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p. 90




Now in the fifteenth year of Athlyi's reign over Athlyians, the spirit of the Lord came upon him.

Being filled with the Holy Ghost he prophesied saying, "To the sun, in the sun, with the sun and the fuel of today shall a used to be."

How beautiful the ships. How powerful, but the fuel today shall a used to be. How speedy the air-ships the world around, around and around with no need for refuel.

Hot shall be the houses. The pots a-boiling and bright the lights; but where are the wire? They used to be.

"The power of today is electric, but tomorrow shall be siprick. Satter, the mighty comet shall pass with the end of her tail two miles from the earth and the roaring of her passing, killing."

p. 91

"I heard a cry saying, 'Where is thy scenery as a star O Scatter. Behold thou art lands over lands. Pass quickly for we perish beneath thee."

"New lands when Satter came back. A buggy from Tokio to Los Angeles. A bicycle from London to Anguilla.

"The Atlantic and Pacific shall prepare to receive their wilderness and it shall be seen them adorning as a bride to receive her groom.

"New animals, new furs, a strange people and the winter of today shall a used to be.

"The ice in the north and the ice in the south shall disappear. Then shall continents which are submerged arise and the whole earth shall bloom.

"O sun, thou outlet of the inter-planetical fumes, shine on. For with thee, he shall sit in his parlor in Athlyi, Africa, and see his daughter flirting in Chicago, U.S.A.

"He shall rebuke her with his mouth and she shall hear him, then reply with the wave of her hand and he rebuke her with his mouth and she shall hear him, then reply with the wave of her hand and he shall see her.

"In his parlor he shall see a rooster treading in the moon and the bees on the roses in Venus.

"The laborers in Mars, strike-breakers on earth and my daughter in college in Jupiter.

p. 92

"How hard it is when ye know not how, but he that is in me shall know that mysteries of mysteries which are hidden from him in these days.

"But I shall feed him with my own hands so that he takes one bite at a time and one swallow at a time else ye be choked.

"My boys shall remind you of the things I have forgotten, for I have seen so far, but those that cometh after me, of me, with me and upon our God shall see farther even than I."

"Verily, Verily, I am the seed," saith Athlyi "but the Lord, God of Ethiopia, is the sower, and ye are the trees of me that shall bring forth fruit a million fold.

"But he that beareth not is he that has not me in his heart and shall therefore receive no reward of me.

"I have not reached the height but they that are of me shall extend me. I have, however, dug deep and laid the foundation of eternal salvation. I have made thick the walls, I have sunk deeper the center pillars and lined them with steel. The reinforcements I have made of steel for I am conscious of the height that shall be attained on me. A development beyond words.

p. 93

"I am black. Made in the image and likeness of the God of our Fathers and is of the Lord, our God unto thee.

"He that established himself in me is with God and welleth upon an efficient foundation, but he that buildeth not on me establishes himself on nothing of consequence for the children of Ham."

"La Alpha Elijah cr toco coruse, ninky mose zezom la jobijem."

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