Sacred-Texts Christianity

The Book of the Bee

edited and translated by

Earnest A. Wallis Budge, M.A.

[Oxford, the Clarendon Press]


{scanned and edited by Christopher M. Weimer, May 2002}

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   Title Page
   Chapter I - Of God's Eternal Intention in Respect of the Creation of the Universe
   Chapter II - Of the Creation of the Seven Natures (Substances) in Silence
   Chapter III - Of Earth, Water, Air, and Fire
   Chapter IV - Of Heaven
   Chapter V - Of the Angels
   Chapter VI - Of Darkness
   Chapter VII - Of Effused (Circumambient) Light
   Chapter VIII - Of the Firmament
   Chapter IX - Of the Creation of Trees and Plants, and the Making of Seas and Rivers
   Chapter X - Of the Making of the Luminaries
   Chapter XI - Of the Creation of Sea-Monsters, Fish, Winged Fowl, and the Reptiles that are in the Seas
   Chapter XII - Of the Creation of Beasts and Animals
   Chapter XIII - Of the Formation of Adam
   Chapter XIV - Of the Making of Eve
   Chapter XV - Of Paradise
   Chapter XVI - Of the Sin of Adam
   Chapter XVII - Of the Expulsion of Adam and Eve from Paradise
   Chapter XVIII - Of Adam's Knowing Eve
   Chapter XIX - Of the Invention of the Instruments for Working in Iron
   Chapter XX - Of Noah and the Flood
   Chapter XXI - Of Melchizedek
   Chapter XXII - Of the Generations of Noah
   Chapter XXIII - Of the Succession of Generations from the Flood until Now
   Chapter XXIV - Of the Building of the Tower and the Division of Tongues
   Chapter XXV - Of Abraham
   Chapter XXVI - Of the Temptation of Job
   Chapter XXVII - Of the Blessings of Isaac
   Chapter XXVIII - Of Joseph
   Chapter XXIX - Of Moses and the Children of Israel
   Chapter XXX - The History of Moses' Rod
   Chapter XXXI - Of Joshua the Son of Nun, and Brief Notices of the Years of the Judges and the Kings of the Children of Israel
   Chapter XXXII - Of the Death of the Prophets; How They Died, and (Where) Each One of Them Was Buried
   Chapter XXXIII - Of the Messianic Generations
   Chapter XXXIV - Of the Annunciation of the Angel to Yônâkîr (Joachim) in Respect of Mary
   Chapter XXXV - Of the Annunciation by Gabriel to Mary of the Conception of Our Lord
   Chapter XXXVI - Of the Birth of Our Lord in the Flesh
   Chapter XXXVII - The Prophecy of Zârâdôsht Concerning Our Lord
   Chapter XXXVIII - Of the Star which Appeared in the East on the Day of the Birth of Our Lord
   Chapter XXXIX - Of the Coming of the Magi from Persia
   Chapter XL - Of Our Lord's Going Down into Egypt
   Chapter XLI - Of John the Baptist, and of the Baptism of Our Lord
   Chapter XLII - Of Our Lord's Fast; of the Strife which He Waged with the Devil
   Chapter XLIII - Of the Passover of Our Lord
   Chapter XLIV - Of the Passion of Our Lord
   Chapter XLV - Of the Resurrection of Our Lord
   Chapter XLVI - Of the Ascension of Our Lord to Heaven
   Chapter XLVII - Of the Descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles in the Upper Chamber
   Chapter XLVIII - Of the Teaching of the Apostles, and of the Places of Each One of Them, and of Their Deaths
   Chapter XLIX - The Names of the Apostles in Order
   Chapter L - Of Some Minor Matters
   Chapter LI - The Names of the Eastern Catholics, the Successors of the Apostles Addai and Mârî
   Chapter LII - The Names of the Kings Who Have Reigned in the World from the Flood until Now
   Chapter LIII - Of the End of Times and the Change of Kingdoms
   Chapter LIV - Of Gog and Magog, Who Are Imprisoned in the North
   Chapter LV - Of the Coming of the Antichrist, the Son of Perdition
   Chapter LVI - Of Death and the Departure of the Soul from the Body
   Chapter LVII - Of the Quickening and the General Resurrection, the Consummation of the Material World and the Beginning of the New World
   Chapter LVIII - Of the Manner and State in which Men Will Rise in the Day of the Resurrection
   Chapter LIX - Of the Happiness of the Righteous and the Torment of Sinners, and in What State They Are There
   Chapter LX - Whether Mercy Will Be Shewn to Sinners and the Devils in Gehenna, after They Have Been Tormented and Suffered and Been Punished, or not? And if Mercy Is to Be Shewn to Them, When Will It Be?