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Mankind United, by Arthur Bell, [1936], at

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If those who call themselves "Christians" (no matter what denomination they may belong to) have ever even been momentarily inspired by feelings of "brotherly love" and "kindness " and will, therefore, help by their unprejudiced thought, moral support, and good will, to gather together a great world-wide audience for us, of two hundred million (200,000,000) courageous and sincere men and women,—men and women who desire to some day attain to that mind "which was also in Christ Jesus,"—(and who would be willing to "start doing so" by consenting to "Do unto others as they would have others do unto them," and would obey this injunction at least to the extent of consenting to the establishment of business facilities powerful and influential enough to produce and distribute the entire necessities and luxuries of human life, which could—either now or in the future—ever be required or desired by the human race);—AND IF SUCH PEOPLE WILL CONSENT,—UPON OUR PRESENTATION OF THE PROOFS WHICH WE HAVE AT OUR DISPOSAL THROUGH THE RESEARCH DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF UNIVERSAL RESEARCH AND ADMINISTRATION,—TO

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We are prepared to provide an organization composed of not less than 200,000,000 men and women—(dedicated to the practical application of "The Golden Rule"),—with fully perfected inventions so marvelously constructed that the production of food, clothes, homes, etc., can be brought to pass on a scale so vast that, within less than ten (10) years, enough food will have been produced and properly preserved to feed the entire human race, if need should arise, for a period of over one hundred (100) years, without any additional production of such necessities. During that same 10-year period, with the inventions and discoveries which we are prepared to provide as a gift to such an organization, enough wool, cotton, silk, etc., can be produced to also clothe mankind for an entire century, and enough homes constructed to provide a new home for each family on our earth.


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going hungry, and over eighty thousand (80,000) of them dying every twenty-four hours from utterly needless starvation, we are fully prepared to prove that "Right Now—at This Time," enough machinery, perfected inventions, executives, trained workers, ready-to-use resources and raw materials are available with which to produce a twenty (20) course meal, and a full change of wearing apparel, from shoes to hats, every hour of the twenty-four, for every man, woman and child on this earth, if they were capable of using them; and this quantity of mass production could continue for millions upon millions of years without ever even starting to exhaust the last of our planet's resources.

Less than one one-hundredth (1/100th) part of the soil on our earth, which is capable of producing food, has ever been ploughed, and yet, because of the influence of a small group of men who have accumulated a few tons of the metals we call gold and silver, five hundred million (500,000,000) people, century after century, remain hungry every day of their lives.

Wealth is not "gold or silver," nor do people eat either these metals or the paper currency which represent them. THEY ARE ONLY SYMBOLS OF VALUE! THE ACTUAL WEALTH OF THE WORLD CONSISTS OF THE MATERIALS AND RESOURCES OUT OF WHICH WE PRODUCE FOOD, CLOTHES, HOMES, AND THE NUMEROUS OTHER NECESSARY OR DESIRABLE REQUIREMENTS OF HUMAN LIFE. Such wealth exists in inexhaustible abundance for the equal use of the entire human race, and no person, or group of persons,

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will ever succeed in accumulating more than their rightful share after mankind adopts as their "symbol of value" a type of money capable of being used only by the one to whom it has been issued, and spent only through the avenues of a great producing and distributing commercial organization, equally owned by every human being on our earth and given the power to produce and distribute whatever mankind may choose to use from their "equally owned" actual wealth—"the earth and its resources."

In other words, mankind could not possibly consume even the very smallest part of either the 'available necessities of life, or the luxuries which are here ready for our unlimited use and enjoyment, whenever we open our fear-blinded eyes, and cast off the "educated bigotry" of our thought long enough to act like intelligent creatures, instead of "murderous wolves;"—and whenever we are willing to combine our efforts and guarantee each other the equal distribution of our united labors.

Two hundred million (200,000,000) men and women, drawn from the "middle classes" of population of the world's civilized nations, possess a combined buying power of over one thousand million dollars ($1000,000,000.00) per day, with which they can, at any time they wish, insist upon a full release of the "Real Wealth of the World," which belongs equally to all. NO POWER ON THIS PLANET COULD RESIST SUCH A UNITED DEMAND!!

If every man and woman on earth were to draw the equivalent of $3,000.00 per year, in food, clothes, homes, travel, education, etc., and were to start doing so within

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one year from the date of the establishment of The Universal Service Corporation,—(which Our Sponsors will invite their audience of two hundred million (200,000,000) people to form at the conclusion of the 30-day program herein described), they would be consuming less than one tenth (1/10th) of the productive capacity of their factories, farms, and service departments, which will be functioning within a matter of months thereafter.

THIRTY THOUSAND ($30,000.00) DOLLARS PER YEAR OF THE NECESSITIES AND LUXURIES OF HUMAN LIFE, CAN BE PRODUCED FOR EVERY ADULT ON OUR EARTH BY THE UNIVERSAL SERVICE CORPORATION, WITHIN A PERIOD OF LESS THAN TEN (10) YEARS FROM THE DATE OF ITS FORMATION. Our Research Department stands ready to prove these statements at any time that two hundred million (200,000,000) people have agreed to receive them, and to cast their vote, either for or against the plans, recommendations and charter of The Universal Service Corporation, which will at that time be offered as a gift to the human race, subject only to the equal distribution to the men and women of every nation of the necessities and luxuries of life which said corporation will produce through the unrestricted and unhampered use of our planet's entire resources

The marvelous inventions our Research Department has discovered, and which have been fully tested and perfected, are capable of providing every family on earth, within this same ten (10) year period,—not with just a temporary shelter against the elements but with a home,

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the value of which, together with its immediate grounds and furnishings, will exceed a present-day cost-price of twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000.00). Each home will contain, not only the finest radio equipment known to man,—"but fully perfected television equipment,"—which will provide the interesting, constructive, or educational news of the world any time—day or night—and also an almost unlimited variety of moving pictures,—(either the various popular classics and entertainment features, or the actual day-by-day news happenings of interest),—"and they will be brought directly into every home, no matter in what part of the world it may be situated."

Each home will also be supplied with automatic vocal- type correspondence equipment, which will enable its user to merely press a button and talk as he would into a dictaphone, but in addition to a record of the exact intonations and inflections of his voice, he will have an automatically prepared and typewritten letter—with as many duplicate copies as he may desire—silently released into the correspondence basket on his desk, either ready for his signature, or already automatically signed, yet without any human being having operated the typewriter or personally prepared his letter through any mechanical means requiring human labor. Whenever he wishes to write a letter he will only be required to dictate it, in order to have it automatically typewritten for him.

Each of these homes will be equipped with automatic news and telephone-recording equipment, which will print the most important items of news, and also record them by voice on a record right in each home, minute by minute,

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as they occur, in any part of the world. Similar equipment will also both print on paper and record by voice any information which others may desire to leave for you by telephone when you are not at home. They will only have to voice what they may wist to tell you, and their message will be, awaiting you upon your return.

Each home will also provide automatic air-conditioning and air-heating and cooling equipment, which will supply each room in every home with whatever type of temperature or climate its occupants may desire; hot air or cold air, seashore, mountain, or desert air;—and with the exact elements in the air in one's home, as those which might be obtained at a favorite resort of any of these climatic selections.

If it is desired, a home will not only be supplied with some acres of landscaped gardens, but also fruit trees, vegetable gardens, and . hot houses, in which one may grow any personally favored fruits or vegetables produced in any part of the globe. In accordance with each one's selection, athletic courts, swimming pools and children's playgrounds, surrounded by trees, shrubbery and beautiful flowers; fountains, streams and miniature waterfalls,—(artificially created in exact reproduction of some beautiful spot one may have visited in one's travels throughout the world),—will gradually—over a period of not to exceed ten (10) years—be designed and built for each family.

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These benefits will first be provided for those who are able to read and write, and who will consent to learn the "International Auxiliary language" which will enable the men and women to whom it is taught, to converse and correspond with the educated people of every land. The citizens of each nation will be encouraged to continue learning and teaching their mother tongue, until such a time as they may feel that the universal auxiliary language, (which will be used by the broadcasting and news dispensing agencies of The Universal Service Corporation), is embracing not only just the advantages of their own mother tongue, but also the added advantage of being "universal" in nature, and therefore capable of melting away the misunderstandings which arise from one's inability to understand another. This universal language will quickly bring to pass a closer feeling of universal brotherhood in the hearts of men, as they grow to understand one another's habits and customs, and to realize that after all the people of every nation have much of constructive value to impart to those of different racial background and ancestry.

We are all the children of "The One Creator," and as each idea throughout the universe is different from any other,—(but are all needed to accentuate and complement each other), so likewise, are each of God's children endowed with priceless individual talents. Suitable environment, adequate facilities, and a universally available opportunity for their full and complete development, will bring

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down an avalanche of blessings upon the lap of "old mother earth," and into the hands of men, such as they have never before even visioned in their most inspired concepts of the Heaven which they have sought for so long a time in some distant place; THE HEAVEN WHICH CHRIST JESUS TOLD US NEARLY TWO THOUSAND (2000) YEARS AGO, WAS "NOT AFAR OFF," BUT RIGHT HERE AND "AT HAND " WHENEVER MEN WOULD FULLY APPLY HIS "GOLDEN RULE" IN THEIR RELATIONSHIPS WITH ONE ANOTHER, AND WOULD PROVIDE "EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES," "EQUAL FREEDOM," AND "EQUAL WEALTH" FOR ALL.

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