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♈ (Aries), with the Moon in ♈ (Aries).

THIS polarity gives the moon in the life (that is, in conjunction with the sun), and comes from the minds of the parents being quite satisfied, active, and independent,—encompassed with their own sphere of thought. This gives brilliancy of thought and mental characteristics. It is as if the person were mentally independent of all other persons and drawing all their intellectuality from the fountain-head. This gives a very independent character, revolving within their own sphere, and intensifies all the characteristics of Aries, except as it militates against their inclination to go out into new and independent thought. This polarity gives no additional liability to disease except in case of loss of friends, property, or continued worriment; it would then have a tendency to produce brain trouble, and sometimes insanity and sudden stroke of paralysis.

♈ (Aries), with the Moon in ♉ (Taurus).

This nature comes from the minds of the parents being turned toward nature in its interior and metaphysical phenomena, and especially in the direction of the laws of life, health, and happiness. It leads Aries

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into the realm of sense and nature, intensifying all the senses and causing the person to live in and be governed largely by their sensations, making them particularly acute and susceptible in the sense of smell; also to the mental and physical conditions of others, to wholesome or deleterious localities, and to proper and improper food. It likewise gives them great discriminative powers as to the qualities and conditions of things generally. It leads the mind to consider the laws of health and to seek the causes of disease, etc., in the elements of nature. Such persons make natural hygienic physicians. It gives them a great deal of determination of character with a disposition to leadership. It gives love of all the sciences relative to life, health, and happiness; also, as a rule, great vitativeness and a love of large, spacious rooms and richness and elegance of surroundings. It increases the innate nature of Aries in its love of harmony and makes the person exceedingly sensitive to the least discord of any kind.

It increases the liability to sick headache, nervous debility, derangement of the digestive functions, and disinclination to give the body sufficient nourishment. In case Jupiter is in Virgo, it will reverse this and turn the inclination in the opposite direction; will cause them to have an extra amount of vitality and too great inclination to sex indulgence. Other planets would have effects corresponding to their nature.

♈ (Aries), with Moon in ♊ (Gemini).

This polarity comes from the minds of the parents being interested in educational and scientific directions.

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[paragraph continues] It gives to the child good language and the desire to be a ready expresser of thought. It intensifies the activity of the brain and body, and inclines the person to their employment in the uses of life. It gives adaptation to art and mechanical genius of the higher order, but causes the person to be restless, fretful, and exacting in private life. Such persons are constantly in danger of overdoing; they should cultivate the habit of resting mind and body. This polarity gives Aries a tendency to changefulness and to making the organ of continuity small, and sometimes the organ of concentrativeness also.

Parents having children of this nativity should plan regular habits for them. In the first place, they should see to it that they finish whatever they begin; and that they have a regular rule of life,—a time for work, a time for play, and a time for rest and quiet. It would be well for persons of this nativity to make a practice of sitting in a room alone an hour each day abstaining from thought, to the end of developing a restful habit of mind and body. An important reason for this is, that should such a person be attacked by disease, especially by a fever, it would at once go to the brain, and intensify its activity until insanity and even death might follow; whereas, if by practice they had acquired the power to stop thinking at will, they could have resisted the disease and saved themselves from insanity or death. Pain is but a mental action in physical nature to call into activity the power of the will to throw off the disease and to extricate the poisonous elements. Therefore, when the mind is kept under the control of the will, the disease can be expelled from the system.

p. 91

This polarity also intensifies the liability to nervous diseases, throwing them especially into the limbs; more particularly so if the body is very active.

♈ (Aries), with the Moon in ♋ (Cancer).

This nature comes from the minds of the parents being actively interested in money matters and home affairs, which polarizes the mind upon the questions of domestic and business life, and impresses them with a great deal of responsibility and care relating to provision for the future of self, home, and family. It gives a predisposition to anxiety and worriment, especially if they are not successful in making money. It also gives great sensitiveness to the inharmonious conditions of other persons. It gives a clear, reasoning brain, and a nature calculated to be governed by, and act from, the educational impetus given their minds. Other things being favorable, it makes very good teachers, and gives an innate love of science, especially science of the mind. It adapts them better for writers than speakers; it indicates a disposition to be at the head of, and to excel in, everything; it gives the clearest logical and (for the time being) retentive brain of all the 144 polarities. They are liable to excesses in their sex inclinations unless the mind is very active in other directions.

Children of this polarity should have special instruction in the uses and abuses of their sex nature; they should also be guarded against miserly habits.

This polarity likewise indicates liability to nervous exhaustion, sick-headache, general debility of the system,

p. 92

and, in cases of inharmonious marriage or business relations, a liability to tumorous affections, and with mothers a tendency to suppuration of the breast.

♈ (Aries), with the Moon in ♌ (Leo).

This nature comes from an over-zealousness in matters of religion and philanthropy, and an active affectional nature.

Leo represents the heart, the love nature, and. this polarity turns the mind into the interior life. These persons act from the heart, from their love, and from, their intuitions. Their reasonings and intuitions unite very harmoniously, which makes them superior persons; but their minds are apt to be too much beyond their age for common usefulness. They have a warm, sympathetic, love nature, and are very sensitive to a cross word, to a frown, or even to a sober look, where they were expecting one that was pleasing. They are deep and thoughtful, and inclined to dwell in the unfathomable depths of mysterious causation; but if, from whatever cause, they are restrained in this direction, their mind turns to the business and phenomenal world, and they are liable to become radical sceptics to everything but the world of sense. They are kind-hearted. and loving companions, but are subject to extremes and to peculiar and eccentric notions. They have orderly brains, capable of comprehending and of obtaining a complete understanding of almost anything that may be presented to them. They have strong imaginations, can form and hold a picture in their mind of an ideal thing very clearly and minutely,—almost as much so

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as if they had made a draught of it and had it before their eyes. They have strong spiritual inclinations, but their ideas in such matters are usually original with themselves.

If such persons have inharmonious surroundings and difficulties in the love life, it will produce the following effects: weak digestion, weakness of the chest and lungs, pains across the region of the diaphragm, dyspeptic difficulties, pains in the head, and great despondency, also affecting the circulatory system, and giving liability to paralysis. This can be largely avoided by deep, full breathing.

♈ (Aries), with the Moon in ♍ (Virgo).

This polarity results from scientific and mathematical tendencies on the part of the parents; also from an active love of music.

Virgo being the great chemist of the human organism, gives a very active, discriminative, criticising mind, and constant inclination toward scientific thought, especially that of the exact sciences; and these persons are therefore characterized by order, harmony, and method in all their investigations, having clear, logical, and reasoning minds. They can be led in almost any direction by superior logical reasonings, but are inclined to scepticism in religious matters, and in all branches of thought where abundant and conclusive evidences cannot be found. They have a mind well adapted to teaching in all the branches of education and science, in which they make great attainments. Their love for the sciences, however, is apt to take them into too

p. 94

many different branches. They have no inclination to work with their hands at physical labor, but are wholly men and women of the brain, and are very well adapted to literary pursuits, and are persistent in whatever they undertake.

This nature is, however, usually lacking in the domestic qualities, and care should be exercised in selecting companions that are mentally and physically harmonious to them; as, for their success, they need a companion who is a helper, but not a controller, as the slightest disposition to control or dictate their course of action throws them into confusion and impairs their efficiency and usefulness. They are apt to be quite exacting, and even severe, in family matters, and are rather intolerant of those not having like capacity with themselves.

This polarity also intensifies the Aries love of music, and makes then exceedingly choice and discriminating as to its qualities. Their vitativeness is usually large, with strong inclination to hygienic habits.

♈ (Aries), with the Moon in ♎ (Libra).

This comes from a strong desire to penetrate into the interior of things, and to discover causes. This is a condition of direct opposition to the innate nature as an external reasoner, and therefore the reasoning faculties are usually low; but, in place of them, they generally have a better faculty, or means of guidance, viz., intuitional reasoning. This makes the mind a little slow in comprehending the ideas of others on their first presentation, and also in book-learning; but whilst

p. 95

ideas are not understood at the time, they are quite likely to come to them clearly, and in their proper shape, afterwards. They are very correct in business decisions in general. As counsellors, their judgment is superior because they are careful and very accurate in their conclusions. This nativity makes persons slow to speak, careful in what they say, very honorable in their dealings, just and equitable in all their proceedings; and such persons are good advisers of the people. As judiciary officials, they justly inspire confidence, and an even and uniform success usually marks their career through life. They possess a good degree of originality of thought, accompanied by a due degree of conventionality. They are best adapted to living in a small town or city, where they can grow up with the place, and thus be known and appreciated, and have their talents made available to the community. This nature should have a good general education.

As to a profession, other things being favorable, they would be well adapted to real estate, law practice, and, as judges, they would be very just. They are not liable to go to extremes in anything. Children of this nativity should have a great deal of indulgence by the parents. Harsh or positive rule would be injurious to them, and liable to do more harm than good. Kindness and reason is all that is necessary for their guidance.

It gives a strong conjugal and domestic love nature, with large inhabitiveness. They are liable to indigestion, weakness of chest, lungs, general nervousness, and sometimes difficulties of kidneys and reins. If they are given to the use of stimulants or narcotics, they

p. 96

will be subject to tremor of voice and limbs. They should by all means avoid stimulants and narcotics, and be careful about their diet.

♈ (Aries), with the Moon in ♏ (Scorpio).

This results from the minds of the parents being under the control of the passional nature, and in a combative attitude with the affairs of life. It gives to the child a tendency to follow the regular rules and customs of society, and of the world in general, and an inclination to classical education. It inclines the mind more to conventionalities than to origination. It gives a positiveness to the character, with high temper and combativeness; also an inclination to jealousy of a companion, with strong passions, and frequently weakness and excitability, and sometimes promiscuity in the sex life. It usually leaves the faculties of Aries to act themselves out, with the exception that it diminishes its love and warmth of sympathy and kindness, and increases its passion and magnetic heat. Frequently such persons are lascivious, and, if Jupiter is in. Virgo, epicureans. This polarity turns the mind into the physical, and leaves it to be guided and controlled by the positions of the planets. It increases the liability to paralysis, especially of the heart and intestines.

♈ (Aries), with the Moon in ♐ (Sagittarius).

This nature comes from great activity and hurry in the executive sphere. It gives marked activity of mind and body,—with constant liability to extremes

p. 97

in everything these persons undertake,—with restlessness, anxiety, and overdoing, which frequently impairs. their health. This polarity makes them hasty in their action and speech; it unites the mental with the physical activities.

Such persons should think well before they speak or act, and study to be more deliberative and calculating, and to avoid hurry and bustle. They have a natural inclination to public speaking, and have usually good language, but too concentrated and pointed to give forth a lucid expression. The front brain is usually narrow. They are liable to make many mistakes in life by not properly considering the consequences of their acts, and to make many enemies by thoughtless speaking. It is hard for them to keep a secret, and there is danger of their being imaginative, and of exaggeration. Children of this nativity need a very careful tuition in reason and logic. They should be taught to always look for the cause and effect of everything. Such children ought not to be physically punished other than by allowing them to reap the consequences of their own acts. It is always a good plan to take them at their own words and act upon what they say, without regard to what they mean; and especially when such acts would bring about that which the child did not want. This would give them an experimental knowledge of the consequences of an imperfect or too hasty expression of immature thoughts, which is a remarkable tendency of this character; thus, by giving them the practical experience while they are young, parents can save their children many thousands of dollars, and from many serious mistakes which would

p. 98

otherwise follow them through life. This nativity also gives persons liabilities to excesses in their sex inclinations, and a disposition on the part of children to self-abuse; conjugality is also with this polarity on a lower plane, even though their love may be devoted to one. They should have careful and thorough instruction in the consequences of the abuse of the sex function. These children should have all the education they are capable of receiving, unless planetary conditions indicate a life of physical labor, which would only be the case if Venus and Mercury were in Capricorn or Gemini. Aries polarized in Sagittarius gives fine musical qualities.

It gives liability to sciatica, and difficulty of the motor nerves, and sometimes weakens the circulatory system.

♈ (Aries), with the Moon in ♑ (Capricorn).

This comes from the minds of the parents being actively engaged in business plans. It turns the attention of the mind towards the general uses of humanity, or business planning. These persons are very positive, active, and determined, and liable to extremes in business directions. It is frequently the case that they have prolific imaginations, with many ideas and plans and methods of obtaining money. They have a great love of popularity and good standing in society. Frequently they are quite exacting with employees, and persistent, although not apt to be extreme or unreasonable. They are fond of society, mainly that of a popular character. They are adapted

p. 99

to political interests and legal professions, and have great respect for men of letters, and for education in general. Have a special adaptation to music as a profession, and some fitness for all branches of pursuit characterized under the life of Capricorn.

This polarity intensifies the liability which Aries has to brain difficulty, and some tendency to weakness of lower limbs and joints, and affections of the nerves. It may be noticed by such persons that if they take stimulants or narcotics, it affects the joints and knees first.

♈ (Aries), with the Moon in ♒ (Aquarius).

Here the minds of the parents were interested in making public attainments. This directs the mind toward and adapts it for dealings and associations with the many. Such persons are very easy to get acquainted with; and, in fact, they don't feel as if they needed any prior introduction. In many cases they feel as familiar with a stranger as with one whom they have known for years. They are affable and pleasing in their manners, and attractive in general. Persons born in this polarity love to entertain people, by the hour with their pleasing talk and winning planners, and they are apt to have considerable power in this respect. If there are strong business endowments, it makes them very successful in whatever business they may undertake. If Mars should be in Capricorn, it would make of them model teachers. Whatever sphere of usefulness they enter should be in connection with the many, for their leading characteristics adapt them for such a sphere. If inclined to literary pursuits, they

p. 100

would be very clear and explicit, and, with good endowments, would be very popular. They could be successful in mercantile pursuits.

This polarity gives some liability to rheumatic troubles and affections of the sensatory nerves.

♈ (Aries), with the Moon in ♓ (Pisces).

Here is indicated a restless, studious condition of the minds of the parents. This gives great inclination to study and to get knowledge of mysterious things. It gives a tendency to works of philanthropy, but it always produces a restless, worrisome inclination, and a constant feeling of dissatisfaction. Such persons always feel that their pathway is a rough one, and as if numerous obstacles were constantly in their way. This arises, however, from their own peculiar inclinations and mental conditions. Such persons are apt to have a great deal of unpleasantness in married life. Frequently it will be found that in the left hand, and sometimes in both hands, there is a line, or numerous small lines, running parallel with the line that goes round the thumb, and on the side next to it (the thumb), called in Chiromancy the life line. This in the left hand indicates difficulties in the love life, and in the right hand difficulties and obstacles in the business life, and its extent will be indicated by the length and strength of the lines found there.

They usually have a good degree of mechanical power and some tendency towards manufacturing interests. This nativity gives the persons order and harmony of thought, and makes them logical in their

p. 101

reasonings. It causes them to be too much affected by the actions of others, and leaves their business inclinations wholly dependent on the planetary conditions, except so far as it gives them a strong studious inclination. It gives them some tendency to inconstancy in the love life, especially if inharmony exists between them and their consort.

This polarity increases the tendency to nervousness and general debility and affections of the head.

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