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Varstmânsar Nask.

1. The third fargard, A she m-vohû 2, is about

p. 233

admonition as to the praising of righteousness, which is itself the production of true awe of Aûharmazd, the perfection of existences, the better state of prayers 1, and the greatest assemblage of righteousness, good breeding, humility (avŏpatagîh), awe of the spiritual existence, extreme joyfulness, and comfort and enlightenment of soul. 2. Also the equipment (padmûkîh) of him who is practising as a high-priest is righteousness and the maintenance of the worship and obeisance for the spirit of righteousness.

3. Of righteousness perfect is the excellence.


232:2 See Chap. III, 1 n.

233:1 K omits 'of prayers.'

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