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Varstmânsar Nask.

1. The fourth fargard, YêNhê-hâtãm 2, states that Aûharmazd spoke to Zaratûst the Spîtâmân thus: 'Utter the words of the ceremonial and obeisance for us who are Aûharmazd and 3 the archangels, because they are, O Zaratûst! thy ritual for water 4, ritual for plants, ritual for a guardian spirit of the righteous, and ritual for an angel of a spiritual existence, or who is even appointed for a worldly existence.'

2. And Zaratûst spoke thus: 'I will utter the words of Aûharmazd, which are opposed to harm

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and are the ordinance of Aûharmazd, those of the ceremonial and obeisance for you who are archangels.'

3. Of righteousness perfect is the excellence.


233:2 See Chap. IV, 1 n. The texts quoted in this fargard appear to be no longer extant.

233:3 B omits 'Aûharmazd and.'

233:4 K omits 'ritual for water.'

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