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♉ (Taurus), with the Moon in ♈ (Aries).

This polarity comes from a very determined state of mind in the parents. This characterizes the nature with law. It makes a positive person, usually with the organs of conscientiousness large, which gives adaptation to legal pursuits, engineering, mathematics, and mechanics. It gives ability to begin and accomplish great undertakings. It makes a nature very exacting, demanding a great deal of others, and apt to make a law and require others to live by it, which law is always according to their own nature, and the circumstances that they happen to be in; therefore their laws are not always just. Such persons are apt to go to extremes in every department of life. They are headstrong, and can only be changed from doing anything they set their mind on, by the force of circumstances, or by the reasonings of some friend in whom they put great confidence. They have a great deal of self-esteem, and a veneration for education and knowledge of a material character, but the dominant feature of this polarity is law (rule of life) and stiff-headedness or persistency.

This polarity increases the liability to diseases of kidneys and reins, and all diseases peculiar to ♉ (Taurus).

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♉ (Taurus), with the Moon in ♉ (Taurus).

This comes from a very harmonious yet very active and independent condition on the part of parents, and gives a very independent character. It leaves the nature of Taurus to act itself out, adding only the illuminating element of the sun, which clears up the dark places in the life of Taurus, and adds buoyancy of character, animation of thought, and increased brilliancy and vivacity. They are less affected by the influence of others than as given under the sign Taurus. It gives them self-control in everything, and insulates them to a very great extent from the rest of humanity, shutting them up within their own sphere, and disinclining them to travel or to engage in new enterprises. It makes them bold, animated, restless, active, and, in many cases, brilliant. It makes a very strong character in every way, and one capable, other things being equal, of making great attainments in life, not only in financial, but other directions, constituting them useful members of society.

This polarity greatly lessens the liability to disease in any direction.

♉ (Taurus), with the Moon in ♊ (Gemini).

This usually comes from a settled interest in some educational or scientific pursuit on the part of the parents, and gives a person strong inclinations to public speaking or oratory. It also gives artistic and poetic ability and tendency as well as an inclination to scientific knowledge, and incites to activity and

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usefulness in all departments of the natural world. It gives mechanical ability, and also a restless, stirring character.

It causes persons to love order and beauty, and gives some tendency to the culture of fruit and flowers, also botanical pursuits; yet their love of city life would militate somewhat against embarking in business of this kind unless it could be combined with city interests.

The selfish proclivities of the Taurus nature are brought into play by this polarity; it would increase their tendency to rule and to be at the head of things, and would incline them to obstinacy and self-conceit, yet it would give them good abilities in almost all professions or departments of business. They have great physical endurance, and are apt to judge others from their own standpoint, and consequently expect and demand a large amount of service from those employed under them, even to overtaxing their strength. This nativity in most cases gives good language; but also lessens the inclination to domestic life, with a tendency to nervous diseases.

♉ (Taurus), with the Moon in ♋ (Cancer).

This indicates that the minds of the parents were very much immersed in the duties of domestic life. It turns the whole mental condition to a love of home, family, and children. It is hard for such to allow their love to go beyond their own home and family, especially if it would cost anything to do so. They are very persistent and active in business, anxious about making money, and economical in general. It greatly

p. 105

increases their sensitiveness and, to a certain extent, weakens their self-control in the sex nature, and sometimes they go to great extremes in this direction. It gives a tendency to manufacturing interests in connection with articles necessary to the home life. In public life their thought would incline to legislation of a domestic nature.

Parents having children of this polarity should use every precaution to develop and establish their character from the standpoint of reason in the control and regulation of their sensational proclivities, thus saving them from a fevered and excited imagination, through which means they get into bad habits. They should also be checked in their tendency to penuriousness, should they, in their natural habit of going to extremes, be found setting too much value on money. Parents should keep in mind the importance of giving a reason for all they require of these children, to the end of impressing them to act from reason instead of their sensations and emotions. This polarity gives a clear mind, with logical proclivities and a disposition to generalization in thought. They have some tendency to tumors, cancerous affections, etc.

♉ (Taurus), with the Moon in ♌ (Leo).

This polarity comes from a strong, zealous nature on the part of the parents, with a tendency to submerge everything in the love and domestic life. It softens the positive nature of Taurus, and turns the mind into the interior, giving an inclination towards love, emotion, and sensational pleasure. It also increases the

p. 106

sex passion, making them very domestic, and devoted to family and associates. It gives strong likes and dislikes, and makes them subject to great extremes. It causes them to be easily influenced by associates, and there are liabilities and dangers of acquiring bad habits. They are frequently deceived and misled by hasty and ill-placed confidence.

Such persons seldom make very great attainments, unless planetary conditions are specially favorable, as they are over-confiding and wasteful of their vital powers. This polarity brings into full play all of the sensational and emotional nature of Taurus, and turns it into the innermost of their being, and thus causes it to act itself out through all their sensations.

Children born with this polarity need an extraordinary amount of drill in the direction of the uses and abuses of the sex life, and against their putting too much confidence in others. They should be restrained very much in their appetites, for they are in danger of eating too freely and overtaxing their digestive forces, thereby bringing on disease. Such persons are liable to internal derangement, and especially to liver difficulties. It gives them powerful imaginations, strange and vivid dreams, and many times spiritual vision.

As a wife or a husband, they are in danger of overdoing everything in their domestic love life. They are apt to feel, unless there is a constant expression of love, that it does not exist. They incline to be first-class mechanics, and also make good physicians, and, with Moral and religious proclivities, effective clergymen.

p. 107

♉ (Taurus), with the Moon in ♍ (Virgo).

This nature arises from a disposition on the part of parents to a critical examination and scrutiny of things. It gives fine intuitions and discriminative powers; it makes one fond of learning, and an admirer of high literary talent; it makes a first-class business mind in general. Such persons are apt to make very high attainments of a business character, and, sometimes, literary, and frequently legal and political attainments. It makes their judgment acute as well as accurate, and gives them preciseness in everything. It makes a nature very exacting and positive, and a person very intolerant of others in a lower sphere of life. In their demands for exactness they are impatient when it cannot be obtained in each and every direction. They are too apt to criticise and censure persons whose capacities do not come up to their own. They are wholly men and women of their age and order of things, and are well adapted to all branches of a successful business life. As a rule, they are sure to succeed in whatever they undertake.

When children, they should be given a first-class education, and should be specially instructed in principles of equity, and to be more tolerant of others. This polarity gives a tendency to diseases of the digestive organs, also to corpulency, and increases the liability to dropsical troubles.

This polarity is second only to, if not on a par with, Virgo-Taurus, as to supremacy of business powers: between them lies the palm.

p. 108

♉ (Taurus), with the Moon in ♎ (Libra).

This comes from the minds of the parents being turned within, with a disposition to be guided by the spiritual and intuitive. It makes a very positive and decided character; one that is very quick in deciding, and very positive and extremely determined when their decision is reached. It constitutes them peculiarly law characters, who work not only by law, but also by intuition. This combination of the two is apt to give a great deal of self-conceit, and hardness and angularity of character, and severity of nature. They frequently make peculiar decisions, and it is impossible to foresee just how such persons will interpret a question, and whether they will look at a thing approvingly or otherwise. They are controlled almost wholly by their selfish propensities, but have a great deal of kindness and love in their nature for persons they regard.

This polarity is apt to give a full forehead and large organs of conscientiousness, which go to make up the law nature, which is quite the opposite from the equity nature as found in Aries, with the moon in Libra. Again, this polarity of Taurus gives good speculative ability, and adapts a man as a builder and driver of heavy business, especially if there is an harmonious blending of planetary conditions.

It is apt to give liability to diseases of the brain and kidneys, and to weakness and debility of the reproductive functions, and also liable to gravel. Such persons are inclined to excesses in everything, and especially in matters of love and hate. They are very jealous, and when thus aroused, they are full of vengeance and wind activeness.

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♉ (Taurus), with the Moon in ♏ (Scorpio).

This polarity results from a desire for public position, and from the minds of the parents being mainly under the sway of the passional nature. It is apt to give an intensely passional character, unless otherwise restrained and protected; they are hard, positive, and determined, but inclined to overrate educational attainments in others.

It gives great pride of person, and a great deal of conventionality. It increases the selfish propensities, and gives activity to all the lower nature of Taurus. If sufficiently dignified, however, these persons may be very excellent men and women.

They are liable to affections of the heart.

♉ (Taurus), with the Moon in ♐ (Sagittarius).

This nature is begotten by a great deal of self-esteem on the part of the parents, in the direction of their abilities to execute. They are very positive and decided in all that they do, and are liable to go to great extremes in everything they undertake. They are hasty in speaking, and are liable to act and speak from the first thought that comes into their mind. They are executors in their sphere of use, which is apt to be one of a mechanical order. Sometimes, however, this polarity gives inclinations and abilities for public speaking or the ministerial profession. It brings into activity all the life forces, and consequently gives weakness in the sex nature. Unless sufficiently dignified and restrained, their hasty actions will always keep

p. 110

them hard at work. They are not apt to be good wives or husbands. They are quick in their impulses, and when angry, very high-tempered. They are liable to be quarrelsome and unpleasant associates. Parents should take special care to drill such children in habits of self-control in everything, and especially in matters pertaining to the sex. They should be instructed how to make life useful, and also in the value and uses of money. In short, these children need more rigid and thorough tuition .than almost any others, in all that pertains to a practical and industrious life.

They are liable to dropsical affections of the lower limbs.

♉ (Taurus), with the Moon in ♑ (Capricorn).

This polarity indicates that the minds of the parents were engaged intensely on general business plans and ideas, with high aspirations in that direction, and gives a very practical business mind, with a large measure of caution and a disposition to careful reasoning and planning before action. It makes a positive, determined, and independent character; and turns the mind to a consideration of general principles and business interests, and sometimes to music and art. It gives great love of wealth and grandeur, and great aspirations for the attainment of honor and position in public life. It makes a person very conventional, and, at the same time, apparently very independent, but their independence receives its character from the standards of the people, and therefore its root is in conventionality; this condition, however, gives success

p. 111

in life. Such persons are well adapted for the legal profession and military service. This polarity gives them a natural tendency to be organizers. It strengthens the nerves, and gives a very strong will, and also great power of self-control and ability to control others. In also enables them to remain unmoved even under exciting circumstances. It gives more adaptation for public than for private life. It, of itself, takes away the tendency to a domestic life, unless otherwise counteracted by planetary conditions.

This polarity is good for men, but bad for women. It would be difficult to say just what course it would take in a woman's nature, other than as dignified by planetary conditions. It obviates much of the danger of psychological influence from other minds, except in woman's nature, and in that case it gives impulse to carry out their sex desires, no matter what they may be. Therefore great responsibility devolves upon mothers of such daughters. All the attainments of this nature depend entirely upon the chastity of their habits. Should they become licentious in their inclinations, they would be apt to go to such extremes that it would destroy largely their usefulness in life.

It would not effect the liability to disease other than in the lower limbs, and perhaps rheumatism of the joints.

♉ (Taurus), with the Moon in ♒ (Aquarius).

This usually comes from political, but sometimes from social, interests on the part of the parents. This polarity give the person a great accession of conventionality,

p. 112

and a disposition and adaptation for pleasing the people. It gives clearness of language, so that they are not liable to be misunderstood. They are easy to form acquaintance with strangers, and to come before the people with confidence and tact, and with a great deal of zest on their own part. Such persons would never be satisfied to live in the country, but want to be in the bustle and excitement of a city life. They have great regard for show, personal appearance, fashion, etc. They make good, practical, general business agents.

This polarity gives a very good adaptation for a literary calling and a strong inclination in that direction. If other conditions should point toward trade, they would have great adaptation for it. In fact, the eyes of their mind are always open to the masses. They are apt to have unusually good ideas as to what would please and what would displease the public. Ladies born with this polarity are apt to be very showy, and disinclined to a domestic life; and unless they find some business that keeps them among the people, it is very apt to lead. them into dangers and excesses of a varied character.

This polarity gives some tendency to rheumatism and diseases of the lower limbs.

♉ (Taurus), with the Moon in ♓ (Pisces).

This comes from the mind being largely absorbed in study, or a desire to obtain knowledge. It gives a very practical, mechanical, and ingenious mind. It leads them into the manufacturing interests, and gives a disposition to be constantly doing something, and

p. 113

modifies or counteracts the lymphatic Taurus nature. Very frequently it gives an innate dissatisfaction with their condition, let it be what it may. Thereby they frequently become combative, irritable, and cross. It usually gives them law (rule of life) and order in all they do. Frequently it gives them an inclination to study, with abilities in mathematics, brightens up their logical reasonings, and increases their desire to make money, also to save it. Such persons are apt to feel that there are many obstacles in the way, and that everything is very much against them in this world. Frequently we find the thumb on the left hand marked across, parallel with the life-line, with one clearly defined line, or with several small ones, which, in this case, if it is but one line, indicates difficulties in the married life; but if it is marked by several small ones, it indicates many difficulties in life.

Parents should, in governing children of this polarity, teach them the necessity of thoughtful, careful action, and of considering well the consequence of everything they do before they do it; also regarding the abuses of the sex nature, and its consequences.

This polarity gives liability to diseases of the lower limbs; also of liver and spleen.

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