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Now in the year nineteen hundred and twenty-three, the word of the Lord God of Ethiopia came to apostle Marcus Garvey saying, where is thy colleague?

And he answered, "Father, behold he is with me."

"Call together the children of Ethiopia, saith the Lord, that they may know my request, and send forth a mission unto the land of Ethiopia which I hath given to her children from the beginning of the world, that they prepare a foundation for all the posterities of Ethiopia, even unto the end.

"For I, the Lord God, shall come to judge between the three races of men; woe be unto the empty handed, the slothful and the coward. I shall bring judgement upon them with fire and with brimestone, even the baby at the mother's breast shall not escape," saith the Lord. "Prepare ye a bill of arrangement," saith the Lord, "and give it in the hands of thy colleague that he go to the land of Ethiopia (Africa) and to the nations at the entrance p. 83 of the land and request then to open the door for the return of thy children.

"And I, the Lord, shall go with him, and I will touch the hearts of the nations and they shall yield to the request.

"Then shall the children of Ethiopia return to their own land and there establish a light with no nation shall compare, nor will there be any power sufficient to douse it.

"For I am the Lord God of Ethiopia and I shall dwell with mine a anointed and they shall be my people as long as they follow the teachings of my apostles.

"Moreover, behold at thy side is the noble woman Henrietta 5 in whom the whole heaven adore because of her greatness of faith and the loyal way in which she fights to save Ethiopia and her generations from everlasting downfall. Place her at the side of thy colleague, for great is her wisdom, saith the Lord, and send ye also another t at they go and prepare a home for mine anointed."

And it came to pass that apostle Garvey obeyed the Lord, and he called the children of Ethiopia and there gathered a great host in the City of New York.

p. 85

And when the apostle put before them the Lord's request they leapt for joy and confirmed the will of the Lord God of Ethiopia.

Then were a delegation of three sent forth according to the words of the Lord.


83:5 Henrietta Vinton Davis.

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