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   HEAVEN is like a roof to the material world, and will serve as the floor of the new world. It is by nature shining and glorious, and is the dwelling-place of the invisible hosts. When God spread out this firmament, He brought up above it a third part of the waters, and above these is the heaven of light and of the luminaries. Hence people say 'the heaven, and the heaven of heavens5'; for we call both the firmament and the waters which are above it 'heaven.' Some consider that the verse 'Let the waters which are above the heavens praise the p. 9 name of the Lord1' refers to the holy angels and to our Lord's humanity; but neither the Church nor the orthodox teachers accept this.



p. 8

4 Chap. v in the Oxford MS.

5 1 Kings viii. 27.

p. 9

1 Ps. cxlviii. 4.