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The following morning after Athlyi's vision, Athlyi looked towards the rising sun and cried out saying, "My God, My God, what shall happen to the apostles of the Twentieth Century? Father if it's me, even I that shall pass from the presence of men grant that the Piby live forever that the children of Ethiopia, through the teaching of the Afro Athlican Constructive Church, may obtain salvation forever."

And it came to pass that the Lord spake to Athlyi saying: "In the flesh did he go prepare a foundation for the generation of Ethiopia, But in the spirit will he return to lead them there upon.

"For I, the Lord, hath exalted him in the spirit, Prince over the children of Ethiopia; he shall see with all seeing eyes, in vain shall the nations of the world lay traps before mine anointed, for the prince of the children shall lead them.

"Woe be unto the proud, the hard hearted, unto those who shall say I have my treasures here I will not leave them, neither will I follow the host led by the apostles of the twentieth century."

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"I shall bring vengeance upon them," saith the lord, "they be better boiled in oil, for I shall have no mercy upon them."

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