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   WHEN the holy angels were created on the evening of the first day, without voice, they understood not their creation, but thought within themselves that they were self-existent beings and not made. On the morning of the first day God said in an audible and commanding voice, 'Let there be light3,' and immediately the effused light was created. When the angels saw the creation of light, they knew of a certainty that He who had made light had created them. And they shouted with a loud voice, and praised Him, and marvelled at His creation of light, as the blessed teacher4 saith, 'When the Creator made that light, the angels marvelled thereat,' etc.; and as it is said in Job, 'When I created the morning star, all my angels praised me5.' Now by nature light has no warmth.



p. 12

2 Chap. viii in the Oxford MS.

3 Gen. i. 3.

4 Meaning, probably, Theodore of Mopsuestia.

5 Solomon seems to refer to Job, chap. xxxviii. 7.