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List of terms used in the Priapeia to designate the female sexual organ

Cunnus--a coynte
Cunus albus--coynte clothed in white, a prostitute
Cunnus consule natus--a woman of noble birth
Cunnus garrulus--a chattering coynte[1]
Cunnus osseus--a bony coynte, that of an old woman
Cunni gemini--twin coyntes, tribades
Fores--an entrance, gates
Fossa--a ditch; is also employed to designate the posteriors of a catamite
Locus--a place
Media--the middle
Specus--a cavity

[1. One which utters a clucking sound (poppysma) during coition by reason of its moistness.

When th' hast a face of which no woman may
And body without blur, have ought to say,
Why suitors thee so seldom do repeat
And seek dost wonder, Galla? the fault's great,
As oft as thou and I in the work join'd,
Thy lips; were silent, but thou prat'st behind.
Heavens grant that thou wouldst speak, but bridle that,
I'm angry with thy tatling twit come twat.
I'd rather hear thee fart, for Symmachus
Says that's a means of laughter unto us.
But who can smile to hear the foolish smack
Of thy loose toul? and when it gives a crack
Whose mind and mettle will not fall? at least
Speak something that may usher in a jest
Of thy Coynte's noise; but if thou art so mute,
Articulately learn thence to dispute.--Fletcher's Martial]

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