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1. I confess myself a Mazda-worshipper—for the praise of Thraêtaona, the Âthwyan. Let them declare it—Propitiation be to the Fravashi of Thraêtaona, the Âthwyan, the saint. 2. We sacrifice to Thraêtaona, the Âthwyan, the holy lord of the ritual order; and may we be free from the dog Kuro 3, and the Tarewani 3, and the Karpan, (we who are) of 4 those who sacrifice in order. 3. (The Ahuna

p. 390

follows.) Sacrifice, homage, strength, and swiftness be to the Fravashi of Thraêtaona, the saint. (The Ahem and Ahmâi raêska follow.)


389:3 Obscure.

389:4 Awkward formations.

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