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1. With precept, praise, and with delight produced by grace 3, I call upon the Bountiful Immortals the good, and also therewith the beautiful by name 4; and I sacrifice to them with the blessing of the good ritual, with the earnest blessings of the good Mazdayasnian Faith.

2. Whose best gift from his Righteousness is mine in the offering Ahura this knoweth; who have lived, and live ever, by their names these I worship, while I draw near with praises 5. The Good Kingdom is to be chosen, that lot which most of all bears on (our blessings 6).

3. Let Sraosha (Obedience) be here present for

p. 255

the sacrifice of Ahura Mazda, the most beneficent, the holy, who is so dear to us as at the first, so at the last; yea, let him be present here 1.

4. As the Ahû (revered and) to be chosen, the Âtarevakhsha thus speaks forth to me.

(Response): So let the Ratu from his righteousness, holy and learned, speak forth!


254:3 Root rap = rabh, a reception of grace, or being received by grace.

254:4 Namãn may be meant for a locative; 'with the beautiful things in their name (?).'

254:5 See Y. LI, 22.

254:6 See Y. LI, 1.

255:1 This fragment in the Gâthic dialect might more properly be placed before the Srôsh Yast.

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