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♑ (Capricorn), with the Moon in ♈ (Aries).

This shows that the parents’ minds were intensely interested in some business speculation where high attainments were expected and a determined will was active in its accomplishment.

It usually produces a child of fine organic quality; an active brain, full of speculative ideas and plans, and a very tenacious mind to carry them out.

It increases the pride and aspiration of Capricorn; and, if properly balanced, gives great ability in making plans, and persistence in carrying them out, and a disposition to be coercive. They are very tenacious in the belief that their ideas are right, and are inclined to force them into operation. Their ideas of intellectual attainment are high, and they have a good deal of egotism in every department of life.

They are quite incapable of working out the minutiæ of things, but have an unbending will in whatever direction their mind may be led. They are quite materialistic in their tendencies. This polarity increases the musical talent and ideality, and gives aversion to being bound by law, rule, or custom, further than inclination sanctions; also tenacity in everything they undertake.

This polarity would indicate tendency to nerve and brain difficulties.

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♑ (Capricorn), with the Moon in ♉ (Taurus).

This polarity is usually due to high parental aspirations toward the medical profession. It gives the child a very persistent mind, with conservative ideas of church principles and social customs. It gives sanguine and ardent feelings, and inclination and adaptation to a medical course of study. They are very sensitive to the mental conditions of others, and have good perceptions of future events, and will have spiritualistic tendencies unless planetary or other conditions prevent.

They incline to follow their feelings, and usually lack proper sexual control. When the mental nature predominates, they are apt to be earnest and zealous in educational interests and everything relating to the elevation of humanity, with tendencies to found institutions making new departures in the culture of mind and body.

This polarity gives tendency to affections of the lymphatic system.

♑ (Capricorn), with the Moon in ♊ (Gemini).

This indicates that the parents’ mind was exalted through attainments in educational or oratorical directions, and gives the child a very studious and intensely active mind. It contributes to the love of science, literature, and oratory, and sets the Capricorn nature at work organizing and laying plans in those directions. It often creates ideals beyond their capability of execution and sometimes what would be called air-castles.

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It gives good language and increases their ability for public speaking, and aids largely in musical attainments, but inclines them to dissatisfaction in the domestic circle.

This polarity indicates a tendency to nerve and bronchial affections.

♑ (Capricorn), with the Moon in ♋ (Cancer).

This polarity arises from high aspirations and encouraging prospects on the part, of the parents regarding the attainment of elegance and grandeur in their home life and surroundings. It turns the mind of the child into similar channels, giving high aspirations for beauty, elegance, and grandeur in their domestic life, and brilliant accomplishments in their companion and children.

It increases the economical tendencies, sometimes inclining to parsimoniousness, but always imparting a prudential and somewhat selfish regard for self, home, and family. It aids Capricorn in the minutiæ of business life and trade. It increases the susceptibilities of the sex nature, and if planetary conditions are strong in that direction, will frequently lead to sexual abuses. Parents should therefore use great care in properly warning and instructing these children. It adds to the mechanical abilities, and in some cases in connection with planetary influence it so changes the Capricorn nature that it appears more like Cancer.

There is indicated by this polarity some liability to diseases of the stomach and lungs.

♑ (Capricorn), with the Moon in ♌ (Leo).

This polarity comes from the parents’ high ideals of success, with inclination to gratify the appetites and

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passions, but sometimes from zealous religious convictions or devoted love on the part of the negative parent. It turns the child's mind into an ideal world, and inclines them to be led by the feelings, appetites, and passions in all directions, and to be restless under control or self-restraint. They are spontaneous in their actions, and ardent and zealous in everything they do, unless counterbalanced by planetary conditions.

Parents should exercise the greatest vigilance over children of this polarity, and instruct and guard them in every way, especially impressing them with the sacredness of the sex function.

When this nature is brought under intellectual restraints or aided by planetary conditions, it gives a bright, kind, and philanthropic person, zealous in good works, and full of plans for the protection of the poor and needy; they are apt to be too liberal with their money for their own good. They have adaptation to the ministry, with great zeal and devotion to their calling.

This polarity affects the circulatory system and somewhat the digestive organs.

♑ (Capricorn), with the Moon in ♍ (Virgo).

This usually results from the parents’ mind being elated over musical success or attainments.

It endows the child with great love of harmony, beauty, and elegance, so that they are apt to live in an ideal world, far beyond the average attainment in this; yet they love to sit in quiet meditation and commune with this ideal.

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They are apt to be unhappy in marriage from failing to realize the love, harmony, and happiness they have ideally pictured themselves. The polarity weakens the sexual nature, but increases its activity when this inclination is dominant. The four leading characteristics of this nature, which are determined by planetary conditions, are: first, sex inclination; second, intuition; third, harmony; fourth, discrimination.

These persons are fine judges of the qualities of things, and also have poetic and artistic tendencies and abilities, and sometimes incline to novel-writing. If planetary conditions predispose to educational pursuits, they will have excellent analytical and mathematical abilities, and often fitness for the study and practice of medicine.

This polarity indicates a tendency to weakness of the digestive organs.

♑ (Capricorn), with the Moon in ♎ (Libra).

This results from an elated feeling on the part of the positive parent, whose mind from some cause had been turned into the interior and spiritual to interrogate the future.

It produces a child with the usual active brain of Capricorn, and turns all that activity into the interior and intuitive faculties.

Their plans and arrangements are usually very practical and carefully balanced, so as to make them successful.

They are quick and bright in their intuitions, thorough in business, and kind and gentle in domestic

p. 185

life. It adapts one to literary pursuits, public speaking, or holding office under government, corporations, etc. They have a great deal of foresight, and are natural adherents to metaphysical and spiritual thoughts, and often discern events before they happen.

It gives adaptability in any direction in which the mind may be turned.

This polarity indicates some tendency to diseases of liver and kidneys.

♑ (Capricorn), with the Moon in ♏ (Scorpio).

This polarity comes from the parents’ minds being turned in the direction of literary attainments or matters of public policy, and gives the child a positive tendency of nature.

It intensifies anger, so that when they are once offended with persons they want nothing more to do with them; yet have great power to hide their feelings and use them well.

It gives dignity of character, with more inclination to write their thoughts than to speak them. It increases the sexual inclination, and contributes to conventionalism, and is apt to develop a commanding positiveness and hardness in the person's character.

It increases the innate aversion of Capricorn to manual labor, and gives a concealed pride of person and ability.

This polarity does not indicate any special tendency to disease other than, perhaps, to gout.

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♑ (Capricorn), with the Moon in ♐ (Sagittarius).

This comes from parental conditions of great energy of mind and body.

The child will have great mental activity and incline to act on the first thought, constantly executing the ideas of Capricorn without maturing them or making them practical; consequently their life is apt to be one of business failure and mistake.

Because of their love of grandeur and elegance they will be very extravagant and lack due appreciation of the value of money.

If such persons had millions of dollars at their command, they would quickly squander it, and be poor, unless they had a rigid drill while young in economy and utilitarian habits. Parents should make industry and economy the most prominent ideas in the education of such children, otherwise they will be full of wild, speculative plans that will amount to nothing.

It gives love of music, musical talent, and oratory. It makes them kind and full of good works, yet they like to have those works known and appreciated. It gives great activity to the sexual nature, and liabilities to abuse in that direction, also restlessness and dissatisfaction in the domestic relations.

They are inclined to be boss, ever seeking to command rather than to serve. Their liability to disease is mainly a tendency to affections of the muscular system.

♑ (Capricorn), with the Moon in ♑ (Capricorn).

This polarity comes from well-regulated, successful, and all-absorbing business pursuits on the part of the

p. 187

parents. It gives the child a clear, active brain and continuity of purpose to carry forward whatever they begin. They are not adapted to physical labor, as the sign depends upon the head, and adapts them to general business plans, management, etc. It gives great love of order, harmony, and elegance, and qualifications to maintain such surroundings. It makes them very independent, and indisposed to confidential or intimate friendships: they are like a star standing alone and shining from its own apparently self-generated light, which is wholly turned upon business and educational subjects. It gives power of self-control in sexual and all other directions. Family life with such is a secondary consideration, yet they are disposed to make things harmonious in that direction: but ladies of this polarity would do well not to marry unless they can marry wealthy; for unless greatly aided by favorable planetary conditions, they would not be satisfied with the duties of domestic life.

This nature is favorably inclined toward the church and accepted religious opinions, but is disposed to oppose progressive religious ideas. They partake in a general way of the nature as described in Capricorn, and are not especially inclined to disease unless it be affections of the joints.

♑ (Capricorn), with the Moon in ♒ (Aquarius).

This results from the parents’ political or other attainments or successes in a public sphere, and gives an active, restless nature to the child, with pride of personal appearance, and adapts them for dealing with

p. 188

the many. Such could not be satisfied with a country or lonely life, and ladies would be dissatisfied with the domestic sphere.

It gives keen perceptions as to what would please or displease the public, adaptation for wholesale and retail mercantile pursuits, and for organizing corporative interests, societies, etc. It also gives some taste for political economy. It turns the thoughts away from domestic life, yet there is love of having a home and family; but unless their home can be fashionable or aristocratic in its pertainings, it would not satisfy. It would be better for ladies of this polarity not to marry, but to engage in whatever sphere of public life the planets may indicate. Special drill is necessary for young ladies in regard to chastity, and great care should be taken to impress upon their minds the use and sacredness of the sex function; otherwise there is much danger of their being inclined to promiscuity.

This polarity indicates increased tendency to rheumatic difficulties.

♑ (Capricorn), with the Moon in ♓ (Pisces).

This comes from a tenacious, industrious mental condition on the part of the parents, and produces a child of very persevering and industrious habits; studious and economical, loving science and general knowledge, but over-anxious about success in life. It counteracts much of. the tendency of Capricorn to generalize, and largely binds the whole character down to special uses.

Ladies are apt to be dissatisfied and restless in the marital relation, being disposed to be independent in

p. 189

character and action. It aids mechanical genius, and gives beauty and elegance to the fruits of such labor. It makes a good general superintendent in any kind of business.

In some cases it would lead to penuriousness, and often they feel that the more they have, the more they want. It favors professional life in whatever way planetary conditions indicate.

This polarity gives tendency to brain and nerve difficulties.

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