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Alphabetical list of additional terms used by Latin authors in designation of the female sexual organ

Ager--a field, a woman's parts and even the buttocks
Alvus--the womb
Amphidaeum--the labia of the coynte
Antrum muliebre--a woman's cave
Anulare and annulus--a ring
Aquae fons--a fountain of water
Ara voluptatis--the altar of pleasure
Arvum--a field
Barathrum--a cave
Bucca--a cheek
Bulga--a leathern bag, the womb
Cadurca--the labia of the coynte
Cadurcum--a coverlet
Campus--a plain, an open space
Campus venereus--the field of pleasure
Castra cupidnis--Cupid's camp
Caverna--a cavern
Cavum--a cave
Celox--a boat
Concha--a shall
Crista--a crest
Crypta--a crypt
Cunnulus--a small coynte
Custon--a receptacle for perfumes
Delphys--the womb
Delta--the Greek letter d
Eschara--the labia
Femen--the upper part of the thigh
Femur summum--the top of the thigh
Folliculus--a husk, pod, follicle
Fons--a fountain
Fundus--a farm
Genitalia--the genital organs of either sex
Gremium--the vulva
Hiatus--a cleft
Hortus--a garden
Hortus conclusus--an enclosed garden
Hortus Cupidinis--Cupid's garden
Hortus Hesperidum--the garden of the Hesperides
Hortus muliebris--a woman's garden
Humidus lacus--a humid lake
Hystera--the womb
Illa--that (i.e. the coynte)
Interfemineum--between the thighs
Lambda--Greek letter l
Lubricum femur--lubricious thigh
Marisca--a fig
Matula--a chamber-pot
Meatum veneris--the passage of pleasure
Muliebria--the womanly parts
Murton (murtum)--the clitoris
Natura--the natural parts of either sex
Navis--a barque
Oppidulum--a small town
Ostium--an entrance
Parma--a valve
Pars--a part
Penetralia--the innermost parts
Pimiacula--the labia
Porcus--a pig (the pig being a sacrificial animal)
Portus--a haven
Propudium fissile--the shameful cleft
Pterygomata--the labia
Pudendum muliebre--the womanly parts of shame
Puteus--a well
Recessus--a nook
Renes--the loins
Rima--a chink
Saltus--a narrow path, a defile
Scrobs--a ditch
Secessus--a recess
Sinus--the bosom
Spurium--the female member
Sulcus--the furrow cut by the plough
Tubus--a pipe
Ulcus--an ulcer
Umbilicus--the navel
Uterus--the womb
Vagina--a sheath
Vallis femorum--the valley between the thighs
Venereum arvum--the field of pleasure
Venus prodigiosa--the clitoris
Verenda--the parts of shame of either sex
Veretrum muliebre--the clitoris
Vesica--the bladder
Vinea--a vineyard
Viscera--the womb
Vulga--the vulva
Vulva--a wrapper, the womb

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