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p. 389



1. (An incitation to the priest or worshipper.) As thou keepest company with the Good Mind, and with Righteousness the Best, and with Khshathra-vairya (the Kingdom to be desired), speak to the male and female disciples of Zarathustra Spitama the saint, (and declare) the praise which is to be spoken, that of the Yasna, even the words against which no anger 1 shall prevail.

2. And do thou, O Zarathustra 2! declare our words for sacrifice and worship, ours, the Bountiful Immortals’, that the waters may (thus) be sacrificed to by thee, and the plants, the Fravashis of the saints, and the created Yazads, heavenly and earthly, which are holy and beneficent.


389:1 Others 'the unrestricted words.'

389:2 Perhaps 'Zarathustra' is here merely the equivalent of priest.

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