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♌ (Leo), with the Moon in ♈ (Aries).

This nature is produced by a firm will on the part of the parents, and gives the child a great determination and powerful will to execute the innate nature expressed in the sign Leo.

Such persons will be apt to go to too great extremes in everything. If they believe a thing is right or wrong, they are as immovable as it is possible to be; kind and non-combative, but persistent; and if they engage in study, philosophy, or business, they will carry it to the uttermost extreme.

If religious, their zeal is unbounded. If inclined to mental philosophy, there will be great liability to insanity. Frequently insane on religious .and scientific subjects combined.

Parents ought, while such children are young and under their control, to force them to hear to reason, and to subject their will to it, showing them the folly of their extreme tenacity. Such persons ought to have a good education, and be qualified for some profession, for it is wholly impractical for them to work at physical labor. They always incline to be at the head of whatever sphere of use they occupy, yet are not bossy, but desire to be recognized as head because of their superior ability. Such persons have an innate feeling

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that they occupy some peculiar sphere of use in the world, and frequently do, as controllers in the realm of love and intellect.

This polarity gives liability to difficulties of the brain and general debility.

♌ (Leo), with the Moon in ♉ (Taurus).

This is the result of a strong love nature on the part of the parents, and produces in the child a passion for the study of nature in all its departments, and especially so for human nature, mental and physical. Have much anxiety concerning success in life; have good business intuitions, but greatly prefer the realm of mental philosophy.

When other things are favorable, the medical profession would be, by all means, the best choice for them, because it places in their hands knowledge which facilitates their research in all directions in which their nature tends. They love a hygienic life in general.

This gives strong vitativeness; consequently not much liability to any disease, except from exhaustion.

♌ (Leo), with the Moon in ♊ (Gemini).

This is the result of a peculiarly studious condition in the minds of the parents, and imparts to the child strong educational tendencies and abilities; gives order, art, and mechanics, in a general way; but this is controlled in its minutiæ by planetary conditions. There is danger of the child being too active, and overdoing his powers, physically, mentally, or sexually.

Such persons are controlled by rules of life, and love

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to work under law, but require that the law shall be absolute and undeviating. Parents should be careful, and establish in the young child's mind proper rules of restraint and guidance, and the idea of usefulness in all they do.

This polarity increases the liability to consumption, and a rheumatic or palsied condition of the hands and arms.

♌ (Leo), with the Moon in ♋ (Cancer).

This arises from a strong paternal care and love for the family, and for home and its relations; and endows the child with a great love in this direction, turning all their active thoughtfulness towards the care of the family and the home. It gives great sympathy and sensitiveness to the thoughts of those they love, but a liability to extremes; at one time buoyant and happy, and the next moment sad and depressed. Are too easily wounded, even by a look or a thoughtless word. Have much practical business energy, but are liable to all the extremes of Leo's nature. Such children should be very carefully educated, and qualified for business life.

In the case of ladies, a family life would be decidedly their choice, as they would love to care for children.

This polarity gives a greater liability to mistakes in marriage than most others.

It creates a tendency to diseases of the chest, of the circulatory, digestive, and also of the nervous system.

It gives a clear, logical, and scientific tendency to the mind, with qualifications for a literary life.

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♌ (Leo), with the Moon in ♌ (Leo).

This nature comes from a happy, contented, harmonious condition of the parents’ mind, and gives to the child a very independent, clear-minded, and intuitive nature, not affected by the likes and dislikes of others. Are capable of standing alone, going their own way, and prosecuting their own aims, and thereby make good attainments in life. This polarity counteracts the weaknesses and liabilities to extremes belonging to the innate nature of Leo, and gives a feeling of independence of others, as they draw their inspirations from the central source of life; and being polarized in their own life quality, they do not reciprocate with the other portions of the body as freely as is Leo's custom when otherwise polarized, but revolve within their own sphere of usefulness, in whatever direction it may take; being greatly shut up within themselves, they are less liable to the diseases common to Leo.

Being polarized in their own sign, they will find most harmonious conjunction with a mate born in the same function, but otherwise polarized.

♌ (Leo), with the Moon in ♍ (Virgo).

This nature arises from conditions of great harmony in the parents, with a love for the presence and surroundings of pure nature, and endows the child with a strong love of purity of conditions and harmony of surroundings that are not always easy of attainment, and on that account they have a tendency to criticise, together with a restless, anxious, dissatisfied feeling, sometimes

p. 136

amounting to impetuosity. They are disposed to make fine points in thought, and are subject to eccentricities and idiosyncrasies.

Leo is very critical in philosophical and metaphysical reasonings, and with the Virgo polarity relating them to external things, they are made more critical in relation to words and other externalities than any of the other polarities.

They are liable to sexual weakness, and inclined to act out their impulses without restraint. It is hard for such persons to realize that they ought to restrain their natural inclinations in any direction.

This polarity gives good musical abilities, art tendencies, also adaptation to literature and the medical, profession, as they have inclinations towards a hygienic life. They are liable to weak digestion and weakness. in the region of the diaphragm.

♌ (Leo), with the Moon in ♎ (Libra).

This condition is usually produced by a strong religious sentiment on the part of the parents, and gives the child fine and accurate intuitions and facilitates rapid decisions. Gives some adaptability to literary and educational pursuits. It frequently gives power of spiritual vision, also mental and physical vigor; and if these persons live perfectly chaste lives, they will be natural prophets. They could soon be developed so as. to foretell every event, even pestilences, cyclones, and violent storms; on the other hand, it gives activity of the sexual function, and if they are indulgent in that direction, it will destroy all their fine spiritual powers,

p. 137

and weaken them mentally and physically, as all the spontaneity of their hearty action would flow out in that direction.

This polarity gives some liability to weakness of the spine.

♌ (Leo), with the Moon in ♏ (Scorpio).

This nature results from the father being absorbed in the externalities of business or social life (although the fatherly mind is sometimes derived from the mother).

This polarity endows the person with a positive nature, counteracting the sympathetic tendencies of Leo, and turning the active heart energies into a love of show and external appearances. It gives pride, self-esteem, egotism, and arrogance, and their course in life will depend mainly upon planetary conditions; but as opposites are attracted in marriage, the above-named tendencies may be softened down by interior inheritance from the mother.

♌ (Leo), with the Moon in ♐ (Sagittarius).

This nature is the result of a very active and expressive mental condition on the part of the parents, and makes a very restless, active, positive mind in the child, who will be apt to want an unknown something, and be constantly dissatisfied with surroundings. Would be practical and mechanical in business. It gives an inclination for religion, and some desire for the ministry. Intensifies all the activities of Leo's nature, and opens all the doors leading to extremes. Endows the

p. 138

mind with a tendency to law, order, and rule, and an intolerance of any deviation from the law of right in their own minds. Are inclined to do as they are done by, in all directions, but are very apt to go to law in trifling cases; to be too intolerant with their children; too exacting with those under their care, in every respect; and in whatever direction their mind turns, are apt to go to great extremes.

Parents should restrain the activity of such children, and teach them to have a time to work, a time to rest, a time to play—a time for everything. This polarity gives great activity in the sexual system, and parents cannot use too much care in preventing bad habits in these children. None, especially of this polarity, should, be allowed to sleep late in the morning, for then is the time bad habits of unnatural sex activity are usually formed. Such children should be trained to most vigorous and decisive habits in the care of their own persons; such as bounding out of bed on awaking in the morning, cold sponge baths, followed by brisk rubbing, and out-door exercise in the morning.

This polarity increases the liability to physical exhaustion, weakness of chest, longs, etc.

♌ (Leo), with the Moon in ♑ (Capricorn).

This arises from a condition of great mental activity and animation in relation to business pursuits on the part of the parents, and inclines the child to be bright and active in business, well adapted for trade, with tendency to spread out largely. It counteracts much of the sympathetic nature of Leo, and makes the person

p. 139

liable to judge others by themselves, and be rather hard and exacting. Gives considerable love for money and moneyed influence, and stimulates selfishness; but the love and sympathetic nature of Leo so restrains this that it scarcely appears. They are great lovers of music. Their sense of cleanliness and uncleanliness, of harmonious sounds and actions, is so acute that they are apt to be (ladies especially) almost morbid in this respect; they often restrain even their breathing and other normal actions of the body, through their extra fastidiousness, which brings on lack of circulation, and consequent disease.

♌ (Leo), with the Moon in ♒ (Aquarius).

This comes from a strong love of society, and a disposition to conform to the public mind, on the part of the parents, and gives a ruling desire to be among and deal with the many; qualifies the mind to please the people readily and form acquaintances easily, and contributes to the love of travel. It often destroys discrimination between friends and strangers, and tends to make one an adventurer. Planetary conditions may largely change this. But careful education in the customs of society and rules of business will be necessary to guard against these tendencies. With proper planetary influences it gives adaptation to public life in such directions as thereby indicated. Such persons would incline to, a career of travel and would not be satisfied to settle down outside of city life.

This polarity gives some tendency to nerve and rheumatic difficulties, with probable affection of the lungs.

p. 140

♌ (Leo), with the Moon in ♓ (Pisces).

This nature comes from a mechanical tendency of mind and a restless impetuosity on the part of the parents, and the offspring are apt to be cross as babies, restless and uneasy as children.

It gives inclination to study and research, but, unless harmonized by planetary conditions, are too restless to be confined to it. Is apt to produce dissatisfaction with the family relations. Gives a tendency to be on the feet and to travel, and a desire for knowledge; and, in abnormal conditions, makes people meddlesome and impertinent; and sometimes, in old ladies, inclines to mischief-making.

As mechanics, they will be diligent, accurate, and practical. If planetary conditions favor study and research, will be apt to make great attainments in such directions.

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