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♍ (Virgo), with the Moon in ♈ (Aries).

This nature comes from a strong determination on the part of the parents, and endows the child with mental strength, firmness, and stability; but the activity and strength of will is apt to weaken the digestive power, and turn the intensity of their nature to the brain.

This intensifies the strongest sense of Virgo,—the power of sight,—and, unless the person uses great care, the eyes may be weakened by over-use.

Such persons are apt to succeed in intellectual pursuits, but are too stubborn for their own good. They have a keen sense of order and harmony, and are disturbed by disorderly surroundings. They also have a lively sense of the ridiculous, especially when mirthfulness is active. They incline to be the head and front of whatever they engage in. It intensifies the liabilities, of the Virgo nature to disease, with inclination towards the brain.

♍ (Virgo), with the Moon in ♉ (Taurus).

This polarity indicates that the parents had a clear, well-balanced condition relative to the inner and outer nature, and gives to the child fine intuitions in the care of the body and the culture of the mind; so that such

p. 142

persons act from the higher intuitional faculties in all the affairs of their life. It gives keen perceptions of the unspoken thoughts and intents of others, and insight relative to the future of business transactions; and such persons are scarcely ever deceived or surprised by results. They are frequently too active for their own good, as their energies exceed their endurance; yet their keen perception of the laws of hygiene are such that they have great tenacity to life and power of endurance. This is the strongest business character in the entire list of all the polarities.

This greatly lessens the liability to disease in the Virgo nature, but gives some tendency to diseases pertaining to the lymphatic system.

♍ (Virgo), with the Moon in ♊ (Gemini).

This nature indicates that the parents had a great admiration of eloquent language, which gives the child a very active mind and a talkative disposition, with uncommon readiness in the use of words, yet a liability of being too rapid in speech, which may result in stammering, stopping, etc. They are inclined to be artistic, and to love the beautiful, with aptness for education, and some desire for public life. They also have good mechanical ability.

Are inclined to have nervous difficulties, from too intense activity; also to be fastidious.

♍ (Virgo), with the Moon in ♋ (Cancer).

This polarity results from the parents’ high ideal of a beautiful home and domestic surroundings, and produces

p. 143

in the child a love of beauty, grandeur, and elegance in domestic life, and a strong love of a home surrounded by pure nature, thus making harmony an absolute necessity of their being. They are so sensitive to inharmonious conditions that it takes but little to unnerve them and make them sick, from discordant surroundings. They have pictured in their imaginations an ideal world so far excelling this, that it is hard for them to endure present environments. They are disposed to be economical and industrious, and rather over-anxious concerning those dependent upon them, and about laying up for the future. Are very kind to their own, but their love and sympathy being controlled by the natural instincts or common mother nature, they are apt to be extremely selfish and exclusive in this direction; but their love of family may be greatly extended or enlarged by favoring conditions, and find expression in a humanitarian feeling.

♍ (Virgo), with the Moon in ♌ (Leo).

This nature arises from a strong but purely natural sex love on the part of the father, or most positive parent, and creates in the child a disposition to act from the natural instincts expressed through the emotion of love and the sensational nature. Such persons have a strong, deep, and insatiable love passion, which is apt to control all their thoughts and actions; though they are not apt to be licentious, yet their love may be turned readily from one to another, and when it is, it brings into subordination all the other functions of mind and body. A lady of our acquaintance (in this polarity),

p. 144

married, and, after living with her husband two or three years, fell in love with another man, and begged and implored of her husband to grant her a divorce, which he did; and as soon as she had married the other, she was sorry, and more anxious than before to break the bond, and return to her former allegiance.

To these persons love is a strong, restless, ideal passion, which creates a constant desire for some unattainable condition; they should realize that the trouble is mainly in their own unbalanced love nature, and discipline themselves to make the most of life as they find it, and not be so anxious to jump, so to speak, "from the frying-pan into the fire."

This polarity gives increased liability to affections of the nervous system, making the nerves highly sensitive. Mothers, while nursing, are apt to have considerable trouble with their breasts.

♍ (Virgo), with the Moon in ♍ (Virgo).

This nature is produced by a restful, harmonious, and satisfied love condition on the part of the parents. It gives the child great love of harmony and nature; powerful love and sex endowments, great purity and self-control in sex matters, and uncommon faithfulness. Their vitality frequently exceeds their own needs or ability to use, and they are natural sustainers and suppliers of vitality to those with whom they are intimately related. Apart from their great devotion in love, they are independent and self-reliant characters.

They have insight amounting often to the gift of foreknowledge, and frequently thoughts come to them,

p. 145

like audible words, imparting knowledge of what is to come. Their organic qualities, as a rule, are very fine. This polarity intensifies the keen sensibilities of Virgo. To such persons, surroundings of beauty, harmony, and love are indispensable. It makes them polite, gives love of refinement, tendency to art, admiration for persons of distinction and for those who dress distinctly different from others, provided there is an air of superiority accompanying them.

They are more fine and delicate in their taste, touch, and general habits than others, and have a natural dread of anything irregular, coarse, or obscene.

This polarity leaves the diseases of the Virgo nature to act itself out according to circumstances.

♍ (Virgo), with the Moon in ♎ (Libra).

This nature comes from the continual use of the perceptive faculties, on the part of the parents, both as to present conditions and future results, and endows the child with great abilities in this direction, and such an one in the medical profession would make the highest possible attainments if guided by their own innate powers of perception.

They are very mature spirits, and act more from the spiritual than from the material plane of life. They are usually free from sensationalism, solid and philosophical in their reasonings, independent in thought, and are often writers on philosophical and scientific subjects.

They have strong sexual powers, which, if perverted, bring ruinous results, but if controlled, give a good,

p. 146

strong physical body and fine intuitions; but if planetary conditions are such as to greatly intensify activity, there is danger of early disease of the nerves of the eye, and even blindness, especially if the business demands upon the eye call it excessively into use.

Such persons are rapid readers, quick and intuitive in learning; but on arriving at maturity they will not study anything minutely, but glance over, and catch general ideas of books on philosophy, science, and nature, and afterwards formulate their own ideas. They are not disposed to be attentive listeners to sermons and lectures, but intuitively catch the thought and utilize it as their own. Are not inclined to run after new things, but are satisfied with the ever new in nature that is constantly revealing itself to their own understanding.

These persons may have spinal trouble and irritation or weakness of the reproductive organs.

♍ (Virgo), with the Moon in ♏ (Scorpio).

This comes from the parents’ appreciation of literary thought and regard for men in positions of honor, with aspiration for similar positions and attainments themselves. This nature becomes incarnated in the child, and gathers additional strength from selfishness, imitation, conventionality, and persistence in their own chosen course in life. They are too careless of the feelings of their immediate associates. They incline to social life and rather prefer the society of their own sex; lack sympathy, and even care, in the domestic sphere; are high-tempered, and even vindictive. It is

p. 147

especially necessary to their success that such persons have the most complete education.

This polarity hardens the sensitive points in the Virgo nature, and on the whole is favorable to success in life.

It gives them some tendency to heart disease and liability to neuralgic pains.

♍ (Virgo), with the Moon in ♐ (Sagittarius).

This comes from a vigorous, healthy condition and strong, active executive powers on the part of the parents, and endows the child with an exceedingly quick and active body and mind, and an intensity of power unequalled in any other polarity. They concentrate all their powers of body and mind upon whatever they decide to do, and often push it forward to an extreme far beyond reason; in fact, these persons are only susceptible to the reason of others when they are exhausted, unless planets give modification. They have great love of the executive, and delight in physical and mental activity, and would soon sicken and die if forced to be inactive.

They are apt to be bossy, and to speak more harshly than they mean. We might almost suppose they spoke and then thought afterwards, and often cause offence, when not intended, by their hasty speech.

They love to come before the public with their mental and physical abilities, and are often teachers of the laws of hygiene, and mental and moral philosophy, teaching from their intuitions rather than from their classical knowledge. Their extremely active executive

p. 148

mind is apt to characterize whatever they do, and they often jump at conclusions, being so quick and impulsive in their nature as to lead them to seek results by the shortest of possible methods.

This polarity gives a tendency to religious and spiritual thought. It increases the liability to diseases of the digestive organs, and gives some tendency to sciatica and nerve difficulties in general.

♍ (Virgo), with the Moon in ♑ (Capricorn).

This nature arises from the parents’ love of business attainments and financial proficiency, or love of and attention to music, art, or pursuit of public honors. It gives the child fine business qualifications and musical talents; makes a thorough practical mind, fond of business, society, music, and public entertainments; inclines to late suppers and general gratification of the senses. It is not easy for such to recognize the necessity of restraining their feelings or moderating their habits.

They are apt to generalize rather than enter into minutiæ; are very independent in character, opposed to restraint or control in any direction. They lack domestic qualifications and only have regard for them from necessity; but it should be remembered that planetary conditions may so change this as to make it scarcely perceptible, save as they may observe it in their own interior impulses.

They lack conjugality, yet love to have a home, and require that it shall be fine and elegant. Desire to be recognized in that home as sovereign, being served by

p. 149

others, and demanding obedience, comfort, beauty, elegance, and art.

This polarity increases the liability of the digestive. organs to disease.

♍ (Virgo), with the Moon in ♒ (Aquarius).

This polarity arises from a state of mental exhilaration on the part of the parents over successful efforts at pleasing associates or the public. It gives the child mental and physical harmony, love of society, order, etc., which qualities if turned into a business direction would give them superior tact and adaptability to please, and well fit them for trade or mechanical and musical pursuits, in which they would be likely to excel.

Their minds and bodies are active and intellects. bright, and they have much control over persons with whom they associate. They are inclined to politics, but have little discrimination between friends and strangers.

They have fair love of home, a wide range of business talent, and are best adapted to city life.

The polarity gives liability to nervousness, also to, rheumatism.

♍ (Virgo), with the Moon in ♓ (Pisces).

This arises from the parents’ attraction to, and enjoyment of, persistent application to some technical or detailed pursuit, and produces in the child a close, practical business mind, good mechanical ability, industry, adaptation to literary pursuits, and a desire to

p. 150

obtain and utilize knowledge in various ways, but mainly in the every-day uses of life: it gives some restlessness and a love of variety. This polarity is apt to produce a dissatisfied feeling in the married life, making them restless and irritable at home, which arises from the existence of an ideal not formulated or easily attained if it was.

They will love power and personal respect, and be sensitive to blame. When planetary conditions are unfavorable, their restlessness induces desire for travel.

This polarity has a tendency to increase Virgo's liability to diseases of the head and lower limbs.

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