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♎ (Libra), with the Moon in ♈ (Aries).

This nature is produced by a condition of intensified and determined will on the part of the parents, and produces in the child a strong will and remarkable power of self-control under all circumstances, superior ability to conceal their thoughts, feelings, and emotions, and great psychological power, enabling them to control others by a single word, and to put great intensity into their speech.

While not practically inclined to be head and controller, yet they are firm and reliable in all positions. The mental faculties of Libra are somewhat increased and illuminated by this polarity, and all its powers are enlarged and intensified.

It somewhat increases the liability to the diseases common to Libra, with a tendency to uterine displacements in women. It slightly militates against conjugality.

♎ (Libra), with the Moon in ♉ (Taurus).

This nature results from peculiar mental conditions existing in the mind of the father in the way of a satisfied feeling at the natural order of things.

The child will be quiet, harmonious, and persistent in business. This intensifies the continuity of Libra, and gives carefulness, patience, and perseverance, with great tenacity in whatever they judge to be right. It increases

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the sensitiveness of Libra, and makes one more susceptible to the mental and moral influence of others; gives love of honor, integrity of purpose, and aids them in adapting themselves to surrounding conditions; gives a desire to be alone in the communion of nature, and some qualification for the medical profession, and the natural sciences, for it turns the intuitive nature of Libra more toward philosophy and science.

Children of this polarity need little restraint, but should be most liberally educated in every department of life. The polarity gives a disposition to hygienic habits; there is, however, a necessity that they should be careful in maintaining their own selfhood, and controlling their natural sensitiveness as much as possible.

The polarity indicates liability to diseases of the lymphatic system.

♎ (Libra), with the Moon in ♊ (Gemini).

This polarity is produced by unsatisfactory conditions or surroundings, with obstacles in the way of the prosperity of the parents. It gives to the child a restless, active mind, and adapts it to intellectual and educational spheres of usefulness; tends toward high aspirations; gives ability in the arts and mechanics, also in mathematics, and some inclination toward public speaking, with good language. These persons are apt to be an encyclopædia of knowledge.

It turns the mind somewhat away from domestic inclinations, and increases the imitativeness of Libra; also the liability of going to extremes, and a weakness of the reins.

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♎ (Libra), with the Moon in ♋ (Cancer).

This polarity results from a degree of anxiety on the part of the parents relative to their domestic and family life. It gives the child a nature anxious about the welfare of home and family. It increases conjugality and continuity of purpose and disinclination to change of pursuits. Such persons will prosecute the business of their employers with the same zeal and care as if it were their own.

It increases the inclination of Libra to embark in trade, and disposes them to deal in domestic commodities. It adds greatly to the sensitiveness of Libra, and increases the liability to sexual indulgence.

This polarity indicates a tendency to weakness of the chest and lungs.

♎ (Libra), with the Moon in ♌ (Leo).

This nature results from the absorption of one of the parents in the sensations and emotions of love, and such children. are governed almost wholly by their intuitions and feelings, reason being subordinate.

Their conjugal love is controlled largely by their passional nature, yet they possess the strongest love nature of any except Leo.

Their parental love is so strong that the loss of children sometimes unbalances their mind. It gives great inclination toward spiritualism, and opens the spiritual vision, so that these visions and their intuitions are the controlling powers. It is hard for them to take cognizance of the realities of this world,

p. 154

for, being governed by .the love nature, pushed on by strong passional tendencies, their mind opens out into an ideal world, characterized by these two natures: first in power, love; second, passion. These children need great care and education in the practical uses of life. Parents should be very watchful concerning secret vices, and should begin to educate them early, and throw around them a rigid law of usefulness in. everything they do, thus keeping the intellectual faculties active.

This polarity gives liability to weakness and diseases of the heart.

♎ (Libra), with the Moon in ♍ (Virgo).

This nature is frequently produced by the father's mind being intensely active on mathematical problems, and gives to the child an intensely active, critical mind, accurate in all the pursuits of Libra's nature; gives love for music, but weakens the tendency to chastity, inclining them to follow their feelings in such matters, and especially if planetary conditions indicate strong passions. It is not well to encourage this nature in the study of music unless of a religious or church character, as it tends in their case to unduly increase the ideal and sensational nature.

This polarity has a tendency to diminish conjugality, continuity, and sometimes reason, and with the reasoning faculties deficient they are easily led into gambling and low habits and ideas of morality. It intensifies the perceptions and intuitions of Libra, and qualifies for speculation and trade, in which they often have

p. 155

marked success, especially where the buying and selling can be effected quickly with but a moderate investment of capital. They are quite peculiar in their nature.

This polarity intensifies the liabilities to diseases of the kidneys and reins, and sometimes to indigestion.

♎ (Libra), with the Moon in ♎ (Libra).

This is produced by the father's mind being active and satisfied in his business and intellectual pursuits, and gives balance and harmony to all the peculiarities and eccentricities of Libra's nature, so that there is less liability of being misled or controlled by other minds: will have clear, bright intellect, and practical business qualities. The conjugality of Libra is increased and the liability to sexual indulgence lessened, as well as the imitative quality.

They are not much inclined to seek the society of others, as they dwell largely within their own selfhood, being best satisfied within the circle of their own home and business and being usually successful therein.

♎ (Libra), with the Moon in ♏ (Scorpio).

This polarity results from a condition of pride and self-approbativeness on the part of the parents. The child will be ambitious, proud of its abilities, but desirous of pleasing others, rather from a love of approbation than from genuine kindness.

They will incline to the materialistic sciences, with some adaptation to periodical literature; selfishness and combativeness large; rather hard-hearted, high-tempered,

p. 156

but quick to get over it. While they make a show of combativeness, they do not feel as courageous as they would make it appear, yet they often win high positions in the competitive struggles of life, as appearances go farther than realities as the world is, especially if they are not put to the test of a collision with courage of a more substantial type. Should be educated for a literary or legal career unless planetary conditions are specially unfavorable. They have considerable self-control over the sex nature.

This polarity indicates a tendency to difficulties of the heart.

♎ (Libra), with the Moon in ♐ (Sagittarius).

This polarity comes from an excited, active, and combative condition in the parents, and the child's tendencies will depend on whether they were intellectual and reasoning or otherwise.

There are two natures in this polarity: one with the reflectives small and perceptives large, with large conscientiousness (which is really the law nature and the driving power in the individual). This nature is the incarnation of activity and excitability. They are natural speculators, but are in danger of being led into bad company and profligate habits, gambling, etc. They have inordinate love of excitement, and, unless carefully trained to usefulness, will be sure to die a premature death. Only by the greatest care on the part of the parents can such children be made useful members of society. Education alone will not suffice, but they should have careful drill in ethics and the practice of morals, and useful but moderate exercise, with a time

p. 157

for rest and recreation, in which they should be trained to hold all their faculties in a restful quiet, which is for them a difficult thing to do; but this course should be faithfully pursued, that they may be made useful members of society and saved from a destructive and dangerous career.

The other class in this polarity have large reasoning powers and intensely active brains; are quick to learn and readily commit to memory. They should have a good education in all directions. They are strongly inclined to public speaking, but as every faculty of their nature is active, great care in their education and training is absolutely necessary, for according as they are trained so will they go.

This polarity greatly increases the tendency to diseases common to Libra and gives some tendency to paralysis.

♎ (Libra), with the Moon in ♑ (Capricorn).

This polarity comes from a well-balanced business mind on the part of the parents, and gives to the child strong business tendencies and professional adaptations. They have good, clear general ideas in all directions, are governed by intuition, and have the ability to be successful in almost any pursuit. Have musical talent and strong feelings of sympathy and kindness. They have more tendency to mental than physical pleasures, and are more adapted to a general than to a special business or profession. Sexual proclivities not affected other than by the usual tendencies of downward polarizations in lessening self-control.

This polarity would indicate diseases of joints and limbs.

p. 158

♎ (Libra), with the Moon in ♒ (Aquarius).

This indicates that the mind of one or both parents was active in thoughts of public service, and endows the child with fine adaptation for the generalities as well as the minutiæ of such service, with fine intuitions in trade. They would be good teachers and make high attainments as professors in colleges. They have fine mechanical talent, considerable pride of person, and abilities, with large approbativeness. Such children should have the best possible opportunities for education in all directions.

This polarity tends to external pleasures, appearances, and conventionality, and such persons are usually inclined to church membership. They have great power to read character at first sight, and if they are finely organized, are remarkable in this direction, and can determine the thoughts of others, and even the words they are about to utter.

They are adapted to public service in general. This polarity indicates a strong tendency to paralysis and nerve difficulties.

♎ (Libra), with the Moon in ♓ (Pisces).

This polarity comes from a very studious condition on the part of the parents, and endows the child with a greater aptitude for the acquisition of knowledge than for its practical use. It gives some restlessness of character, yet with an inclination to be industrious in all directions.

p. 159

If the forehead is broad, they will have remarkable ability in the languages; if narrow, perseverance in mercantile pursuits. This polarity sometimes has a receding forehead, and when that is the case, they will have a tendency to physical labor in mechanical branches. They are somewhat disposed to agriculture.

This polarity gives morbid feelings of despondency, lack of courage from reduced vitativeness, with periods of despondency (as set forth under the sign of Libra) greatly increased, often producing hypochondria.

Parents should try and stimulate their appreciation of life and the good things of the world, leading them to see and feel that it is full of opportunities for sunshine and happiness.

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