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Alphabetical list of additional terms used by Latin authors in designation of the male sexual organ

Abdomen--the lower part of the belly
Aluta--soft leather, a languid mentule
Anguis--a serpent
Arbor--a tree
Arcum--a bow
Arma virilia--the virile arms
Balanus--a gland
Beta--a beet, a languid mentule
Bipenna--a tiny mentule
Caduceus--a wand
Capulus--a handle
Cauda turgens--a swollen tail
Caulis, colis--a stalk
Colcata cuspis--a pointed stem
Chrysion--a small mentule
Clavus cupidinis--Cupid's rudder
Conisalus--an appellation of the deity Priapus
Cucumis--a cucumber
Curculio--a corn-worm, a weevil
Ensis--a sword
FaIx--a sickle
Fullonins fructus--fuller's fruit
Genitale caput--the genital head
Genitalia--the genital organs of either sex
Gladius--a sword
Glans--a gland
Iota longum--the Greek letter i
Ligo--a mattock
Lorum in aqua--wet leather
Machaera--a sword
Manus--a hand
Membrum genitale--the genital member
Monstrum--a monster
Mucro--a sword
Natrix--a water-snake, a whip
Nodus--a knot
Pannucea mentula--a shrivelled mentule
Passer--a sparrow
Pessulus--a bolt
Phallus--an artificial penis
Pilum--a pestle
Pipinna--a little mentule, from pipillare to chirp as a bird
Pondus--a weight
Priapus--the virile member, penis
Priapus vitreus--a drinking vessel of this shape
Priapus siligineus--a cake of the same shape
Procax fascinum--impudent fascinum
Pudenda--the parts of shame
Pudibilia--the shameful parts
Pugio--a dagger
Radius--a rod
Radix--a root
Ramus--a bough
Raster--a hoe
Rutabulum--an oven rake
Salaputium--a tiny member
Scapus--a stem
Serpens--a serpent
Sica--a dagger
Sicula vel parva sica--a little dagger
Strutheum--a sparrow
Subula--an awl
Taurus--a bull
Thyrsus--a staff
Trabs--a beam
Triembolum--a large member
Truncus--a tree
Turtur--a turtle-dove
Vas--a vessel
Vasculum--a small vessel
Verenda--the parts of shame of either sex
Veretillum--a little privy member
Veretrum--the privy member
Vilia membra--the vile parts
Virga--a rod
Virgula--a wand
Virilis nervus--the virile nerve
Virilis pars--the virile part; also for one of the testicles
Vomer--a ploughshare

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