork, rather than to strive to become gods themselves? Especially is it so, because of the fact that the only reason for men desiring to become "little gods," is that they may thereby gain the power to destroy what they can of God's creation and whomever they may choose of God's creatures, whenever the insane desire to do so takes possession of the "swinish qualities" of their puny intellects;—(qualities of greed and selfishness which they have so assiduously cultivated, that they might thereby be made assured of their own "superiority" over any other of God's creatures) .

Surely Christ Jesus’ life work, and the supreme sacrifice which He made in order that men might learn what brotherly love "and true giving" really mean, and that the human race might thus be saved from its own selfish destruction, is not going to be so demoniacally reversed that only those who have naught but selfishness, cruelty and

p. 118

swinish bestiality in their thoughts, are to be the only ones to learn the importance of equality!! Why!—Even the monstrous "Hidden Rulers," who know no other human feelings than those of greed and an insane craving for power, have learned that they must divide the earth's resources, and those who will then be their slaves, in such "an equally proportioned manner" that there will never be any occasion for one ruler to be jealous of another, nor for the qualities of envy or hate to thereby cause a disruption among them which might cause a division in their ranks, and as a result of envy, jealousy or hate, bring about the self-destruction of their kingdoms. Even "their" depraved mentalities have become so conscious of the cumulative dynamically destructive forces of jealousy, envy and hate, and those of greed, selfishness and self-glorification, that they have found it desirable to unite upon the common ground of self-preservation, and a full recognition of the power and might of unity based upon equality. Even "they" have enough intelligence left to agree to stand as one, and as a solid body against any one of their members who might ever attempt to have even one slave more than the others, or the slightest advantage which might cause either envy, jealousy, hate—"or the more dangerous feeling of superiority"—to develop in the mentalities of any of the men, who will,—upon the successful consummation of their plots a short time hence,—become the full owners and unopposed rulers of our world. Even "they"—(although it surely cannot be the slightest quality of unselfed love which motivates them)—have agreed to come to the aid of any of their member rulers, who might have trouble with his slaves, and every one

p. 119

of their respective slaves will feel the sting of instant death, upon the slightest appearance or evidence of any of those destructive qualities to which we have referred. Each of those slaves will be taught that if he ever so much as harmed even one hair on his master's head, that the combined forces of the rulers' bodyguards of millions of men would search him out and subject him to the tortures of the damned until he died.


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