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Varstmânsar Nask.

1. The fifth fargard, Yânîm-manô 1, is about the beneficence and worthiness of Zaratûst, through the virtuousness of his thoughts, words, and deeds 2; the priority of Aûharmazd 3, and the first possession of obeisance (nîyâyisnŏ) to him; the mindful performance of obeisance to the sacred beings, and all the merit of obeisance to the sacred beings; the excellence of receiving a righteous man, of bringing fire together, and of maintaining the good religion; the elementary (khâm) wisdom 4 of the creator, and the consideration of every duty towards his will and creation; the outward indication as to propitious discrimination and of what is done by those who are propitious; and the existence of every kind of self-attraction by Zaratûst towards the religion, from first to last, through the complete reasoning thought that arose solely through obeisance to the sacred beings.

2. This, too, that 'thou art come to the supreme heaven (garôdmân) 5, O righteous Zaratûst! thou

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art aware of the deeds, O Zaratûst! which were practised by those in the bodily existence, and which still they practise, and the sacred beings have placed upon mankind acquiring the power of good works.' 3. And about the wonderfulness of the supreme heaven there is this, too, that whoever is in that abode is not any one that passes away after his birth; at the time of the renovation of the universe the supreme heaven is lowered down to the star station 1, the earth being up to there, and Vohûman 2 is summoned for every purpose to the conference, and, when they call him, Mitrô's 3 investigation as regards the existence of righteousness is on the spot; through the coming of that archangel 4 of true statements for assistance, and through the co-operation of the other archangels and Srôsh 2 the righteous, is the overpowering of the vexing of distressers 5; and the assistance of the archangels for Zaratûst was when he went forth for disabling the vicious law of Irân. 4. Concerning Zaratûst there is this, too, in the words of Aûharmazd, that is: 'Thou art our own, O Zaratûst! and this liberality to thee is ours; anything one gives to thee is given by him to us;' also the announcement to Zaratûst, and the bringing of him to Vistâsp 6 for his assistance and likewise the strength 7 of his sovereignty for him.

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5. The discipleship and veneration of Frashôstar 1 also, and the laudation of Frashôstar for making the religion progressive and for its true transmission in the words of Aûharmazd; also the whole righteousness of those whom Frashôstar attracted to the religion.

6. About the laudation of Zaratûst there is this, too, that is: 'Thou art not astray from us, neither in life, nor in enquiry, nor in openly announcing, even when demonstrating 2 the religion to others, nor in anything whatever, O Spîtâmân! from us who are archangels; and the donation of benefit to supplicants is the food, and the clothing for us, who are in the ceremonial of the sacred beings, is unworn (asûdakŏ) 3.'

7. About guarding a friend, managing an unfriendly person, and affording a person shelter for the sake of protection, justice, and rectitude 4; also the unworthy condition of that man who, requiring to perform those duties and good works that are important, shall perform those that are trivial. 8. And this, too, that is: 'Thou art likewise aware, and thou also understandest it, O righteous Zaratûst! through the sagacity of my wisdom, which was the first among existences 5, and which is also so unto the last existence.'

9. Righteousness is excellence that is perfect.


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