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♊ (Gemini), with the Moon in ♈ (Aries).

This polarity comes from a restless, anxious, but very determined condition on the part of the parents. It gives the person a strong will and a high, aspiring mind; a love of knowledge and understanding. A reader of books, and an expresser of the thoughts contained therein. They are ambitious and worldly, and as men, frequently make high attainments; but as women, they are not inclined to be domestic, and are positive about having their own way.

It gives adaptation to law and politics, but there is a constant danger of extremes in everything they do. It makes a character a little too independent, and weakens their inclination to conventionality and to following out set rules and customs. In this case, parents, in bringing up children, will always have more or less difficulty with them. They should reason with them a great deal, and show them the danger of extremes and the necessity of sometimes bending to circumstances. It gives them, however, great power to carry out anything that they wish, and therefore power of controlling themselves in every department of life; consequently, it makes a very strong character in whatever direction planetary conditions may indicate.

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These persons will have neuralgic pains in head, and bronchial troubles.

♊ (Gemini), with the Moon in ♉ (Taurus).

This comes from a strong love of nature, especially a desire for scientific knowledge in that direction. It expresses an inclination to a hygienic life, and makes the person quite sensitive. It gives adaptation to the medical profession, and a great deal of determination and persistency of character. It increases their sex inclination, and is liable to make persons rather eccentric in their habits, being led very much by their feelings and emotions. The main feature of this polarity to be considered, in connection with the planetary conditions, is a sensational nature. It gives tendency to a pushing, energetic, business life, and a desire to control. These persons have a full share of vitality and vigor, unless wasted through undue activity of the sex nature. Are liable, when sick, to affections of lymphatic system, through the nerves.

♊ (Gemini), with the Moon in ♊ (Gemini).

This comes from a restless, aspiring, and decisive attitude on the part of parents. It expresses an illuminated mind, independence of character, clearness of thought, and persons well rounded, and well balanced in their calculations and arrangements. It gives some degree of self-conceit, lack of sympathy with others, and a determination to carry out the inclinations of their own minds, regardless of the effect upon others. Such persons have fair success in business matters, and find their enjoyment mainly in the activities of mind

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and body; are not easily led by their sympathies or turned from their own decisions. The particular business to which they are adapted is determined mainly by planetary conditions.

This polarity leaves the liabilities to disease as given under the sign Gemini.

♊ (Gemini), with the Moon in ♋ (Cancer).

This expresses the fact that there were anxieties in the mind of the positive parent concerning the welfare of the family. This anxiety will always be active in these children, who will also be inclined to economy, and over-anxiety about general business success, money, and family matters. It increases the innate restlessness, and gives a desire to seek sympathy from others, and a discontented condition, because that sympathy cannot meet or satisfy their inner longing for an unknown something. It creates some degree of sensitiveness to conditions, making them liable to sense other people's feelings.

The activities of their minds will be in relation to business success in laying up treasures, and in all matters relating to home and the domestic sphere.

When turned into scientific directions, it gives a clear, logical, argumentative mind.

This polarity indicates some liability to diseases of the nutritive system.

♊ (Gemini), with the Moon in ♌ (Leo).

This shows that there was a strong desire in the mind of the father, or most positive parent, for love

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and true soul sympathy. The heart was open in that direction, and the mental characteristic condition was expressed in the nature of the child.

The person will be apt to have a morbid tendency to reach out for love mainly from the opposite sex, which, unless restrained, will be in danger of leading to excesses ruinous to mind and body.

They will be liable to weakness and lack of determination, and in business directions, to despondency and inefficiency, unless strengthened and qualified by planetary conditions. They will have special inclination and adaptation to the ministry, with some aptitude to philosophical pursuits and the medical profession, which may be strengthened by favorable planetary conditions. They will have a tendency towards poetry and music, and be somewhat inclined to the superstitious and spiritualistic, and rather apt to believe in a controlling destiny or some supernatural force hindering them in their life course.

In case of the physical body being weakened, will have derangement of the circulatory system, and hypochondria. In such cases deep, full breathing and physical activity will be a complete remedy.

♊ (Gemini), with the Moon in ♍ (Virgo).

This polarity shows that the mind of the most positive parent was intensely studious and critical, or greatly perplexed in regard to certain things. This gives a very studious and mathematical mind, with a tendency to criticise and examine; a love for the study of nature, anatomy, physiology, and hygiene, and

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for chemistry and medicine. Will have a love and appreciation of beauty in architecture and in the general departments of life. They have a love of honor, but as husbands and wives are sometimes critical and irritable; but the women of this nature are very neat in their housekeeping and in everything they do, also artistic, particular, and even over-careful in keeping things in order after they get them so.

Frequently regard the furniture as too nice to use, from fear of soiling; hard to please and rather spiteful; very nervous in temperament; have frequent headaches with tendency to hypochondria, and through irregularities of mental condition, are very liable to different forms of female weakness, especially leucorrhœa.

Should ladies of this polarity engage in business, the nature as described for males would be equally applicable to them, with the exception that they might be slightly more affected and modified by their planetary conditions.

♊ (Gemini), with the Moon in ♎ (Libra).

This indicates that there existed in the mind of the father a condition of great uncertainty concerning the future, and a desire to see into it.

The child will be endowed with peculiar spiritual tendencies, and love the study of the occult and unseen forces, and have a very intuitive and foreseeing mind. This gives great accuracy and quickness of decision, with adaptability to the study of nature and philosophy, also to any and all pursuits indicated by planetary conditions. These persons will have good imitative

p. 119

powers in all departments of life, and especially in literary pursuits.

If children of this nature should get led into licentiousness or self-abusive habits, it would quickly impair their powers, and it would be more difficult for them to conquer and rise out of low conditions than those of most other polarities; a life of chastity would also affect them with corresponding quickness for good. They have some tendency to liver and kidney difficulties.

♊ (Gemini), with the Moon in ♏ (Scorpio).

This indicates that a condition of worriment and combativeness was existing in the mind of the most active parent, leaving expression only to the passional or sex nature. This makes the person positive, determined, and imitative, with a conservative nature, but possessed of a disposition to keep it out of sight and to appear the opposite of what they really are. They will be rather harsh, with a nature not over-sensitive, and the disposition and ability to qualify them for some position in public life. In their domestic sphere, will be, more apt to be controlled by passion than conjugality, as their polarity does not favorably impress them in this direction unless aided by planetary conditions.

They would be liable to diseases of any of the vital functions as it controls the basic forces of the system and root of vitality, and would consequently be a centre from which diseased conditions would radiate.

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♊ (Gemini), with the Moon in ♐ (Sagittarius).

This indicates that the father had been in an anxious, excited, and hurried state of mind, which produced a condition of great physical and mental activity in the child. Few children of this nature come to maturity unless the parents take great care to restrain them and keep them quiet. They frequently die of marasmus, or of brain difficulty, before they are ten years of age. If they arrive at maturity, they are over-active and over-expressive, and too quick every way.

They must be doing something all the time; seem unable to rest, and are liable to great nervous excitability and sexual excesses. Incline to be mentally but not physically combative.

If sufficiently balanced by planetary conditions, will have a desire and adaptability to the ministry or public speaking.

Children of this nature should be especially guarded against acquiring habits of self-abuse. This intensifies the liability to nerve difficulties.

♊ (Gemini), with the Moon in ♑ (Capricorn).

This arises from paternal anxiety in a general business direction, and usually from liability to loss of property or honor; and produces in the child a mind very active in business ways, watchful, careful, inclined to be suspicious of losses and distrustful of friends and business associates; inclined to view everything from a purely business standpoint. Will be liable to frequent failures and disappointments, unless the intuitive faculties

p. 121

are especially cultivated, or endowed by planetary conditions.

There is danger of intemperance in this polarity. It gives a love of beauty, elegance, and grandeur, with a disposition to labor hard for a position of eminence and honor.

Women of this polarity ought to devote themselves to a business life, as they are not usually qualified by nature for a domestic sphere. The polarity gives a tendency to nervous headaches and diseases of the joints.

♊ (Gemini), with the Moon in ♒ (Aquarius).

This comes from an anxious desire in the parental mind to please and gain the attention of the public; or perhaps from anxiety in regard to loss of honor or credit. It gives the child natural qualifications and desires for association and dealings with the public.

Such persons are not apt to be satisfied in life unless in some position where there is a great deal of activity, excitement, and change. Will have tact as salesmen, general business or travelling agents, ticket agents, etc. If planetary conditions favor, will make good public men, politicians, speakers, or physicians.

Women of this polarity experience a great deal of dissatisfaction relative to domestic life.

This nature is liable to nervous and rheumatic difficulties, mainly of the lower limbs.

♊ (Gemini), with the Moon in ♓ (Pisces).

This indicates that the positive parent was possessed of an anxious desire for knowledge, but was unfavorably

p. 122

circumstanced for its acquirement. This produces in the child a restless, anxious, studious mind, and intensifies the anxiety and restlessness peculiar to the Gemini nature, which creates a dissatisfied condition in every pursuit in life. They will feel that they are opposed in all their undertakings, and this results in a fretful, dissatisfied state in all the domestic and social relations. Children will be especially restless, and babies very cross and irritable.

When conditions are such as to make inharmony in domestic life, there will be noticed in the hand a line, or a few small lines, running parallel with the line that surrounds the thumb, and on the side next the thumb.

Where persons, through culture and the controlling influence of an educated will, make the tendencies of this polarity subject to their higher faculties, it facilitates study and research, enabling them to make great attainments in life.

This polarity gives liability to diseases of the liver and spleen and to inflammation of the pleura. These being spiritual or psychic functions, there is a tendency in this nature for their suppression, and consequent disease.

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