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   SINCE the history of our Lord's Passion and Resurrection is recorded in the Gospel, there is no need to repeat it (here). After our Lord rose from the dead, He appeared ten times. First, to Mary Magdalene, as John the Evangelist records5. Secondly, to the women at the grave, as Matthew mentions6. Thirdly, to Cleopas and his companion, as Luke says7. The companion of Cleopas, when they were going to Emmaus, was Luke the Evangelist. Fourthly, to Simon Peter, as Luke says8. Fifthly, to all the disciples, except Thomas, on the evening of the first day of the week, when he went in through the closed doors, as Luke and John say9. Sixthly, eight days after, to the disciples, and to Thomas with them, as John says10. Seventhly, on the mount, as p. 100 Matthew says1. Eighthly, upon the sea of Tiberias, as John says2. The reason that Simon Peter did not recognise Him was because he had denied Him, and was ashamed to look upon Him; but John, because of his frank intimacy with our Lord, immediately that he saw Him, knew Him. Ninthly, when He was taken up to heaven from the Mount of Olives, as Mark and Luke say3. Tenthly, to the five hundred at once, who had risen from the dead, as Paul says4. After His Ascension, He appeared to Paul on the way to Damascus, when He blinded his eyes5; and also to Stephen, the martyr and deacon, when he was stoned6.



p. 99

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p. 100

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