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♋ (Cancer), with the Moon in ♈ (Aries).

This comes from a very determined condition in the parental mind, which gives to the child a very determined will and indomitable persistency in whatever is undertaken, and a disposition to be head and controller in the sphere of his activity. The person will be apt to go to extremes, so much so, that it will be difficult to change, even under the dictates of reason. Will have an innate hatred of being controlled by the mind or will of another, which will make them liable to many mistakes and losses through life. Children of this polarity ought to be very carefully drilled, that they may gradually suppress this inclination and bring it under the control of their reason. Will be apt to deal with general principles, to the neglect of the minutiæ. A silent, stubborn persistency often characterizes this nature.

This polarity would give liability to headaches, and sometimes to insanity.

♋ (Cancer), with the Moon in ♉ (Taurus).

This makes a character almost abnormally sensitive, and the mind will be very quick to perceive mental and physical influences and conditions; will be inclined to follow the sensations; will love the wonderful and

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the sublime in nature. If the person is unhappily balanced in other directions, will be apt to take on conditions resembling obsession, and may think they are possessed by evil spirits. If this is allowed to continue, insanity will speedily result. To avoid this, it is necessary that they cultivate in themselves a positive self-control, and suppress all fear of other influences, that they may be able to face the most unpleasant conditions with a determination to be superior to them. Parents should try to cultivate in such children the idea that they can be superior to the influence of others, and that they have in themselves power to make conditions; but yet it will be necessary, especially with girls, to be very careful about their nurses. It will be noticed that such children will cry and scream as if hurt when certain persons take hold of them, or perhaps when they only come into their presence. This comes from the fact that their fine nerve sense is so unfavorably affected by these persons, that if their psychological influence continues for some length of time, it may produce disease or even death in the child.

Old or diseased persons will absorb all the finer essences of such children, and cause their death. Licentious or gross nurses frequently obsess and destroy such children. Parents will notice that if they are worried, cross, or fretful, the child will feel the same; and if these conditions are kept up in the household, they will be apt to cause indisposition, and bring on disease and perhaps death.

It is only by the most careful guarding and nursing that such children can be reared. Such persons should

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never sit in the circles of spiritualists, or in any way submit their will to the psychological control of others. They have natural intuitions, and should study the laws of mind. Such persons are well calculated for agricultural pursuits.

♋ (Cancer), with the Moon in ♊ (Gemini).

This arises from a strong love of educational and artistic pursuits on the part of the parents, and gives the child a thirst for knowledge in all directions, with great activity and energy. Such will have utilitarian ideas, and be allied to the realm of art, education, and general knowledge, with some inclination toward public life, speaking, writing, etc. Such children ought to have every advantage of school education; but careful instruction should be given them concerning the uses and abuses of the sex nature.

This polarity somewhat increases the liability to diseases peculiar to the sign Cancer.

♋ (Cancer), with the Moon in ♋ (Cancer).

This nature springs from a bright, active, satisfied mental condition on the part of the parents, with an inclination to enjoy all that life affords. It gives the child a clear, keen intellect, with intuitions clear and free from vague imaginings, unless the sex nature becomes excited: then they are inclined to go to extremes. They have good, clear business minds, but more disposed to deal with general principles than minutiæ. Should have a full college education, and can then enter upon almost any sphere of life they

p. 126

may choose. Are opposed to being subject to laws and rules of others, are apt to have irregular ideas of domestic life, and are very independent, self-sufficient characters.

This somewhat decreases the general liability to diseases common to Cancer.

♋ (Cancer), with the Moon in ♌ (Leo).

This nature is produced by a parental desire for the reciprocal expressions and emotions of love, and gives the child a restless desire and activity of the love nature, and subjects them to extremes, making them somewhat unreliable, because they are so sensitive to the conditions of other minds that it affects directly their own affectional nature.

We may say that in this case the maternal principle expresses itself through the .heart; and if we turn our attention to the animal world, we find there the expression of the mother-nature, in its many phases, corresponding to the real condition of such a person; and we are thrown upon planetary influence for a solution of the character and course of this mind.

The polarity gives liability to weakness of the circulatory system, and general debility.

♋ (Cancer), with the Moon in ♍ (Virgo).

This is produced by an ideal of grandeur in the direction of sensational pleasures on the part of the parents, which creates in the child an insatiable desire for pleasurable emotions, with a keen, critical, discriminating nature in emotional matters, which will tend to

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produce a changeableness in the mind and disposition of the person. They have inclination towards the study of anatomy and physiology, also towards authorship. They are very critical; also very passional in the love nature, which, if under the control of an inverted idealty, through a morbid yielding to sensual practices, is apt to lead them to great extremes; but with proper training in early life, especially in regard to the uses and abuses of the sexual function, these powers would become grand factors in the realm of parental uses; but the most careful training and education is necessary for such children.

We must bear in mind that the greatest good in the world, if inverted, becomes the greatest evil, and also that the greatest good lies in the mean between two great extremes.

This polarity increases the liability to diseases of the stomach.

♋ (Cancer), with the Moon in ♎ (Libra).

This nature is produced by the parents’ intense desire to know the future of certain persons or domestic conditions. These children will have fine intuitions, keen perceptions in all matters relating to domestic, and often to social life, if the activity of the passions does not destroy them; for in this polarity all the forces of the mind and body are directed towards the reins or fountains of the sexual nature; therefore they must be controlled by a strong and well-disciplined will in order to call them up to the uses of the brain; and when they are, it gives a fine, well-balanced, and intuitive

p. 128

mind, capable of perceiving not only the . conditions of the present, whether pertaining to things near or distant, but also events yet to come. Their nature makes them apt watchmen in all that relates to associates or domestic life. They are often idealistic writers.

This polarity gives liability to difficulties of the liver and reins.

♋ (Cancer), with the Moon in ♏ (Scorpio).

This nature is produced by a strong, determined mind directed towards the combat of business life, usually on the paternal side, and gives the child much self-control in the passional nature. It serves to harden the sensitiveness of Cancer, and gives adaptation to public uses and money-getting; gives conventionality, and in many cases severity, toward opponents, and often great vindictiveness, which is not common to Cancer, and fits the Cancer character for a more external and public life.

This polarity increases liability to tumors and similar diseases of the abdominal region.

♋ (Cancer), with the Moon in ♐ (Sagittarius).

This nature results from a hurried, active condition on the parts of the parents, and endows the child with an over-active nature; gives good mechanical ability; industry, and energy. Few children of this polarity live long, on account of their over-activity, which induces diseases of the digestive organs and other ailments of a varied and perplexing character, all of which originate in the chest and stomach.

p. 129

Frequently these persons seem unable to rest under any conditions. The necessity of muscular action seems imperative, and if surrounded by restless conditions, they will be entirely incapable of turning their energies away from the muscles until disease or death comes to their relief: but it must be remembered that this extreme activity may be counteracted to a great extent by planetary conditions so as to take the phase of great executive ability, industry, and some tendency toward public speaking; but the person will always maintain the characteristic of being too quick to act and speak.

This polarity sometimes increases liability to diseases of the motor nerves.

♋ (Cancer), with the Moon in ♑ (Capricorn).

This nature is produced by the minds of the parents being much occupied with ideas of business success, and endows the child with thorough, practical business tendencies, which will doubtless engage the whole thought of the person. Ideals of beauty, grandeur, and excellence will be ever present with them, which may tend toward religious zeal or find expression in societary channels, and though causality may be deficient, there will be a keen perception of conventionalities.

There will be some opposition between the innate nature and its outworkings, which might be styled self-opposition, resulting in a peculiar feeling of uncertainty, differing entirely from that produced by the opposition of the planets to the innate nature, being entirely in the external; while the latter is between

p. 130

the external and internal. If planetary conditions do not change this, the person will be eccentric in some things, because you cannot judge correctly by their sayings or actions what they intend to do, as they are uncertain themselves. We frequently find such persons quiet, inexpressive, their minds engaged in thought; yet they cannot express the thought, but are ready at any time for a business enterprise where success is certain.

Ladies of this polarity are not apt to be good housewives, but are first-class business women. It gives some musical abilities—planetary conditions may add or diminish. It does not change the diseases to which the innate nature is liable, other than that it might find expression in the joints and lower limbs.

♋ (Cancer), with the Moon in ♒ (Aquarius).

This nature results from desires on the part of the parents to please the public in some way, and gives the child adaptation for public life,—as travelling agents, salesmen, merchants, etc. They love city life; have good business qualifications; are quick to perceive what will please or displease the public; careful in their sayings and doings; rather shrinking and silent under harsh and reproving language; disposed to self-justification, but lacking in language to express it at the time.

They are shrewd and careful in bargains, and seldom give a decisive yes or no, but always have qualifications, as, "I think so"; "I will try." They desire truthfulness, and hate prevarication, but are apt to be deceptive rather than lose money or be blamed. This polarity gives some tendency to rheumatic difficulties.

p. 131

♋ (Cancer), with the Moon in ♓ (Pisces).

This polarity is produced by a strong love of scientific and mechanical knowledge, together with obstacles which have hindered such attainments, and gives to the child a bright, active mind, with a keen sense of the meaning of words, and quick comprehension of the thoughts of a speaker. Will be industrious and studious, having an intense hungering for knowledge. There is generally a peculiar dissatisfied state of mind, and if Uranus exerts a controlling influence, the person will be liable to obsession or to hysterical and imaginary diseases. When these conditions begin to come upon the person, they are difficult to avert. They should at once be induced to mingle in society, let their minds be intently engaged in all possible ways, in suitable enjoyments and diversions. They have fine qualities, and so long as their minds are kept active, have useful thoughts. Are usually disposed to embody their ideals practically, and, when thwarted, will imagine that they have adversaries in or out of the body. All this may be counteracted and averted by planetary conditions.

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