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♐ (Sagittarius), with the Moon in ♈ (Aries).

This comes from the parents’ mind being very energetic and determined to resist every obstacle to the accomplishment of their designs. It gives unparalleled mental energy and will power to the child.

Such children frequently have nervous difficulties in the head, headaches, and some liability to insanity. When healthy, if left to act out their nature, they will have more physical strength than the ligaments and muscles are capable of sustaining, thereby endangering themselves. They are always in a hurry in doing any kind of work, and lack judgment as to the endurance of their bodies. Instead of calling for help, they will take hold of anything, and it must move, for they frequently, have unparalleled physical strength.

Special care should be taken by the parents of such children to teach them to cultivate in themselves carefulness of self; easy, quiet movements; more thoughtfulness and less activity. A constant restraint should be kept over their activity and excitability, yet it is necessary to the health and happiness of these persons that they keep physically active as long as they live. If they, from whatever cause, retire from business and cease their activity, they become morbid, unreasonable, exacting, and very discontented, disposed to find fault when there is no good reason for it.

p. 171

The above is a characteristic belonging to the basic principle of the Sagittarius nature, and applies most emphatically to this polarity.

♐ (Sagittarius), with the Moon in ♉ (Taurus).

This frequently comes from an active, anxious condition relating to the health of some one under the parents’ care, and produces in the child much thoughtfulness for others, kindness, sympathy, a desire to help those that are suffering, and a natural inclination for hygienic habits. It gives some adaptability to the medical profession, and makes of ladies first-class cooks and nurses and careful housewives. Such persons are liable to go to extremes when their sympathies regarding others are excited. Parents should carefully instil into the minds of such children wise habits, that they may avoid extremes in every direction. It makes a person very sensitive; rather indisposed to meeting others in public places, and strangers in general; gives disinclination to form new acquaintances, and great love of nature in its purity, and a love of and tendency to science in all departments.

It brightens up the prophetic part of the Sagittarius nature, and gives wonderful power in this direction. It makes of them good watchmen as to future events, for they are exceptionally accurate in foresight.

This polarity indicates liability to diseases of the lymphatic system.

♐ (Sagittarius), with the Moon in ♊ (Gemini).

This polarity comes from the parents’ strong admiration for educational interests, or for books, or persons of high educational ability, or of the fine arts.

p. 172

This endows the child with great love of order and beauty, and gives educational and artistic abilities. It improves the musical talent, and greatly assists their attainments in the arts. If planetary conditions are favorable, it would assist in literary and public official life, such as government or military officers. It adds liability to nervous difficulties, because it increases the restless activity of the Sagittarius nature. Children of this polarity should have a great deal of care and restraint, for their excessive activity is liable to induce disease through exhaustion; and ladies should guard against over-excitement and activity, so as to avoid nerve derangements, and should have a business which is more of an intellectual than of a physical nature, though embracing both.

This polarity increases the liability to diseases common to Sagittarius, and with ladies, uterine derangements.

♐ (Sagittarius), with the Moon in ♋ (Cancer).

This comes from the mind of the parents being intensely active in the relations of home and family. It produces a child very economical and industrious, having great love of home and family, and great care for its maintenance and comfort.

It intensifies the strong conjugal feeling of Sagittarius, but lessens self-control in the sexual nature, and makes them more susceptible to influences of that kind from the opposite sex.

Young men and women of this polarity are in great danger of forming unworthy alliances, and of having their whole life blighted thereby, and great care should

p. 173

be exercised to instruct and guard them against such entanglements; and parents should exercise watchfulness regarding their associates, as this nature inclines to early marriage, and it is therefore fitting that they should be allowed and encouraged in the society of such as would make them suitable life companions; for if they are not, they will be liable at a later period to fall in love at first sight, and to cling tenaciously to its object, despite of all opposition, even though; their choice be unsuitable and unworthy of their love.

This polarity gives some liability to lung difficulties, tumors, consumption, etc.

♐ (Sagittarius), with the Moon in a ♌ (Leo).

This polarity comes from a suppressed external nature on the part of the parents, but great activity in the mental and emotional sphere; or from extreme religious excitement. It gives spiritualistic and mediumistic power, and these persons have frequent visions and dreams, in which they are apt to put great confidence. If they are interested in a religious or reformatory movement, they are apt to foresee in symbols its progress and changes. They often foresee public and national events. They feel the general conditions of the public mind, as well as the minds of their associates.

These persons are disposed to act wholly from the interior feelings, loves, and emotions, and are quiet and inexpressive, their activities being mainly of the interior or thought nature. They are very kind-hearted, sympathetic, and sensitive. A cross word or unpleasant

p. 174

look immediately affects the heart. Such are slow in forming acquaintances, desire but few friends, yet cling tenaciously to those they have. When they are excited to speak positively, they put all their feelings and powers into it. They act and speak from the heart in every dense of the word.

They are apt to be persons of peculiarly isolated characters, living out their own ideals, with little or no regard for public opinion, living in and acting from themselves wholly. They will act out the mental and physical conditions created by the positions of the lower planets, unless immediate and constant restraint is thrown around them, except so far as their own reason and conscience controls them.

Their only religion is a desire to do as they would be done by. They have a natural love for a community of interests and conditions that would enable them to act out their nature without restraint.

This polarity gives some tendency to weakness of the functions of the heart and weakness of the lungs.

♐ (Sagittarius), with the Moon in ♍ (Virgo).

This polarity results from the parents having a special care for the nourishment and preservation of their bodily condition, also from love of harmony, and interest in or devotion to music. Such children incline to be natural intuitive musicians, and with favoring planetary conditions they have a disposition to the medical profession.

This polarity usually gives fine discrimination in mathematics, mechanics, architecture, and the fine arts,

p. 175

and sometimes in languages. It refines the tastes, and gives love of harmony; but if their combativeness is aroused, or if they should be forced out of their normal course in life, it would create irritability and a disposition to exact of others unreasonable things; and they would manifest morbid, restless nervous conditions, affecting both body and mind.

If they are led into intellectual pursuits, they will be over-critical in demanding exactness. It harmonizes and assists the prophetic powers of the Sagittarius nature. It gives them somewhat of a materialistic and executive tendency; but if turned into occult or spiritualistic channels, it will assist in that direction.

This polarity indicates a tendency to weakness of the digestive system.

♐ (Sagittarius), with the Moon in ♎ (Libra).

This polarity comes from a strong desire on the part of the parents to foresee and know the future in some direction. It creates in the child fine intuitions, keen and quick perceptions, and ability to quickly weigh everything in the balance of reason, and decide with accuracy. It so modifies the Sagittarius nature, that it is scarcely perceptible from external actions, unless planetary conditions unite to give it intensity. The person is usually cool and quiet, yet prompt and active in mind and body. It gives a fine business mind, with adaptability to thought, education, and science, and maintains the independence of the Sagittarius nature.

If planetary conditions contribute a strong sex passion, it then lends its force in that direction. In such

p. 176

cases, parents need to guard children carefully against self-abuse, and instruct them in regard to its evil results; and unless the most careful vigilance is exercised, self-injury or destruction will be highly probable. The first symptom of activity in this direction is a disposition to sleep excessively, with excited activity when awake, and general recklessness of habits. They will also have a ravenous and enormous appetite. In this case useful physical labor is necessary, and exciting music should be prohibited.

This polarity gives some tendency to liver derangements and weakness of back and kidneys.

♐ (Sagittarius), with the Moon in ♏ (Scorpio).

This polarity springs from the parents’ pride of personal ability and success, and endows the child with a positive, determined character, a great deal of pride, and considerable conventionality; a disposition to be hard and sarcastic in language, and very external in thought and action. Persons of this polarity incline to be laboring men and women, with a great ideal of attainment and personal ability, yet lack that judgment and reliability that would give success in such attainments.

They have a high temper and large combativeness; and young men, unless of very fine organic quality, are apt to be belligerent. They are strong and impetuous, have a kind heart, but are unable to express it. They are easily led by associates into almost anything.

Careful culture and refinement are necessary to this nature. Persons of this polarity have great power to resist disease.

p. 177

♐ (Sagittarius), with the Moon in ♐ (Sagittarius).

This results from a harmonious and active mind and body on the part of the parents. It makes the child well-balanced, free, independent, liberal, and rather careless, yet prompt and industrious. It gives harmonious balance to the mental and physical powers, with a mind clear and decisive, and well adapted to almost any pursuit indicated by planetary conditions. They are little affected by surroundings, have large continuity, and are faithful in domestic life.

This polarity gives no liability to disease other than those peculiar to the Sagittarius nature.

♐ (Sagittarius), with the Moon in ♑ (Capricorn).

This indicates that the parents’ mind was very active in prosecuting some business. It produces a child with an excellent business mind, abounding in plans and schemes, and adapts them more for general principles than minutiæ, and turns them away from social and domestic thoughts and inclinations. It gives high aspirations in a business direction, and a disposition to make everything bend to that end.

This polarity gives great love of music, though gentlemen are not apt to follow it as a profession, while ladies are. It gives love of grandeur and elegance, but decreases conjugality somewhat; yet if they marry, they are apt to turn everything into business channels. It gives order and harmony to the mechanical abilities. If the planets lead them to art,

p. 178

it will give taste and refinement and grandeur in that direction. It increases the liability to weakness of the lungs, and such persons should be careful to keep a good appetite.

♐ (Sagittarius), with the Moon in ♒ (Aquarius).

This comes from the parents’ disposition to please society and the public. It gives a child great ability to deal with the public, keen perceptions and intuitions in business, and adapts the person to quickly form pleasant and profitable acquaintances. Such persons are specially adapted to fill positions as salesmen or business agents, and usually are very successful in money-making, but need a consort to help them keep it: for unless they take extra care to restrain the sexual feelings (which are very strong), they will be apt to blur or impair their intuitional faculties, when by over-confidence in business associates and unwise investments they will come to grief.

They are constantly liable to over-exert themselves physically; and if there is more than one planet in ♋ (Cancer), will be liable to have consumption.

It is hard to bind these persons to a narrow sphere of use. The concentrated language of the nature of this polarity is a public business executor; and ladies of this polarity could never be satisfied with a mere domestic life; therefore, they should always have a business education. This polarity indicates some liability to rheumatic troubles, and increases the tendency to diseases common to the Sagittarius nature.

p. 179

♐ (Sagittarius), with the Moon in ♓ (Pisces).

There are two conditions in the parents’ mind which produce this polarity: one where mechanical thought is active; the other, where the mind is both studious and restless.

The child will be anxious and careful in whatever direction his attention is turned. They are usually faithful and industrious, but inclined to be worrisome, fretful, and restless in all conditions of servitude. This may extend to the conjugal relation, yet they are faithful to the marriage vow. They are hard-working mechanics, and not inclined to many changes.

If planetary conditions should turn their minds to study, they will be hard students; yet it is seldom that Sagittarius, under any polarity, makes practical students who excel in literary professions. It gives an inclination to concentrate their energies to a more limited sphere than any other polarity. Such children should have a first-class education.

It indicates tendency to nervous affections and brain diseases.

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