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♒ (Aquarius), with the Moon in ♈ (Aries).

This polarity indicates that the parents were very persistent in prosecuting some business. It produces in the child a very decided character, being disposed to push any issue to the greatest extreme. It makes a stubborn, quiet nature, indisposed to communicate their plans and ideas to others, and inclined to control in whatever sphere they are in.

Ladies are disposed to lead in the home and domestic life, or else have their own sphere of business occupation. It gives great self-control in every department of life, especially in the sexual nature.

This polarity indicates a tendency to neuralgic and brain difficulties.

♒ (Aquarius), with the Moon in ♉ (Taurus).

This results from the parents’ strong admiration of nature in its varied forms, and creates in the child a love of farming and agricultural interests, love of animals, and a disposition to deal in stock, as they will be good judges of cattle and horses.

If planetary conditions take them into the professions, they incline to the medical, and enjoy a medical course of study.

It makes one exceedingly sensitive to physical and mental surroundings, and gives unparalleled ability to

p. 191

judge of human and animal nature. They are very active and practical in business, and industrious in all the minutiae of life. They are loving and harmonious companions, and very faithful and devoted wives, overanxious about those under their care and about having abundant supplies for the needs of life.

It increases the liabilities to rheumatic and nerve difficulties, also to indigestion.

♒ (Aquarius), with the Moon in ♊ (Gemini).

This polarity shows that the parents were very active in business life, tending to intellectual uses. This gives the child a love of intellectual pursuits, good language, and inclination toward public speaking. They will be interested in educational matters and political affairs; will have mechanical skill and love to excel in whatever they undertake. As students they are quick to comprehend, but not apt to adopt a confining literary profession.

Ladies of this polarity are very industrious and economical housewives, carrying their neatness and care to inconvenient extremes. They are adapted to the pursuit of millinery, dressmaking, trade in fancy goods, and similar occupations, having refinement and order in all they do.

The polarity increases the nervous tendencies of Aquarius.

♒ (Aquarius), with the Moon in ♋ (Cancer).

This comes from the parents’ over-anxiety and care for the maintenance of home and family. It produces

p. 192

a child very nervous and sensitive. Great care has to be taken of such children, in order to raise them. They ought not to be nursed by old people, or by persons of a lower or grosser nature than the parents. They are very susceptible to the diseased conditions of others, and will be through life.

They will be very industrious and economical, carrying their economy into the very smallest things, and hoarding up and saving everything. It weakens self-control in the sexual nature, so that they are liable to be led by associates into abuses and excesses in that direction. They have great firmness, yet are easily led if their inclinations coincide. Ladies make over-devoted wives, especially in the direction of economizing and providing. It contributes to the love of knowledge in whatever direction the planets may indicate or lead the mind.

This polarity gives some tendency to diseases of the chest, tumorous affections, etc.

♒ (Aquarius), with the Moon in ♌ (Leo).

This polarity comes from the parents’ deep and spontaneous love nature. It produces a child of great kindness and sympathy, having a devotion amounting almost to worship in the love relations; very zealous in religion; best adapted for country and farm life, as they are too tender-hearted for city dealing.

They are liable to be deceived and misled in love affairs, and to have their lives blighted by infidelity in others. It gives activity to their love nature, either in conjugality or promiscuity. They are liable to make

p. 193

mistakes from being over-zealous, and will be in danger of nervous dyspepsia, palpitation and rheumatism of the heart, and other cardiac difficulties.

Such persons are easily led by associates, and are susceptible to psychological control, and are liable to extremes, being at times very positive in having their own way, and then again easily led by others, and especially if their own inclination should partially coincide.

♒ (Aquarius), with the Moon in ♍ (Virgo).

This polarity shows that the minds of the parents were turned to the consideration and study of hygiene and of nature. It gives the child a clear, logical mind; faithfulness in service; pride of personal abilities; sensitiveness in regard to the opinions of others; fine mechanical abilities; adaptation to trade; love of farming, with kindness to animals.

The polarity also gives a tendency to the study of anatomy, physiology, and hygiene, and carefulness in their diet and habits. Their handwriting inclines to be clear and plain, using but few words, yet making those few express a great deal. They are also disposed to make critical and clear points in their arguments and reasonings. They have large ideality, good mathematical talents, are economical and saving, and sometimes penurious. Under some circumstances they might incline to epicurean habits.

They have a strong sex nature, but great power of self-control, and make faithful husbands and wives.

Parents should, so far as practicable, avoid the punishment of such children; teach them the right course

p. 194

of life, in a kind and sympathetic manner, and they will rarely depart from it.

This polarity inclines to the practical uses of life in every department. It gives great vitativeness; but when the vitality is depleted, they are liable to nervous diseases of the digestive system.

♒ (Aquarius), with the Moon in ♎ (Libra).

This polarity indicates that the parents were quick and good judges of character, with a disposition to look into and judge of the future. The child will be keen, quick, accurate, and discriminative in weights, measures, qualities, and conditions; and being governed by intuition, will exhibit superior mental qualities. Such will have ability and foresight in whatever pursuit they may engage in; also natural occult or spiritualistic powers and frequent visions of things to come.

This polarity indicates a tendency to diseases of the reproductive organs, liver, and reins.

♒ (Aquarius), with the Moon in ♏ (Scorpio).

This polarity indicates that the paternal mind was hard, tenacious, and active in business. It gives the child special adaptation to trade, with an aptitude to drive bargains without much feeling in the matter, imparting a good degree of selfishness to their business nature, with quick, strong temper when aroused, and a tendency to remember injuries received, and to be somewhat revengeful therefor. Unless well disciplined, they will be disposed to overreaching and dishonesty.

p. 195

The polarity inclines one to be somewhat hard and unaccommodating in family life, and weakens their self-control in sexual directions, but counteracts much of the sensitiveness of the Aquarius nature. It aids in literary, educational, or public life, if planetary conditions are favorable to such pursuits: it also strengthens the conservative inclinations.

This polarity adds no special liability to disease, only as it may affect the heart and circulatory system.

♒ (Aquarius), with the Moon in ♐ (Sagittarius).

This polarity results from the minds of the parents being much occupied in the executive part of their nature, and engaged or interested in matters pertaining to public meetings, speaking, etc. It makes the child intensely active in physical or mental pursuits, and leads them to speak and act without due thought or preparation; in short, to be too hasty and premature for their own good, and very liable to overdo whatever they undertake. They have a keen conventional sense of right and wrong; an active religious nature, and adaptation to public speaking and the ministry; are also predisposed toward political economy: it gives fine mechanical abilities and assists in the sphere of art.

This nature will be industrious in whatever department they engage, but incline more to be executive than studious. They have great concentrativeness and intense excitability, which extends to combativeness and the sex activities. It increases the love of home and family. and gives a desire to be loved, cared for, and caressed. It makes devoted wives, neat and orderly in everything they do.

p. 196

Parents should exercise a careful restraint over the activities of these children, establishing a rule of life and drill to secure regular periods of rest, the observance of which should be rigidly enforced. They should be taught to control their hasty speech, and to consider more carefully their language and abrupt manner, and to be more self-containing, restrained, and conservative of their energies which they are so prone to waste in excessive and ill-considered action,—often to the extent of their own destruction. They should be especially instructed and impressed regarding the terrible consequences of the abuse of the sex function; and great method and persistency must be employed to induce and encourage them to study, otherwise they are apt to fail in the acquisition of even an ordinary education.

The polarity indicates a tendency, to rheumatic and muscular diseases.

♒ (Aquarius), with the Moon in ♑ (Capricorn).

This polarity indicates that the parents were deeply interested or engaged in the endeavor to bring some musical or other general interest or business idea before the people. It makes the child active, nervous, and excitable in both brain and body. It gives inclination and adaptability for public and political life; also fitness for mercantile pursuits, with a preference for wholesale and large general transactions. Such persons, whether men or women, would be uneasy and dissatisfied, unless in some sphere affording opportunities for great activity of both mind and body.

The polarity gives a tendency to nervous and rheumatic difficulties.

p. 197

♒ (Aquarius), with the Moon in ♒ (Aquarius).

This polarity indicates that the minds of the parents were very active and well disciplined in some public capacity or business pursuit. It gives the child an active, prompt, and positive mind, with clear perceptions as to a definite business or public career. They will be independent, but frank and expressive, and display great discretion and wisdom.

Being polarized in their native sign or innate quality, it intensifies and harmonizes the Aquarius nature, causing their character to stand out clear, bright, and independent, making them good representatives of this sign of the zodiac. They are apt to select and confine themselves to some particular pursuit in life, usually some branch of trade that brings them into intimate relations with the people.

This polarity lessens the liability to the diseases specially characterized by the sign Aquarius.

♒ (Aquarius), with the Moon in ♓ (Pisces).

This polarity comes from the mental qualifications and studious tendencies of the parents, from their great desire for knowledge; also from great carefulness and perplexities in business matters. It gives the child great perseverance, activity, and carefulness, adapting them to mental rather than physical labor. They will love books and incline to literary pursuits. It gives a high sense of honor and integrity of character, but imparts a degree of anxiety concerning their career and success in life; yet with unfavorable planetary

p. 198

conditions, some of the above indications may be reversed, leading them to intrigue and dishonesty.

This polarity leads the mind into the minutiæ and details of things, giving inclination to manufacturing and mechanics. It usually gives a sense and habit of economy; but if inverted or obstructed in its natural expression, it may lead to recklessness of character.

This polarity indicates a tendency to nervous debility.

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