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♓ (Pisces), with the Moon in ♈ (Aries).

This polarity is the result of determined but somewhat inharmonious conditions on the part of the parents. It produces an active, restless, but very determined nature in the child, who will be self-willed, headstrong, positive, and hard to govern; can be coaxed more easily than driven.

This polarity adds somewhat to the love of knowledge common to Pisces, gives strength, self-reliance, and self-control; yet there is danger of overdoing and weakening the nervous system, on account of the high tension of this nature; and especially is this true of females. Parents should restrain such children, and while very young train them to habits of moderation, and also impress upon their minds the importance of taking care of the body.

This polarity increases the liability of brain difficulties and uterine displacements.

♓ (Pisces), with the Moon in ♉ (Taurus).

This polarity springs from a combative disposition on the part of the parents where there is external conformity and submission caused by an internal desire to do what is right. It produces a child who appears externally

p. 200

quiet and easy, yet who is interiorly active, with strong desires and feelings, intense love of nature, and adaptation to the medical profession and natural sciences. It intensifies the natural honor and integrity of the Pisces nature, making them considerate of the welfare of others as well as of their own. It gives adaptation to agricultural and floral pursuits; makes them very persistent in all things, with an intellectual bias of mind. They are hygienic by nature, but subject at times to melancholy.

Parents should give such children every opportunity for reasonable enjoyment, and encourage them in social exercise, as they are inclined to be old men and women while yet young; therefore parents should strive to counteract that tendency in order to promote their physical growth and preserve them in the spontaneity and joyousness of childhood.

They are very sensitive to the spheres of others and to surrounding conditions, and on that account often isolate themselves from the world, choosing some quiet occupation where they can remain in obscurity, finding their chief pleasure in quiet musings and the study of nature and books.

These persons might easily incline to the idea and study of alchemy as entertained by the ancients. They are not apt to marry, yet have great love of the T opposite sex, and would be kind and sympathetic if harmoniously mated. Their mind is turned to the interior of self and nature.

This polarity indicates good vitativeness, with some liability to diseases of the lymphatic system.

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♓ (Pisces), with the Moon in ♊ (Gemini).

This polarity comes from a measure of inharmony on the part of the parents, which is largely on account of an over-devotion to investigation and study. It creates in the child a great love of knowledge and disposition to usefulness, giving mechanical ability; also a tendency to the arts and sciences, and an inclination to public speaking. It intensifies the activities of the Pisces nature, and, if they are restrained, they are liable to melancholy, morbid broodings and dyspepsia. It lessens their continuity, and increases the anxious, worrying nature.

Such children should have as complete an education as it is in the power of the parents to give them, also a special education in the pursuit to which they are best adapted, as indicated by planetary conditions; they should likewise be taught to look on the bright side of things, and encouraged in the cultivation of a joyous, happy spirit. Impress them with the fact that it is weak and unworthy to indulge in forebodings and morbid imaginings, and thus counteract some of the unfavorable tendencies with which they have been endowed. If they have strong sex proclivities, exercise great care in duly impressing them with the disasterous consequences of abuses in that direction. In all things keep the bright side of life before them.

This polarity indicates liability to brain difficulties and abnormal nervous restlessness.

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♓ (Pisces), with the Moon in ♋ (Cancer).

This polarity results from inharmony between the parents concerning the maintenance of home and family. The child will have a very sensitive nature, and a disposition to excessive industry, that will lead them to overtax their strength. They will also be inclined to penuriousness. They have great love of knowledge, with a desire for the prosperity of educational institutions, and for all facilities essential for the education of the family and the improvement of home interests.

They tend to generalize rather than enter into the minutiæ of things, but will have fitness for mechanical and manufacturing interests, and possibly to agricultural pursuits. They have a strong and persistent will, and are disinclined to work under others, but choose rather to carry on business for themselves.

It makes them very sensitive to the influence of the opposite sex, and this should be guarded against.

This polarity gives a clear, deductive mind, and in many cases adaptation to scientific pursuits and professional life. It gives some liability to inflammation of the digestive organs, tumorous affection; also to neuralgia and nervous diseases.

♓ (Pisces), with the Moon in ♌ (Leo).

This polarity springs from inharmony between the parents, mainly on account of the lack of a due expression of love on the part of one or both. It usually gives the child an abundance of sex power, and consequently

p. 203

great vitality, and greater inclination to conjugality than sex relations. They will have a high ideal of unity, love, and harmony, and strong disposition towards a soul union. If this is realized, it will give them great intellectual and spiritual power, and a disposition to work for the elevation of humanity, and to promote the common good in all ways.

They are studious and incline to Oriental and metaphysical philosophies, and to the occult sciences in general. They are, however, liable to mistakes in the bestowal of their love and friendship, being kindhearted, fraternal, and confiding, and disappointments in this direction, and also in financial matters, may invert their good qualities, making them penurious, excitable, and morbidly sensitive, getting easily irritated or angry at opposition and failure. The selfish and grasping side of their nature then becomes dominant.

This nature inclines somewhat to isolation and to extremes in directions governed by unfavorable planetary conditions.

There would be in this polarity some tendency to dissipation on account of discouragement. They would also be liable to diseases of the heart.

♓ (Pisces), with the Moon in ♍ (Virgo).

This polarity usually results from disagreement between the parents in matters pertaining to the treatment of the sick, methods of cooking, or from lack of discrimination and order.

This gives the child a love for mathematical problems and abstruse subjects in general. They are inclined to

p. 204

be positive and exacting, and are very difficult to please. They have clear, logical minds, and incline to the natural sciences, and if planetary conditions are favorable, it gives them adaptation to the medical profession. They have a tendency to agriculture and fine intuitions relative to the raising of children, domestic animals, etc.: other things being favorable, it adds inspirational power.

Such children should have special care in their education, and be trained to that occupation to which they are best suited, as indicated by planetary conditions. They should be warned against selfishness, and impressed with the importance of rendering their home life harmonious and happy.

Planetary conditions may aid them in artistic and musical attainments or lead them into sexual excesses. Their liability as relates to disease would be a tendency to dyspepsia.

♓ (Pisces), with the Moon in ♎ (Libra).

This polarity is often the result of a protracted illness on the part of the mother, the mind of the father being turned to the interior in hopeful watchfulness, and waiting for such changes as time may bring.

This creates in the child (if a male) a deep, quiet, thoughtfulness, with foresight, carefulness, and forethought for everything, and an indisposition to take counsel from any one. Their life will be mainly under control of planetary conditions, the influence of which will be manifest in the direction which their intuitions take. They possess considerable interior nature, and incline to poetic and literary pursuits.

p. 205

If the child is a female, it turns the nature into the exterior, and gives more of a masculine than feminine mind, making them positive, active, and frequently very expressive. Such persons love new ideas; are close students, and persistent in thought, reason, and investigation; are inclined to philosophy, largely materialistic, but bordering on spirituality. They are better adapted to business than domestic life.

This polarity in the male indicates a tendency to torpidity of the liver and disease of the generative system; in the female, liability to uterine displacements, kidney difficulties, and inflammation of the bowels. These persons must avoid nervous excitement, overdoing, and worriment of the mind.

♓ (Pisces), with the Moon in ♏ (Scorpio).

This polarity results from parental inharmony caused by the father's mind being unduly engrossed in the externals of public or business life, somewhat to the neglect of the care of home and family.

It gives the child a quiet and somewhat of a sullen temper; conventionality, selfishness, and pride of personal abilities; love of great attainments in education, and adaptation to journalism. Such are not harmonious in family life, but incline to be hard, positive, and jealous, lacking conjugality, and having their love nature turned into a desire for self-gratification; but this can be radically changed or modified by planetary conditions. They are usually good and faithful citizens, and tenacious supporters of established systems and institutions. They incline to political and public life.

p. 206

Ladies of this sign are apt to be morbid, restless, and dissatisfied companions and housewives. They have strong sex endowments, and there is danger of their being injudicious in this direction. Mothers should exercise great care with daughters of this nature, cultivating the sentiment of conjugality, and impressing upon them the vital importance of chastity, and care in domestic matters. The children of this sign should have the advantages of a thorough education.

This polarity indicates a tendency to nervous exhaustion through mental and sex activity.

♓ (Pisces), with the Moon in ♐ (Sagittarius).

This polarity comes from intensified combativeness, or a strong will and determination to improve or change their conditions, on the part of the parents.

It produces in the child a very active, restless nature, tending to extremes in every direction. They incline to he excitable, and even irritable, yet they have, considerable power of self-control. They have good mechanical ability, also art tendencies, and an inclination to religious thought and life. They incline to be very industrious, and on account of their great activity are apt to overtax their physical strength, and thus impair their health. Ladies of this polarity are apt to strain themselves and bring on female weakness. This nature gives inclination to the public service, and some disposition and fitness to public speaking. It increases the activity of the sex nature and the liability to its abuse.

Parents should train these children to be thoughtful and careful in their speech and action, and to avoid

p. 207

extremes in everything; also to keep their own secrets, to be careful of their bodies, and especially to be just in all departments of life, respecting the rights and feelings of others.

This polarity indicates liability to weakness of the digestive organs, pleuritic pains, and weakness of the lungs.

♓ (Pisces), with the Moon in ♑ (Capricorn).

This polarity arises from inharmony or difference of opinion, on the part of the parents, relative to some business idea or enterprise.

This gives the child decided business talent, with inclination to plan and speculate, and entertain more business schemes than can be brought to maturity, as they are disposed to deal with general principles rather than to outwork the minutiæ, and consequently come short in many of their undertakings.

With favoring planetary conditions, it gives love of music and the fine arts. Their love of knowledge inclines to that which pertains to business, and adapts them to be superintendents and managers, as they are disinclined to work with the hands.

This polarity indicates some tendency to inflammatory rheumatism.

♓ (Pisces), with the Moon in ♒ (Aquarius).

This polarity springs from parental inharmony, arising from undue love of politics or society life.

This turns the mind of the child away from domestic life, and counteracts somewhat the studious tendency

p. 208

of the Pisces nature. It gives them a bright, cheery habit of mind: they form acquaintances and make friends quickly, but are somewhat lacking in fidelity to friends. They are adapted to all kinds of mercantile pursuits, or business that brings them before the public. They make good business agents and travelling salesmen. Their inhabitativeness is small, and their home is wherever they chance to be. Under some planetary conditions they would incline to professional life. Ladies of this nature do not take kindly to the confinement of domestic duties.

This polarity indicates a tendency to nervous and rheumatic difficulties.

♓ (Pisces), with the Moon in ♓ (Pisces).

This arises either from a restless, struggling condition on the part of the father, or from his entire indifference to the opposition of the wife; or vice versa.

This polarity causes the Pisces nature to stand out distinctly, but largely shut up within its own sphere. It somewhat increases the morbid, anxious tendencies of Pisces, and gives a disinclination to launch out into new ventures. It gives activity and perseverance in whatever is undertaken, but lack of confidence in their own powers and abilities. The pursuits to which they are best adapted would be determined by planetary conditions.

This polarity frequently gives morbid sex inclinations, and parents should have a care to warn such children of the serious consequences which always follow the abuse of this function. They should also have

p. 209

a thorough business education in the direction indicated by planetary conditions.

Their liabilities to disease arise more through melancholy and fear of disease and death, than from any other cause. They are inclined to be troubled with dyspepsia, derangement of the liver and spleen, neuralgia, and pleuritic; but these are mainly produced by melancholic imaginings. They should cultivate hope and cheerfulness, which will add much to the comfort of the many years they are likely to spend on earth, as they frequently live to a great age.

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