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And it came to pass on the night of the fifteenth day of the third month of the nineteen hundred and twenty-fourth year, Athlyi spake aloud, saying:

"Behold I saw the heaven draped in black, and I saw Angel Douglas sitting in a mourning robe, moreover the celestial saints of Ethiopia were deep in sorrow.

"And it came to pass that I continued to look, and behold I saw a natural man standing before Angel Douglas, and after a brief conversation, the mighty Angel conveyed him to the throne Elijah, God of heaven and the earth.

"Then upon the head the natural man did Elijah place a crown on the front part of the crown there was a brilliant star whose light extended from heaven to the earth.

"Now when the crown was bestowed upon him, behold the mourning apparel disappeared and there was joy in heaven.

And it came to pass that I saw a great host of Negroes marching upon the earth and there was a light upon them, then I looked towards the

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heaven and behold I saw the natural man standing in the east and the star of his crown gave light to the pathway of the children of Ethiopia."

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