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♏ (Scorpio), with the Moon in ♈ (Aries).

This polarity comes from a stubborn opposition on the part of the parents to something of a business, social, or political character. It makes the child very hard and positive, and liable to great extremes of anger and hatred, and physical and mental combativeness.

It intensifies the imaginative nature of Scorpio, and makes their jealousies and hatreds more dangerous, and adapts them to a business where they control others by their will; they make good superintendents, provided they keep their will under the control of reason. These persons, if ignorant and illiterate, would be capable of much depravity, unless dignified by planetary conditions; but with education and social refinement, they become highly useful, but are disposed to boss things with much absoluteness in whatever sphere they may be. As husbands and wives they are bound to rule, whether their ideas are reasonable or otherwise. Such children should have the best possible education, and be especially drilled in doing as they would be done by.

Parents should use great care in suppressing every manifestation of jealousy or hatred. This can be done by making it appear ridiculous to them. It will be very useful for parents to talk before them, but not to 

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them, about the folly and terrible evils that arise from jealousy and vindictiveness. Parents should do all in their power to suppress this passion; yet it is usually at best a dominant characteristic through life, and therefore there is the greater need of doing all that can be done to subjugate it to reason. They are disposed to gratify their own feelings and passions in almost any way, regardless of consequences. There is not much liability to self-abuse, as the passional nature is under control of the will; though very intense in manifestation.

This polarity gives the liability to diseases of the brain.

♏ (Scorpio), with the Moon in ♉ (Taurus).

This comes from the father's condition of positiveness and combativeness in the outer world, which is relaxed by a harmonious condition in domestic life. This forms in the child a paradox between this polarity and the innate nature, softening the hard and positive character of Scorpio, making them more kind, more sympathetic, and more sensitive. It increases conjugality, and allies them to the study of nature and the love of music, order, and harmony; and, other things being equal, adapts them to the medical profession. They are generally quiet, good-natured, thoughtful about the feelings of others; careful about providing for the welfare of the family; having a studious and intellectual mind that reaches out in the direction of pure nature.

They have a tendency to follow their natural inclinations in the love life, and dislike legal and other restraints in that direction; but this polarity, more than

p. 162

any of the others, tends to bring the Scorpio nature into submission to laws and customs, but leaves them imbued with strong selfish tendencies. They dread to be blamed, and have approbativeness sufficient to bind them to its demands.

This polarity indicates a tendency to derangements of the lymphatic system.

♏ (Scorpio), with the Moon in ♊ (Gemini).

This polarity comes from the minds of the parents being active and executive, and aspiring after the educational and artistic.

It endows the child with a mind very active in all directions, but having a special love of art and science, and an admiration of public speakers and of people occupying high positions.

It increases the pride innate in Scorpio, and makes them vigilant students. They love to teach, and aspire towards high attainments in that direction. They are indisposed to accept or follow any system of thought or education which is unpopular, and are circumspect in all their external life and habits. It is hard for them to submit to conditions of poverty, or to work at physical labor; and if they are forced to do it, are apt to go to the other extreme, and become careless of personal appearance and habits.

They are liable to contract habits of licentiousness which tend to self-destruction, and to be led by associates in any direction. They have good mechanical abilities, and are adapted also to the legal profession, to architectural, and sometimes to art pursuits.

p. 163

In females, it gives great pride of personal appearance, good public address, and great delight in talking with or about persons in high life; also a love of places of popular resort. They will have ardent, and perhaps abnormal, admiration of men in high and honorable positions; and it is hard to satisfy their love of grandeur, elegance, and display. Many times they are only happy when in company that is fashionable and lively.

If poor and necessitated to work for a living, it would give them large hope, energy, and industry in their aspirations for a better condition, but is liable to lead to eccentricities of character.

♏ (Scorpio), with the Moon in ♋ (Cancer).

This polarity springs from the parents’ great desire for elegance in home and family life, and gives the child strong domestic tendencies, and energy and activity in financial matters, though sometimes it may take the direction of ideal dreaming and lack practicality. It leads the intense nature of Scorpio into sensationalism, and weakens their sexual control, but endows them with more harmony in domestic life, and gives diligence and care in financial pursuits; also a clear, logical mind. It creates a desire for sympathy and love from the opposite sex, arising from a feeling of dependence upon them, which may be led into various paths by planetary conditions.

The innate tendency to jealousy which characterizes Scorpio, is not changed by this polarity, but susceptibility of being led or misled by others is increased. In

p. 164

business, they will incline toward generalizing. It makes a more faithful wife or mother than Scorpio otherwise would.

This polarity increases the liability to tumorous affections, and requires mothers to take extra care of their breasts while nursing.

♏ (Scorpio), with the Moon in ♌ (Leo).

This polarity comes from the parents’ intense love of the opposite sex, controlled by the passional nature, and produces an ardent and intense nature in the child, who will act from and be governed by the feelings and emotions, which are very intense.

This gives liability to infidelity in the marriage covenant, and very strong sexual passions, and if there are any unfavorable conditions in the positions of the planets, liability to self-abuse in children, and an intense, morbid ideal of sex relations; and once started in this wrong direction, it is very difficult to turn them from it; thus their health and happiness may be ruined thereby.

The mind is apt to get into an ideal, dreamy condition; therefore it is very necessary for the preservation of such children, that the parents train them carefully to diligence in business, and give them practical experience, in providing for family and personal wants; and impress upon their minds the evils resulting from unfaithfulness in the marriage relations. When properly trained and harmonized, they will have talent for the ministry, and some for the medical profession.

This polarity greatly increases the liability to diseases

p. 165

of the heart. Such persons should limit their diet to the absolute necessities of the body, and abstain from all stimulants and narcotics, which will obviate their tendency to heart affections.

♏ (Scorpio), with the Moon in ♍ (Virgo).

This nature comes from an active, critical mind on the part of one or both parents, and indicates a satisfied mood regarding their own discriminative and critical abilities. It makes the child active, positive, and critical, with a disposition to self-sufficiency and faultfinding, and also inclines to be unfeeling and hard. It gives great love of news and newspaper reading, with a tendency toward literary pursuits. They do not like to serve, but desire to be in positions of control. They are prone to pride and ostentation, with intense passional natures, and a great deal of fury when their anger is aroused.

They have mechanical ability, but are not disposed to labor with their hands; also some inclination towards the study and practice of law, and occasionally of medicine.

This polarity indicates a tendency to dyspeptic and asthmatic affections.

♏ (Scorpio), with the Moon in ♎ (Libra).

This polarity comes from an intense active condition in the mind of one or both parents, but somewhat subdued or suppressed by disappointments, and creates in the child a strong inclination to doubt, scan, and interrogate the future, which develops the intuitions and

p. 166

sometimes clairvoyant vision. It gives them business perception and predisposition to business success. They have a tendency to the blending of reason. with the intuitions, which promotes manly and womanly dignity of character, with considerable nobility of feeling and disposition, especially with favoring planetary conditions; but in other planetary relations there would be danger of sexual excesses.

They have literary ability, love of the sciences, both physical and metaphysical; general maturity of spirit and good judgment in all directions.

This polarity indicates a tendency to affections of the liver, kidneys, and weakness of the back.

♏ (Scorpio), with the Moon in ♏ (Scorpio).

This polarity indicates that the parent mind was greatly absorbed in some special pursuit of life, and the child will be disposed to independence and self-reliance, standing much alone in the world and seeking few intimate friends. They are very materialistic in thought and feeling, and seldom get beyond the realm of the five senses, but on that plane are clear and logical. They are interested in subjects of business, government, and education.

Unless planetary conditions overrule, it will be difficult to form more than a business acquaintance with such persons.

They are naturally opposed to any departure from accepted customs and ideas, but strong in support of institutions venerated for their antiquity. This polarity adds pride and self-sufficiency to the Scorpio nature,

p. 167

and gives less liability of being led by others, as it shuts them up in the fires of their own life, giving them great power over their sex nature.

It increases the tendency to flesh, and also to heart difficulties.

♏ (Scorpio), with the Moon in ♐ (Sagittarius).

This polarity shows that there was a condition of mental excitement and physical activity in the parents, associated with combativeness, and the child will love law and order, and incline to be very hard, positive, sarcastic and cutting in language, and be liable to speak just what comes first into the mind, with little thought of consequences, unless in the presence of those they recognize as superiors. The activity and expression of Scorpio's nature is intensified by this polarity.

They will incline to public life, and perhaps to oratory; but it will be difficult to give such children sufficient education, as they are apt to be hasty and reckless, with liability to sexual excesses and abuses. They will incline to a military career, and have high aspirations in that direction. Careful education and culture is absolutely necessary to such children, in order to bring their intense nature into subjection; otherwise their strong impulses would incline them to recklessness, and possibly make of them worthless persons, and will probably die prematurely. They are apt to be very jealous, and sometimes almost insane with anger and excitement from the control of this passion.

This polarity indicates some tendency to diseases of the muscular system.

p. 168

♏ (Scorpio), with the Moon in ♑ (Capricorn).

This shows that the parent's mind was active in the generalities of business life, with little thought of family or home, except so far as needful.

This gives to the child a nature well suited to government employ, where plans and arrangements governing employees are necessary.

They have much pride, love of grandeur and external display and demonstrations, and are inclined to lasciviousness, and buy only the richest and best of everything, and patronize only the most expensive and aristocratic places. They are careful of their words and not very talkative. They study hard so as to be thoroughly proficient in whatever they engage, following out rigidly set rules and customs. They love music, but usually lack power in its expression. Are not very well suited to the domestic sphere.

This polarity indicates liability to pains in the limbs and joints, and diseases of the muscular system.

♏ (Scorpio), with the Moon in ♒ (Aquarius).

This comes from the parent's mind being fully allied to enjoyments arising from public associations or business habits, and gives to the child judgment of human nature, and great adaptation to public or political life, and inclination to seek office. They are conservative, proud of personal appearance, and love theatres and public gatherings, especially those patronized by the wealthy and aristocratic classes. They have an extreme regard for public opinion, yet an active, practical

p. 169

mind in general. They are faithful in service and adapted to commercial life, but there is danger of their overdoing and failing, by reason of their desire to excel every one else in display.

Ladies of this polarity are apt to be proud and regard public opinion more than home and family. Are inclined to value external appearance more than real worth, and prize an article more for its cost than for its intrinsic value. Such persons will be apt to marry more for wealth and position than for love, thus causing great inharmony in married life, for these two thoughts will dominate, viz., self-gratification and public display.

This polarity indicates tendency to derangement of the digestive organs and of the nervous system, also gives some tendency to rheumatism.

♏ (Scorpio), with the Moon in ♓ (Pisces).

This comes from a condition of great anxiety about personal accomplishments in the parents’ mind.

It produces in the child a restless, studious nature, with much anxiety about success in life. It stirs to activity the Scorpio nature beyond its normal state; intensifies its excitability, and turns its veneration for people in high standing more toward people of high educational, and literary attainments. It gives desire and ability for acquiring such attainments. It gives some tendency to nervousness and diseases of the nerves, and inclines to paralysis, in place of the usual heart difficulties of Scorpio.

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